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Chapter 1INTRODUCTION to Antichrist & the Gog- Magog War
(in PDF, MS Word)




Chapter 2—Introduction to “The Road to Damascus”(in PDF, MS Word)

Chapter 3Catalyst for the Gog-Magog War (in PDF, MS Word)

Mosul Attack Highlights Syrian Connection

Iraq = Syria = Gog-Magog = “Treaty with Death and Hell” – A Biblical Backdrop

The Plot Thickens—“As it was in the Beginning” . . . “The Conflict of Civilizations”

The Road to Middle East Peace runs through Baghdad—Then to Damascus!

Oil for Peace—Not “Land for Peace”

Enter Condoleezza Rice—Archfiend of Hezbollah . . . the Administration’s Current push against Syria . . . building its case . . .

Romans Stand Together

Chapter 4Christian Liberalism is Confused . . . a slight detour from the Road to Damascus . . . but we’ll get back on track soon (in PDF, MS Word)


Christian Liberalism is Confused

What do Red China and St. Augustine have in Common?

The French and the West vs. Syria

“Syria is at the Center of the Problem”

Chapter 5—“Damascus will Cease from being a City” . . .

Syria, Catalyst for Gog-Magog (in PDF, MS Word)

On the Road to Damascus

Detour Article Highlighted Liberal Confusion & Biblical Hermeneutics (i.e., “interpreting methods in Bible Study”)

The “Burden of Damascus”

The “Syrian Eschatological Synthesis”

Chapter 6—Isaiah 17 and 18 and the “Mystery Nation” (in PDF, MS Word)

Down that Road to Damascus

Damascus will no longer be a City

Assyrian Defeat of Damascus did not Fulfill Prophecy

The Palestinian Authority will be Dissolved

Israel’s Popularity and Military Strength will be Diminished as a Result of the Syrian Engagement

The Raging of the Nations--Gog-Magog Arising

Gog Devises a Plan of Attack

Unraveling the Mystery Nation of Isaiah 18

Do we have a Verdict?

Now, do you see and hear who HE is?

How about your Road to Damascus?

Chapter 7— Summary—“The Road to Damascus” . . . Syria,

          Catalyst for Gog-Magog (in PDF, MS Word)

The Theological Backdrop

The Damascus Synthesis




Chapter 8—Introduction to The Antichrist is Coming (in PDF, MS Word)

Chapter 9The Person of Antichrist (in PDF, MS Word)

The Denial of an Actual Antichrist yet to come is akin to the Denial that Christ is come in the flesh

Donald Grey Barnhouse & other leading Evangelicals acclaim the Coming of the Antichrist

The “Churches of Christ” view of “Antichrist”

King of Babylon – King of Tyre

The Work of Arthur W. Pink

National Socialism

The Coming Prince

The Emergence of the End-Times’ Antichrist:  Gog-Magog (the King of the North/King of the South) vs. Israel and the Antichrist

What of America’s Military Dominance in the Middle East?

Chapter 10The Antichrist and the Beast (in PDF, MS Word)

Your Covenant with Death and Your Agreement with Hell . . . “The “Kings” of Revelation 17:10-11

The “Greco-Roman” Nature of Antichrist—I Beg to Differ:  Antichrist is NOT a Jew!

Antichrist and the “Abomination of Desolation” and Misconceptions of who is Antichrist

Antichrist turns into “The Beast”

The Temple of Jerusalem vs. The Temple of Man (Man’s Nature:  spirit, soul and body)

The Outer Court – Holy Place – Holiest of All

The Restraining Work of the Holy Spirit

The Beast (the Satanic Incarnated Antichrist) & The Second Beast vs. The Resurrected Christ & The Holy Spirit or “The Image of the Beast vs. the Image of Christ”

The Image of the Beast is not a Physical Statue (Counterfeit of the Image of Christ)

The Worship of the Image of the Beast (Prototype:  Das Volk of Nazi Germany)

The Mark of the Beast vs. The Mark of the Holy Spirit

Triumphant Testimony




Chapter 11—Introduction to “Hidden Treasures” (in PDF, MS Word)

Chapter 12—Syria * Lebanon * Palestine

. . . . “He shall gain control over the hidden treasures” (Daniel 11:43)
(in PDF, MS Word)

The “Domino Effect” (Our Response)

Loose Torpedoes (Hamas)

Watch Condi or “Condi Watch”

Bush as Messiah . . . That’s What the Syrian Says

“Persia . . . I will put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out (Ezekiel 38:4 and 5)

Togamarah, Meshech and Tubal . . . Watch Turkey!

Pre-positioning “Him in the Middle East

Chapter 13—“HE (ANTICHRIST) WILL GAIN CONTROL OVER THE HIDDEN TREASURES” “. . . Gog . . . Have you come to capture spoil and to seize plunder . . . great spoil?” (Daniel 11:43; Ezk. 38:3, 12-13)
(in PDF, MS Word)

Lord of the Flies is Exposed!

The “Desolator” of Daniel

The King of Babylon is the Beast!

Nebuchadnezzar & Nimrod . . . Two Peas in a Pod

The “Morphing” of Nebuchadnezzar

Progression of Western Civilization . . . Has come full circle

The “Little Horn” is the Beast, the Roman Empire . . . the Leadership of the West

How the West was won . . . the Image began to walk the Face of the Earth!

The making of “The Beast” . . . Greco-Roman Man

The Image “Treads Down” & Tramples the Earth & the Saints

The “Greco” side of Antichrist

The “Roman” side of Antichrist

Behind the Puppets of Desolation is Antichrist himself!



The Characteristics of Antichrist as seen in Daniel 11

The Characteristics of Antichrist as seen throughout Daniel

The “Time of Jacob’s Trouble”

The “Ancient of Days” is our Hope

Chapter 15—“Challenges and Threats”. . . . While “Controlling the Spicket in the Thicket” (in PDF, MS Word)

“Rattling Sabers” has become an Art Form

The Turks and the Kurds

Hezbollah . . . the Wild Card

Lawrence Eagleburger has had a change of heart

Damascus:  Tripwire to Gog-Magog

Controlling the Spicket in the Thicket

Tony Cordesman tells it like it is

Chapter 16—THE KINGS OF THE EAST . . . and the rush to Armageddon
(in PDF, MS Word)

“News from the East and North shall Trouble Him . . . (Daniel 11:44)

Will China’s Oil Needs Result in a Global Shortage?

Rumsfeld, Collins & Feith . . . They’re “On To” China!

Enter India

Analysis—So, What’s the Point?




Chapter 17—Introduction to “The Gog-Magog Scenario” (in PDF, MS Word)

Chapter 18—“The Eschatological Conflict” (in PDF, MS Word)

Jihad is Worship
Tectonic Plates between the West and Islam
Eschatological Schools of Interpretation:  Confronting the “Brethren”
Is the Futurity of Daniel’s 70th Week a Roman Catholic Plot?

Chapter 19—The Rise of Gog:  Islamism Unleashed . . . (in PDF, MS Word)

Syrian Update
U.S. Strategic Policy in the Region
Surrounding Gog and Magog (Including Syria)
Enough to Drive You Crazy . . . from Russia with Love!
Enter the Turks
Turkey and Israel
Turkey, Iran and Syria “So Happy Together”
Iraq Chimes In
Persia . . . Gomer . . . The House of Togarmah

Chapter 20—The Rise of Gog:  Identifying Gog, Persian Update
(in PDF, MS Word)

Summary (“The Gog-Magog Scenario”) and Introduction

Gog and Magog . . . Their Identity

Chapter 21—Gog’s Opposition:  The Antichrist  (in PDF, MS Word)

The Foci of Gog-Magog:  Israel and the USA
Antichrist does not attack Israel
From Gog to the Coming of Messiah
Confirming our Thesis of Antichrist in Daniel 11:36-45
U.S. Building Forts on Iraq Border

Chapter 22—King of the North:  Turkey and Iran (Magog) (in PDF, MS Word)

The Face of Satan
Unity of the Muslim Ranks and Its Awakening
Persia and Other Peoples – Watch Egypt!
Chart of Ancient Tribal Designations to Modern States

Chapter 23—King of the South:  Egypt, Sudan & Libya

               Vs. “The Willful King”  (in PDF, MS Word)

“Damascus Shall be a Ruinous Heap”
The “Spoil” of the Willful King (King of Tyre)
Give them Liberty or give them Death!

Chapter 24—Gog-Magog – World War III, A Look into the Future—Part I
(in PDF, MS Word)

Marching into Armageddon

Saudi Arabia Accused by USA Federal Government!  The Final Straw –

Striking at the Heart of Islam

Syria’s Complicity—Another Sign of “Gog on the Move”

We’ve been saying this for some time—Gog & Magog on the Rise!

“America is Strangely Absent”—Oh Really?  (David Dyer’s Title—is currently everywhere!) . . . Dyer Continues

The Gog-Magog War or King of the North/King of the South vs. Antichrist (a bit of a sidebar for now)

The “Greco-Roman” Nature of Antichrist

The Gog-Magog Fuse Will Be Lit

Gog-Magog “Partners in Crime”

Germany & France—You’re Playing with Fire

Chapter 25—Gog-Magog – World War III, A Look into the Future—Part II
(in PDF, MS Word)

Your Treaty with Death and Hell or (1) The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accord; or (2) The US-Israeli Defense Pact

A Fuse has been lit—We await the Gog-Magog War

Dust Clouds of Gog Magog are rising . . .

After Gog-Magog, The Obscene Spiritual Orgy

Yes, The Fuse has been lit for the Gog/Magog War

More Comments—Let’s Face It . . .

The Rev. Franklin Graham—and Gog

The Principality Gog Amassing the Coalition of the Willing

The Fuse for the Gog-Magog War?

Chapter 26—Conclusion (Part I):  The Theological Imperative . . . You’ll have to Decide Now, not Later (in PDF, MS Word)

            Francis A. Schaeffer

            Carl F. H. Henry

            Donald Wagner and the Neo-Evangelicals

            So . . . .What’s this got to do with the Antichrist and the Gog-Magog War?

            Social Justice vs. Political Reality

            Wagner, et al, are in Orbit Regarding the Constellation

            Premillenarians and their “Pragmatic Doctrines of Zionism”

            You’ll have to make a decision . . .

Chapter 27—Conclusion (Part II):  Peak, Pop, and Policy . . . The Earth’s about to be shaken! (in PDF, MS Word)


            Peak Oil

            News from the East will “Trouble Him”

            Peak, Pop, and Policy . . . So, where’s the Pop?

            A final Appeal

Chapter 28Conclusion (Part III):  Behold:  The Prince of Persia!...get ready for War with Iran (And That’s My Final Answer)

(in PDF, MS Word)

            Déjà vu (Where have I heard this before?)

            This is No Joking Matter

            What’s Theology got to do with Rumsfeld, Ritter, and Iran?

            In Deference to Dave Hunt

            The Satanic Mastermind

            The Seven Year Cleanup

American Pre-Tribulationists Aligned with the Patriotic Church of America

          America is not in the Prophetic Equation

            A Concluding Word

                            ... Can you hear me now?
(in PDF, MS Word)