An Exchange


Donna Wrote:


Dear Brother Doug:


I got this newsletter from Antipas Ministries today....I viewed S.R. Shearer's site, when I came across his quotes in some of your works.  When I viewed the front page, there was this article on "Making ALIYAH" out of the U.S.  There seems to be quite a bit of encouragement to "get involved" with an ALIYAH group for the purpose of moving out of here...A funny reminder of a thought I had about a week ago came to me.  Last week, I said to my husband, "We should get out of here and make ALIYAH to Israel...This country is going to go under in the not too distant future and we're Jews"..(Albeit Messianic Jews, but Jewish by blood nevertheless).  Our conversation went to the fact that if we would do that, we would have to keep secret our Christianity until we were accepted...The religious are allergic to us because they break out in a big red rash when you mention Yeshua to them.  This would hold us back from citizenship...Not that our conversation was a definite...we were just perusing the subject for the moment. 


Then, today, I come across this thing from Antipas....It brought back my conversation....


What do you think in reference to this thing S. R. Shearer speaks of?  Does the verse "Come out of her my people and partake not of her sins" refer to an actual ALIYAH, or do you think that it is referring to keeping from participation in all of America's shameful behavior?


I know it's a strange subject, but I am interested in your feedback....At this moment, after reading his ALIYAH thing, I got the creeps...chuckle. Especially because of the days we are living in.


Thanks for your input.


Reply by Doug Krieger:


Dear Donna…

The ALIYAH which S. R. Shearer speaks of is metaphorical (i.e., simply out of America and not necessarily to Israel for Jews or Christians).  We are exceedingly familiar with S.R. and his ministry in that we were once associated with him/it but divorced ourselves from his "kingdom" teaching wherein the "gospel of the kingdom" in his interpretation is the preaching of the Millennial Reign of Messiah and of material equity throughout the world (e.g., there will be no disparity of wealth - the poor and needy will be cared for, etc.) -

Also, S.R.'s doctrinal stand on "leaving Babylon" demands that we leave the so-called physicality of Babylon NOW lest we partake of her sins and plagues and compromise our faith - Rev. 18:4 demands that we forsake the physicality of Babylon NOW - move from her environs and Babylon's citadel, America.

Why we departed from S.R. has much to do with the nature of the gospel of the grace of God.  The so-called "gospel of the kingdom" is not a new gospel - it is a new gospel as S.R. presents it--even using Dispensationalists like C. I. Scofield in his reference Bible to validate his interpretation; however, Jesus did not have a multitude of gospels - THIS GOSPEL of the kingdom shall be preached to all the earth and then shall the end come - does not mean "another gospel" - there is only ONE GOSPEL which saves and sanctifies - and that is the Grace of God through Messiah Jesus, our Lord!  His kingdom is within us - it is not an external manifestation until the day of His appearing - His coming again.

Furthermore, Babylon the Great and the "street of that great city" will one day witness the body of the Two Witnesses in united testimony against her.  There is absolutely no scriptural justification to leave Babylon - we are enjoined to take a stand and deliver.  Revelation 18:4 does not come about until DEEP INTO THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL - and it is a call to RAPTURE and RESURRECTION at that Last Trump--just prior to Babylon's judgment--notice where it appears--smack dab in the midst of Revelation 18 and judgment of commercial Babylon, Apostate Babylon having already been judged in Rev. 17 - the Church shall not endure the Wrath of the Lamb/Wrath of God - nor shall Israel sustain further tribulation but be miraculously preserved for the coming of their/our Messiah--BLESSED IS HE THAT COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD --- Out of Zion shall come forth the Deliverer - ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED!

S. R.’s timing and chronologies regarding Rev. 18:4 are altogether inappropriate and inaccurate.  His ALIYAH injunctions connote a Christian leaving Babylon’s epicenter - and have nothing to do with Messianic Jews leaving and going to Israel.  S. R.'s writings are increasingly anti-Israel and, perhaps Israel bears some marks of compromise because she is a Valley of Dry Bones - but the Almighty will keep His promises regardless of her unbelief and agnosticism/atheism which grips nigh 80% of her Jews - we must confirm and validate the Word of God and His promises, not look on the outward condition of these bones--HE WILL BREATH UPON THEM THAT THEY MAY LIVE!

Now, however, that said, you and your husband bear a most unique role in all this--you are from the House of David, physically, and spiritually - therefore, it is not for me to advise you on moving to Israel; although, if you should make this decision - it must be made for your love to Him Whose love for His brethren is unceasing and everlasting and prophetically potent in these end of days.  The "street of that Great City" is just as strong in Jerusalem as it is in America - but if you, as brother Paul, were accursed for your brethren according to the flesh that they might be saved and would give up your salvation for their own, then this is truly the love of God - and light in the darkness.

I discern that you've got your heads on straight and that you would have to be altogether wise, but uncompromised in the Lord - you are a bridge to both Gentile (to provoke us in this manner) and to Jew (for they are beloved for the fathers' sake) - therefore, whatever your decision, it must be made as unto the Lord and in full faith, believing this is your calling and election--make it sure!

And, remember, no greater love is this, than to lay down one's life for his brother---that is the Lord, and that is the gospel's affection and subjection--may all of us embrace it.




From Donna:


P.S.  I will soon be sending you some of the works of a friend of mine that I have been editing for publication...It seems like you all have the same views, yet all coming from different sides of the same coin.


From Doug to Donna:

We are most anxious to receive these confirmations in the faith - there is no doubt nor question that most of those whom the Lord has sent to us, have come through confirmation of the message in these Last Days - how we need such strengthening to press the battle on His behalf!


From Donna to Doug:


P.P.S.  What do you think of Putin as the Antichrist?...He's really a powerful figure on the world stage right now....Do you think he could pull off the fake Israeli peace deal?  He seems to be becoming a major player on the world stage.  


From Doug to Donna:

Putin is not the Antichrist.  The base of Antichrist is the heart of Babylon--and, the heart of Babylon is NOT Russia, China, Western Europe, nor Israel, nor the Pope, nor Islam, nor a New Age Being--the Antichrist will hail from the supremacy of Western Gentile World Power--and at this juncture in human history, there is but one political power and religious leadership - as well as one commercial empire - which signifies Babylon the Great and the King of Babylon/Antichrist:  These United States of America (sadly we confess and sadly we announce--but this is our stand and this is our opportunity to stand in the street of that Great City!).

Bro. Doug