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  9-16-08 Depression, Dissolution and Derivatives
  8-22-08 Reflections on the Ten Horns
  8-20-08 Regarding Aliyah – ISRAEL & BABYLON
  7-15-08 Correspondence on Pagan Christianity
  7-5-08 The difference between the Gog-Magog War and Armageddon
  6-15-08 The Woman and the Male Child
  5-22-08 Three Wars and Future Articles
  4-22-08 Post-Trib vs. Pre-Trib - Brother in Italy Wants to Know
  4-14-08 An honest question about the two witnesses
  4-5-08 Raiders of the lost ark - A Response to John Moesche
  3-30-08 Trib-net is driven by political ideology

Financial and Oil Crisis….   where’s all the Iraqi oil profits?


Gog-Magog & the Oracle of Damascus

  3-3-08 The Pope, the President & the Empire
  2-29-08 May I use your material?
  2-25-08 “The War” of Daniel 9:26