In Search of Mystery



Dene McGriff

 Table of Contents



Chapter 1            The Rapture Question

Chapter 2            Chronology of the Book of Revelation

Chapter 3            The Church in Tribulation – Why?

Chapter 4            The American Empire Spreads – Confessions of a “COG”

Chapter 5            The Building of an Empire – Commercial Worldwide Dominance

Chapter 6            The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Chapter 7            The Changing Face of America: Deceived and Impoverished

Chapter 8            The Morphing of America: Good or Evil?

Chapter 9            The Media and Mind Control: A Strong Delusion

Chapter 10           Is Democracy a Myth?

Chapter 11           Exposing the Beast – the Truth About Social Security

Chapter 12           The Coming Economic Collapse and the Rise of Babylon

Chapter 13          Bubbles Burst in Babylon – Your House

Chapter 14          America the Great –Consumer Nation

Chapter 15          The American military – Who Can Make War with Him?

Chapter 16          Is America Really Free?

Chapter 17          Convergence and Confusion – What to Do?




Babylon was once a great city and its gardens were considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world.  It was the seat of the Persian Empire but now is a bombed out mess in the desert – a city Saddam Hussein wanted to restore to its former grandeur is now a mass of rubble.  Babylon is mentioned about 300 times in the Bible.  It has always represented the antithesis of what God wanted – first as the location of the tower of Babel symbolizing man’s efforts to attain to Godhood.  Later it became the seat of the great Medo-Persian Empire which was conquered by the Greeks under Alexander the Great, only to be conquered again by the Romans.  The once great city barely exists today. 

Yet, Babylon the great is mentioned seven times in the book of Revelation and referred to as – “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication." (Rev. 18:4)  Babylon is referred to again in chapter 16:9 –“ Now the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And great Babylon was remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.”  The next three chapters describe in detail her three aspects: religious, commercial and political.

So if Babylon was effectively destroyed twenty four centuries ago, and Iraq is a shambles today, what is the Bible talking about?  How could a city representing an empire that existed over two millennia ago be involved with all of the nations today and be the object of God’s wrath at the very end of the book of Revelation?  If God says that such a powerful nation as Babylon exists today, where is it?  Any clues as to who that prophetic elephant in the picture may be?  Speculation abounds, but you won’t find many that can identify that great nation that dominates the earth as a moral/religious force, and as a commercial and military empire.  Some still say it’s Iraq.  Others say it’s Russia or Europe and on and on it goes.  But they are looking in all the wrong places.

What nation is European in terms of race, culture, language, legal system and even religion?  What nation came out of Europe and became the greatest superpower, economic, political and even Christian force the world has ever known?  What nation dominates and has military bases in nearly half the countries in the world?  What nation spends as much as all the world combined on its military?  What nation purports to bring truth, justice and democracy to the nations of the earth?  Christians look at prophecy and fail to see because they are locked into their own preconceptions and the historic teachings of the church.  Their minds are so closed they fail to see the greatest “Christian” nation the earth has ever seen.  I emphasize “Christian” because the Bible tells us that the great “end times” nation known as Babylon the Great will be an apostate Christian nation.

The great deception is that a brand new European nation sprung up about 225 years ago in a place called America.  We may not be in Europe, but we are a European people in terms of race, culture, language, legal precedent and even “religion.”   Over the years it grew from a few clusters of people gathered along the East Coast and spread across an entire continent from “sea to shining sea”.   Remember, people migrate all over the earth.  God is interested in the “peoples” more than the geographic boundaries.  America started as a frontier country and ended up as the greatest power on the earth.  Daniel 7 describes a fourth kingdom (beast) with ten horns (verse 7) and out of it come a little horn – a younger horn that ruled all.  A little nation is born, one that Revelation 18 clearly describes as a great trading nation that all the nations of the world have to trade with by sea, a nation that consumes all their imports.  If we are to find out the identity of Babylon, we need to think outside the box because when Revelation 17, 18 and 19, and in Daniel 7 and Jeremiah 50 and 51 were written, God was describing a great nation that didn’t even exist at the time

There is something special about America – a nation that started out as a blessing and a haven for many who were really seeking the Lord, became warped and transformed into an evil and polluting force in the world.  The most detailed description of prophetic Babylon is found in Revelation 17 and 18.  Surely we can see that there is only one nation whose power spans the seven continents that stands as a righteous force, a nation that stands for truth and justice and at the same time is the dominant economic force and consumer nation on the earth and the only super power.

How did the American empire come about?  How extensive is it?  Is it likely to fall and be replaced by another?  Is there any prophetic significance to the United States of America?  Is America the only country in the world that is holding back the tide of evil in the world?  Does it have a destiny?  Are we a chosen people?  Hasn’t it been a blessing to the world, bringing the gospel to many?  Haven’t we been a force of good in the world or could there possibly be a dark side, a hidden side that has been hidden from view – a side Americans can’t even imagine in their darkest imagination?

In a strange way, I have been a part of this story.  I was a part of the new army, a soldier wearing a three piece suit, carrying a laptop as a weapon offering easy money to the poor and oppressed of the world.  I’ll tell you my story and then we will look at the origins of this great empire by “following the money” and finally we will examine the extent of our military empire.

But before we get to that story, we need to address eschatology – technical religious jargon for the study of the end times.  This is important because most Christians consider prophecy to be irrelevant.  They are either “world improvers” for Christ or they are into the “great escape” – the pre-tribulation rapture that will take them out of the scene before much bad happens.  So before we start our search for Babylon, we need to look at the issue of the “rapture”, prophetic timing and, if the church remains during the great tribulation, we need to ask why?  What purpose is there in that?

Unless we can establish the fact that we Christians will be here during the last seven year period known as the “tribulation”, there really isn’t any reason for you to read on.  The next three chapters will discuss in detail the issue of the timing of the rapture, the chronology of events in the book of Revelation, and finally the purpose for us being here.  Then we will continue our search for Babylon.  Why is it important to know the identity of prophetic Babylon?

If a Christian doesn’t accurately discern the timing of the rapture, the reason for the tribulation and the identity of Babylon, they could get caught up in the apostasy and deception of the last days.  In a way, this book is a follow-up to Recognizing Apostasy and Deception.  That book was written to help you recognize apostasy and deception, false teachings and the like.  This book is particularly for the American Christian lest he get caught up in the deception thinking America is God’s gift to the world.  Although we may be known as the good guys on a white horse, there is a darker side, especially if America can be identified as prophetic Babylon, the source of the antichrist.

As American Christians we can expect to see changes that will require us to think outside the box, to be on our knees in prayer and to make preparations lest we be caught in the trap being set for us.  We may get caught up in the patriotic euphoria, the holy war against the axis of evil, the government protecting us and lose sight of what is really happening.  But first to the prophetic backdrop…