From: Rorri W.


Bro. Doug


Hello, I just wanted to offer my interpretation of the Ten Horns prophecy of Daniel 7:23-25 and Revelation 17:12-13.


I believe there exists some strong evidence that the ten horns are regional governments rather than individual nation-states. Below are some article references concerning the contemporary movement toward the development of ten regional governments which will form the basic structure for world government:


1) Russian Federation/CIS or Eastern European Union (1991)

2) European Union or Western European Union (1994)

3) African Union (2002)

4) North American Union (2015-2020?)

    CFR publication - "Building a North American Community" 2005 

5) South American Union (2015-2020?)

    FOX News - "South American Leaders Discuss Creating A Continental

    Union" 12/10/06

6) South Asian Union (2015-2020?)

    India Daily - "South Asian Economic Union - A Growing Reality That

    Can Change The World" 2/12/05

7) East Asian Union (2015-2020?)

    Asia Times - "Thinking The Unthinkable, A Confucian Union" 4/7/05

    "By about 2020, the East Asian Union will be the world's most powerful


8) Central Asian Union (2015-2020?)

    Kazinform - "Kurultai Participants Back Kazakh President's Idea To 

    Create The Central Asian Union" 9/20/06

9) Middle East Union or Mediterranean Union (2015-2020?)

    White House Press - "Middle East Free Trade Area (MEFTA)" 6/9/04

10) Asian Pacific Union or APEC (2015-2020?)

    Sydney Morning Herald - "Push For Union With New Zealand" 12/5/06


“We cannot leap into world government in one quick step. [This objective] requires a process of gradually expanding the range of democratic cooperation, a widening, step by step, stone by stone, [of] existing relatively narrow zones of stability. The precondition for eventual globalization -genuine globalization- is progressive regionalization, because thereby we move toward large, more stable, more cooperative units.” (Zbigniew Brzezinski, State of the World Forum, San Francisco, October, 1995)


God bless you all, Rorri


Dear Rorri –

Fascinating--and most interesting to view this from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s perspective at the World Forum.  I have thought of this "concept" in the past as that final manifestation of "kings/kingdoms" who will accede authority to the Beast for "one hour" during the Seventieth Week of Daniel's prophecy.

These horns/authorities/kings/kingdoms are, in the main, inclusive of the Beast's authority throughout the earth--as the "whole earth" under the False Prophet shall follow him.  I've never been altogether inclined toward a "Revived Roman Empire" from whence Antichrist ascends as the 11th Horn.

It is the PROGRESSION of Gentile World Power to which the Scriptures accord credibility, not some revised Holy Roman Empire--that is clearly the case in Rev. 13:2 as the Beast, through the incarnation of Satan himself in the body of Antichrist, bears the resemblance of the Lion, Bear and Leopard (Babylon, Persia and Greece) - this is most definitely a COMPOSITE - an amalgamation of Gentile Powers who will, as the "expression" of the Beast accord power thereto. 

That said--we have been altogether predisposed to seeing this "progression" as "Western" in its immediate context and description--Babylon, Persia, Greece and finally Rome; however, its final appearance as the Beast and "Beast Nation" does not preclude ascription given to the Beast by these centers of economic influence, and, consequently, power.

In the past we have ascribed the TEN TOES of the image as the European period of colonial expansion (some weak - clay - and some strong - iron).  The "Image began to walk the face of the whole earth" most definitely fit the motif.

On the other hand the world and its possible "power grid" - as you have so aptly described - is a very real geopolitical reality coming into view and is far more expressive of the kind of world acclamation that would be afforded to Antichrist on that day.

Notwithstanding such a disbursement of authorities, there is within Antichrist's dominion this constant tension and strife, yes, war waged against "the rumors from the east and the north" will trouble him (Daniel 11:44).  The "Kingdom of Antichrist" is one of constant conflict and war, culminating in Armageddon--make no doubt about that. 

We have, up to this point, realized that the "outcropping" of the 11th horn "out from" the 10 (ripping up three upon its outcropping) had/has a distinctly "Western" flavor associated thereto--i.e., The USA as the leader of the WEST of the colonial empires and that the 3 who had to make way for the 11th were Britain, France and Spain who colonized the American expanse but now these 10 could very possibly affect the whole earth as you so suggest; however, it appears that time may not favor such an identification in that many of these "associations" are still far too rudimentary in their specific collaborations.  Likewise, the hegemony of the USA over world markets and general military prowess is so distinguished that to "catch her" is nigh impossible--at least for the foreseeable future (e.g., 10+ massive aircraft carrier groups just staggers the imagination).

Again, on the other hand, these ten associations are "moving toward" giving Babylon's ultimate expression such credibility and could easily find themselves collaborating on Antichrist's behalf in this manner.

I concur with you--this is a most fascinating possibility of Gentile World Power expression and could easily be the basis of that final heading up.

May we stay open and responsive to the Almighty – discerning the times in which we live - and providing God's people insight into the prophetic:

Daniel 12:4 - Amplified Version:

“But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book until the time of the end. [Then] many shall run to and fro and search anxiously [through the Book], and knowledge [of God's purposes as revealed by His prophets] shall be increased and become great.”


Bro. Doug