DeLay and LaHaye


Why The Dems Can’t Stand
Tom Delay & Tim Lahaye

Part I

By Doug Krieger




 Lou Dubose and Jan Reid’s new book, THE HAMMER, a biography on House of Representatives Majority Whip Tom DeLay, is allegedly a story of God, Money, and the Rise of the Republican Congress—and just how Tom DeLay took advantage of Newt Gingrich and fellow Texan Dick Armey’s Republican ascendancy and became himself the most powerful man in the House of Representatives.  We’ll get into the “God part” a lot more than the money and political parts for now—but just to warn you, the King of Tyre (money) and the King of Babylon (political power) have a whole lot to do about this most interesting story. This is all the more fascinating now that the powerful Congressman has collected a whole lot of chips from fellow Reps. for past support and, consequently, has gotten the House GOP caucus (Nov. 18, 2004) to vote to end its rule requiring leaders to step down if indicted (which it now appears that DeLay will be for past indiscretions brought against him in Texas).  The political intrigue is mounting, big time!


 Now, the plot of this political-religious thriller intensifies as the “moral of the story” is discovered—enter Tim LaHaye (kind of a neat little rhyme going on here with Tom and Tim, DeLay and LaHaye).    You see, DeLay eventually walked right into an evangelical church that had gotten a whole lot more “politicized” by folks like LaHaye—so, when we get into the “God part” of DeLay, you’ll understand why we brought LaHaye along.  


Now, LaHaye will act as Chairman of the Board for Jerry Falwell’s newly energized FAITH AND VALUES COALITION.  The Faith and Values Coalition, according to the most beloved Baptist brother on the planet, the Rev. Barry Lynn (mouth for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State), is nothing more than “just another fund-raising vehicle.”  Furthermore, Lynn so abhors these religious/political efforts that he likens them to “an old horror movie—every time they bring Frankenstein’s monster back, it just gets worse!” 


One might be hearing “sour grapes” a bit—check out Barry’s remarks, and comments on his remarks:

"Some things should be left dead and buried," Lynn said. He noted that recent analysis of election results debunked early claims that "values voters" re-elected President Bush. In fact, Lynn pointed out, voter's main concerns were terrorism, national security and the war in Iraq.

"The people do not share Jerry Falwell's repressive vision of an America where church and state are merged and the views of intolerant TV preachers form the basis of our laws," Lynn said. "I welcome Falwell's new organization to the debate. I feel confident it will meet the same fate as the Moral Majority." (see above for source) 


Sure, I bet Lynn welcomes Falwell and LaHaye to the debate—I bet he just can’t wait!  Apparently, Falwell believes in the resurrection—I wonder if Barry does?  But then, again, nothing like another “Son of Frankenstein” movie! 





DeLay and LaHaye do have some interesting things in common.  For one, they know how to wield political clout and marshal conservative religious forces in America, while amassing vast sums of money for their causes (most of which are mutual).  LaHaye co-founded Falwell’s original Moral Majority back in the late ‘70s.  He and his wife, Beverly, started campaigning for pro-life causes through their Baptist marriage counseling company, Family Life Seminars.  In 1979 Bev founded Concerned Women for America—a sort of counter weight to the National Organization for Women (NOW).  Furthermore, LaHaye’s famous “Left Behind” series—whose sales are off the charts, approaching (if not surpassing) over 100 million copies (and, catapulting the LaHaye’s literary fortunes close to that same figure)—makes him one of the wealthiest evangelicals in America, if not the world.   


Although Falwell held center stage in galvanizing conservative Christians to the polls and, ipso facto, to the Republican cause, LaHaye (as Falwell puts it) “ran under the radar.”  In 1981 LaHaye founded the Council for National Policy—claiming, at one time, some 600,000 members.  In the 1980s, the CNP was quite the political/religious machine; spawning countless campaigns and organizations.  Included among its members were Ed Meese, John Ashcroft, Pat Robertson and, of course Falwell—as well as key think tanks, and activists like Grover Norquist and Oliver North.  A lot of the “right-wing jihad” against President Clinton in the 1990s was funded by CNP supporters like Texas oilman and silver manipulator, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Richard DeVos of Amway and beer magnate Joseph Coors (the same crowd that funded the contras in Central America).  


Impeaching Clinton was allegedly conceived by the CNP in Montreal in June of 1997.  Falwell touts the CNP for helping raise hundreds of millions for ventures like Liberty University (the second largest Evangelical Christian University in America—surpassed only by Baylor (Baptist) University in Waco, TX).  President Bush attended a CNP meeting at the start of his 1999 presidential campaign, and Rumsfeld took part in the group’s gathering last April in Washington, D.C.  Republican political strategist, Paul Weyrich, once said:  “Without [LaHaye], what we call the religious right would not have developed the way it did, and as quickly as it did.” 


Brother LaHaye took a severe fall when he was linked, along with wife Bev, in taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the wacky would-be messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church cult (which most Christians really do view as laughably heretical). When Moon got entangled with tax evasion charges, LaHaye came to his rescue.  Then the “pay off monies” came out into the public—so, LaHaye tried to back off—but it was too late.  By the time LaHaye tried to regroup, his reputation—along with another one of his organizations founded in the 1970s, The American Coalition for Traditional Values, flopped!  But LaHaye did regroup—thanks to the multi-million dollar sales of Left Behind (see, he wasn’t about to be Left Behind). 


LaHaye’s agenda mirrors that of Falwell’s; and is the heart and passion of the so-called Religious Right in America.  Restoring the Nation back to Absolute Values—family, pro-life (a.k.a., “the culture of life”), anti-abortion (just so you know what pro-life is), anti-gay agenda (the whole thing), pro-marriage (between Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve), pro-prayer in the public schools, pro-displaying of religious symbols and artifacts like the Ten Commandments wherever and whenever, strong “national defense” (as defined as “whatever it takes to get destroy the barbaric infidels”), etc., etc., etc. 





A little evangelical background on Rep. DeLay would be helpful . . . so, after a couple of terms in the Texas Legislature (after a rather lackluster business life as a pest control operator), DeLay made a move on the US Congress, running in the suburbs of Houston, TX and winning!  He headed off to Washington as a freshman Rep. and led the charge against the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts)—and got a whole lot of fame for DEFUNDING THE LEFT (especially with the NEA’s propensity to spend huge sums of money on absurd and even pornographic “art”). 


Notwithstanding the crusading efforts to purge the Left of its immoral efforts, DeLay himself had his own demons to corral.  It was in the mid-1980s when the booze-drinkin’ (similar to President Bush’s story) DeLay rediscovered his Baptist roots and through a fellow Republican colleague, Frank Wolfe, was handed a tape by Dr. James Dobson—and the rest is evangelical history.  DeLay claims he had a real born-again experience—much like President Bush.  And, like Bush, eventually got involved in an “accountability group” compliments of the Promise Keepers; then, on to the Southern Baptist, avant-garde, Sugar Land First Baptist Church, where DeLay’s A-A-mens could be easily heard, as Pastor Scott Rambo (who, as Dubose describes was “as charismatic and engaging as Bill Clinton at a town hall meeting”) preached to the thousands who’d come each week to hear his “seeker-friendly” messages. 


Yep, like President Bush, DeLay’s faith has utterly energized his politics.  Listen to DeLay’s “mission statement” for America


“To bring us back to the Constitution and to Absolute Truth that has been manipulated and destroyed by a liberal worldview.” (p. 58 – The Hammer)  




Continuing on with DeLay’s evangelical roots (his political evolution and machinations are also really interesting—but later on those) . . . 


Like Clinton, DeLay grew up in a dysfunctional home where his father was an alcoholic.  He hailed from the “roughneck camps of the Texas oil patch—home to the guys who drilled the wells and ran the casing for the bullies who owned the royalties and ran the state.  His patrimony was the sort of dysfunction that is the psychological and biological inheritance of the children of alcoholics.” (p. 9 – The Hammer).   


On the other hand, Bush picked up the Texan drawl, but, let’s face it, his family richly provided him an East Coast prep school, bachelor’s degree from Yale, an MBA from Harvard—and, being the grandson of a U.S. senator and son of a vice president and president—man, maybe, after all, he was born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth.  Whereas DeLay’s background couldn’t hold a candle to the patrician Bush.  Nope, DeLay was through and through a plebeian (Roman for “dirt poor” compared to the aristocrats among the Romans called patricians.). 


Bush was an oilman—and, frankly, not a very good one (so everyone knows)—but he had a deep well of never-ending resources through family-related investment capital.  On the other hand, DeLay was a bug man.  And, like Bush, not a very good one at that.  Eventually, the rules and regs. of the EPA just about wiped out his business—and, that did it.  “It’s off to Congress I go”—so you wonder why the “counter-revolution” against the EPA, et al, continues to this day? 


Right about the same time that DeLay was “finding Jesus” – President Bush was doing the same—but under very different “evangelical environments.”  First of all, Bush’s drinking habits were getting the best of him—and Laura had had it.   


The time was ripe!  However, Bush’s “conversion experience” differed from DeLay’s.  When Bush, the prodigal son, returned home to the Maine compound in 1985, there was the Revered Billy Graham.  They walked the grounds of Walker Point—the Bush family estate on the coast of Maine.  Bush prayed with Graham and he “surrendered himself to Jesus.”  Returning back home in Midland, Bush joined a Bible Study “accountability group” that Laura also attended—eventually, he quit drinking. 


In sum, Dubose describes the Bush and DeLay religious encounters as follows: 


DeLay had come up harder in all ways, all his life.  He had absorbed enough Baptist teaching and upbringing to call himself a Christian, yet as he neared forty he knew he was a sinner.  His road to Damascus was plebeian, and he choked in the dust of patricians like George Bush.” (p. 53) 


“When Tom DeLay fell to his knees before a video clip of James Dobson, he was not only born again in Christ, he was born again in Republican electoral politics.  This is not to suggest that his motives were anything less than spiritual, but the result was political.  Not only did his return to the church provide him the focus and discipline he lacked when he had been ‘Hot Tub Tom’ of ‘Macho Manor’ in Austin (you’ll have to read the book to understand), DeLay immediately became part of a religious community that is also a political community.  As a high-profile evangelical Christian, Tom DeLay connected to the Christian base without which the Republican Party cannot win national elections—and many state elections.  Like George W. Bush, DeLay found Jesus at the precise moment in American political history when Jesus became a political asset.  THE TIMING WAS SO PERFECT THAT THE NONBELIEVR IS LEFT TO WONDER IF IT JUST MIGHT HAVE BEEN GOD’S PLAN. (pp. 58-59 – The Hammer(Note:  My emphasis upon the “secularist’s remarks.) 


There you have it—somehow, evangelicalism and politics—along with this guy, Tim LaHaye—found fertile ground in the Baptist soils of Texas.  Two men from two completely different walks of life—at about the same time—got the “old time religion” and it has shaped how they look at America and the world—BIG TIME!  Likewise, it has shaped how “Liberal America” thinks about them and about most “old time religion” in America—just in case you can’t see where I’m going with this! 


To be continued . . . but first, contemplate what John saw in the Revelation:   


“I was astonished beyond astonishment (i.e. ‘who would have ever thought it’) when I saw the woman.  And the angel said to me, ‘Why are you flabbergasted, floored, amazed, and astonished beyond astonishment?  Let me tell you about the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that supports her, who has the seven heads and the ten horns’” (Revelation 17:6b-7). 



Tom & Tim
Delay And Lahaye


“Creatine Christianity”

Part II

By Doug Krieger


POLITICAL-RELIGIOUS CONVERGENCE—Delay … Bush … LaHaye … Falwell & Rove



In the first part of our two-part series on TOM & TIM, we discussed a little about the history of Tom’s evangelical background, and how his “evangelical conversion experience” turned his political journey in Republican Politics into a RELIGIOUS CRUSADE—i.e., his “conversion” had immediate political consequences.


Likewise, we discussed how President George Bush—also in the mid-1980s—received Christ through a variety of experiences, most importantly a time of prayer with Billy Graham at the Bush estate in Maine, and subsequent deliverance from alcoholism while attending a similar Charles Dobson-style accountability group (e.g., Promise Keepers), as did Tom DeLay at another “accountability group” and/or “Bible Study.” 


Incidentally, President Bush’s conversion galvanized his lack-luster political career into a similar CRUSADE that ultimately landed him the White House in 2000 and a second term (2004) with the support-base he cultivated (as did/does DeLay) of the Religious Right.  In particular—we drew attention to the special meeting with Bush and evangelical leaders who anointed him in the Texas Governor’s mansion to pursue this “calling” on his life (please read the November Blog article).


Now, I brought in Tim LaHaye into this mix—introducing him with DeLay (not that they have any immediate “working relationship”)—however, Tim’s religious beginnings as “already converted to evangelical Christianity” are significant in that his journey into RELIGIOUS-POLITICS is the reverse of DeLay/Bush.  LaHaye moves in power POLITICS from the POWER RELIGION perspective (LaHaye’s one of the wealthiest evangelicals in the world); whereas, DeLay/Bush come into RELIGIOUS-POLITICS from the power POLITICS angle.

If you would—DeLay/Bush are “representative” of numerous politicians (including recent “convert” Karl Rove, Bush’s political strategist par excel lance) who have entered POWER RELIGION (i.e., Meta-Churches and Ministries, like Liberty Baptist (Falwell), and Second Baptist in Houston, TX).  Falwell said of Rove:   “I have known Karl Rove for many years and I am greatly impressed with his wisdom, dedication to President Bush and his love for Jesus Christ. (Interesting?  Bush first, Jesus second?)




Recent scandals of anabolic steroid use by professional sports in the USA and abroad is tricky business.  For one, if you’re going to super-size your capabilities, you’ve got to do it on the sly, viz., hire a personal trainer who knows how to use “designer” drugs which can enhance your so-called performance on the field.  These growth hormones that Barry Bonds and other athletes are accused of using, are, figuratively, a lot like the current stream of “Creatine Christianity” and its muscle enhancer, “Glutamine Government.” (Note:  Creatine and Glutamine “enhance” muscle strength, stamina and size.)


I’m not saying that it’s ultimate product is Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I am saying that when you “inflate” Christianity with spiritually “illegal drugs” in your game, you’re going to get a beefed up brand of Christianity that, with “Glutamine Government” enhancers, will slamdunk the scrawniest Arab  into the sand. 


Now, what makes American Creatine Christianity and Glutamine Government so “illegal” in the eyes of the Almighty is that ALMIGHTY DOLLAR; i.e., the ultimate intoxicant or the CATALYST/STIMULANT where the two find common ground (without which neither Religion and Politics could ever merge and/or find common cause).


Again, in its purest form—i.e., the best “creatine” and the best “glutamine” that can be ASSIMILATED by the “Religio-Body Politic” will result in what the Bible calls APOSTASY.  Yes, you’ll get results (e.g., home runs, olympic records, etc.) if “results” is what you’re looking for.  So, today’s Christianity has, again and again—though they would vehemently deny it—injested this “witches’ brew” of Apostasy because it works; results are awesom and the fans love it (e.g., attendance is up, salaries are up, scores are up, and the money’s rollin’ in).  And, best of all, turns out that BIGGER IS BETTER!  Bigger Churches, bigger salaries, bigger programs, and, as it turns out, more patriotism to boot!





Ronnie Earle, the district attorney for Travis County, Texas, recently came out with a strident op. ed. piece in the New York Times entitled:  “Tom DeLay:  A moral indictment.” 


Earle, a Democrat, has tried some 15 elected officials in his 26-year tenure (12 Democrats and three Republicans)—DeLay appears to be the next if the local Grand Jury finds sufficient evidence to bring DeLay’s indiscretions to court.


Earle’s Times’ piece hits on the issue of “MORAL VALUES.”  Humm . . . I wonder what Earle’s alluding to here?  Could it possibly be that Tom DeLay’s “moral crusade” to purge the Republican Party of those compromising moderate Republicans and them Democrats (the whole bunch of them) bears a casual allusion to DeLay’s evangelical zeal to rid the Congress of all who aspire to gay marriage, pro-choice (a.k.a., “abortion on demand”), “In God We Trust,” school prayer, creationism in the curriculum, etc.?


This little cactus critter from Texas is not about to have “moral issues” the exclusive purview of the Republican Party:


“Last week Congressional Republicans voted to change their rule that required an indicted leader to relinquish his post (Earle’s op.ed. is dated 23 Nov. 04).  They were responding to an investigation by the Travis County grand jury into political contributions by corporations that has already resulted in the indictments of three associates of Mr. DeLay, the House majority leader.


“Every law enforcement officer depends on the moral values and integrity of society for backup; they are like body armor.  The cynical destruction of moral values at the top makes it hard for law enforcement to do its job.


“In terms of moral values, this is where the rubber meets the road.  The rules you apply to yourself are the true test of your moral values. 


“There is no limit to what you can do if you have the power to change the rules.  Congress may make its own rules, but the public makes the rule of law, and depends for its peace on the enforcement of the law.  Hypocrisy at the highest levels of government is toxic to the moral fiber that holds our communities together.

“The open contempt for moral values by our elected officials has a corrosive effect.  It is a sad day for law enforcement when Congress offers such poor leadership on moral values and ethical behavior.  We are a moral people, and the first lesson of democracy is not to hold the public in contempt.” (Copyright 2004 The New York Times Company)


DeLay’s “Creatine-style Christianity” (a.k.a., “POWER RELIGION” or “MORAL VALUES” – so-called) has apparently gotten Earle’s goat. 


Like DeLay, Karl Rove, et. al., have cleverly inserted these “designer enhancers” into the religio-political system to produce today’s Republican majority—to the chagrin of the Democrats, who, for the life of them, can’t figure out how it works (or from time to time they think they’ve spotted these anabolic steroids and are about to unleash scores of trial lawyers in pursuit of this phony and SHAMLESS grab for power!).


In desperation some Democrats are actually recommending a “come to Jesus” campaign on the part of the outflanked Democrats.  I mean, it works, right?


“First, when a candidate stresses moral values in every speech, every television commercial, every day for a year, it should be no surprise that when voters are asked why they voted for him, they will reply ‘moral values.’  If George W. Bush had put as much effort into ‘eat your spinach,’ some people would have given that reason for supporting the president.


“Second, Republican strategists began in 2000 and continued in 2004 a skillful effort to equate moral values to Christian values, and within that category to mean conservative Christianity, largely of the evangelical brand.


The Republican Party captured the Cross in 2000 and the Flag on 9/11, two of the three classic American values – the third, Mom’s Apple Pie, is now available at Wal-Mart.” (“Christians and Karl Rove hold no monopoly on values” – Floyd J. McKay, The Seattle Times Company


So—the final straw:  Karl Rove and Tom DeLay added this to their shopping cart: “moral values”, along with George Bush’s total cooperation, and they’re not about to let it go—tough toenails to the Dems.





Lance Dickie, in an editorial in the Seattle Times, sucinctly put the record straight:

“The United States may not be any more churched than it used to be, but the dominate forms of worship and spiritual expression look more like President Bush’s Midland Men’s Community Bible Study Group in Midland, Texas, than old-line Episcopalians on Sunday.


“The new voice of public culture is rooted in personal spiritual experience focused on conversion and the bond of face-to-face relationships—people who share a belief the world is a very bad shape; Us & God against Them.


“These potent numbers (22% more Church goers voted for Bush than Kerry) spell a deep, abiding identity crisis for the Democratic Party . . . indeed, Democrats are seen as the amoral supporters of abortion, homosexuality, sex education, cultural decadence and activist judges (who support the same).  The shorthand is moral values, and the party is reeling.”


Notwithstanding Dickie’s insights—and those of Floyd J. McKay—both are nearsighted when it comes to maintaining the “moral majority” pieced together by the likes of Rove and DeLay (along with their “creatine” buddies on the Religious Right); to wit:


“In a world bloody with religious rivalry and hatred, how can the virtue and tradition of separating church and state not be respected?  I fear a pinched and politicized definition of moral values that does not encompass ethical leadership, economic justice and mutual sacrifice, judicious use of military might and environmental stewardship that tempers a sense of dominion over nature.  If Karl Rove’s brand of genius (turning out the “evangelical vote” with his appeal to “moral values”) only pushes the nation further in that direction, I am destined to be left behind.” (Humm . . . allusions to the “Left Behind” series of Tim LaHaye?) (Lance Dickie).

“Republicans who seek to succeed Bush must now pass a litmas test of religious faith or risk losing ‘the base.’  Bush was unique in his ability and willingness to place his personal faith on public display.  Would-be imitators of either party do so at considerable risk.  The race to be most pious ultimately moves a nation to extremism, a path all of us should hope to avoid.” (Floyd J. McKay)


Here’s what I mean “They don’t get it” . . .


Most of the Moderate to Left in this nation, either poo poo the Religious Right in this nation (e.g., the airheads at American Air who make sport at bad-mouthing the impact of the Religious Right) or the more serious responders like Dickie and McKay—but, like the effete Europeans, they still don’t get it!  Listen—here’s what Creatine Christianity affirms about Europe, AND THE SAME CAN BE SAID OF AMERICA’S NEW LEFT BEHIND BUNCH:


“It is impossible to defeat a faith with a nonfaith (Islam vs. Secular States): that is, with the lowest common denominator of politically correct mish-mash.  Europe (a.k.a. John Kerry and the “bookends of America” – the Left Coast and New England) is metamorphosing into an aimless, shifting culture characterized by an abandonment of Christian truth and values and a surrender to whatever lifestyle is most aggressive in selling itself (in this case Islam in Europe).  It is dead meat for any determined Islamic evangelization, chiefly because living in community requires ordered values, which Islam provides in abundance. 


“The post-Christian dilemma in Europe (or we can say:  “The post-moral values of the Democratic Party in the USA”) was illustrated vividly in 2003 when a draft version of the European constitution did not acknowledge that Europe had ever been Christian.  National representatives and former government chiefs protested this.  But the omission stayed in.


“It reflects Europe’s accelerating abandonment of Christianity—from Sweden, where less than 55 percent of people consider God important in their lives, to Ireland, where churchgoing is still quite high but hatred for President Bush is generally expressed as abhorrence for any expression of evangelical Christianity (Sound familiar American Air/Left?).


IF EUROPE SUCCUMBS TO ISLAM, WE IN THE UNITED STATES WILL BE THE NEXT TARGET!” (Charisma Magazine, “Europe at the Crossroads,” by David Aikman, former Time Magazine senior correspondent).


Now, David Aikman should have sufficient credentials to tramatize the likes of people like Jeff Alworth, who on that infamous morn of November 2, 2004 awoke to the awful thought of FOUR MORE YEARS:


“The US has become a fundamentalist state.  The question of polity have (sic) become the questions of religious doctrine.  It is more important to the practitioners of fundamentalist Christianity to concern themselves with the behavior of their fellow citizens than it is to craft careful economic and foreign policy. Where the rest of the post-industrial world races toward equality, our citizens dispense with it . . . when we awake tomorrow (a rather prophetical type, this Jeff fellow), we will live in a one-party state.  The Congress, the Presidency, and the judiciary will all be solidly in the hands of theocratic leaders.  Lets (sic) call it straight:  Their fealty is first and last to a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible.  The Constitution is a secondary document.” (The American Street)


Aikman’s not kidding—neither is Falwell, nor Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, LaHaye, DeLay (note I’m interspersing them, because it’s hard to tell where “one starts and one begins” . . . they all just sort of blend).  If you’re going to survive . . . if you’re looking into the FACE OF SATAN . . . if you’re going to fight fire with a fire . . . if you’re going to stop the Greeks from “feminizing” America . . . then you better believe, today’s Commercial Republic/Roman Empire is not about to swallow the secularism of either Europe or the American Left and their silly attempts to “demoralize the debate.”

You see, the ROMANS take their religion seriously—unlike the whimpy, philosophical, contemplative, can’t-we-all-just-get-along, consensus-searching Greeks.  It’s too bad but most certainly the truth:  The ROMAN side of GRECO-ROMAN MAN (a.k.a., Western Civilization) dominates the debate—live with it!  It’s action time—not, an Athenian chatroom.


It’s a lot like the cartoon (now, admit it, it was funny) of THE LOOSER, John Kerry—stymied by the Greco-side of his “Man” – he dissolves into oblivion.  What’s sweeping America is NOT in the foreseeable future a milquetoast, secular, let’s-try-to-understand why they bombed the Twin Towers bunch of Democrats who can’t tell the difference between “good and evil” (as interpreted by the Religious Right). 


Frankly put:  Who cares about a job when they’re burning your house down (if you still have one)?  Or, better yet, DAMN THE TORPEDOES, FULL SPEED AHEAD!





Eventually, the likes of Tom DeLay—notwithstanding his checkered career in Texas politics and National fund-raising and his brilliant, but ruthless, march toward majority rule and reign in the House of Representatives catalogued in The Hammer—God, Money, and the Rise of the Republican Congress (by Lou Dubose & Jan Reid – Perseus Books Group, 2004)—will surmount the “moral values” issues even if he has to change the rules of the game (which has happened).


The “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT” in “majority American politics” has unalterably shifted—but most of the Dems. have gone to Egypt and are in deNIAL.  Some, like Barney Frank, know exactly what’s gone down; namely, themselves:


“‘This is transformative,’ Frank said of the Republican House.  ‘Unlike anything we have seen in the past 100 years.  DeLay has the power and inclination to sweep aside any constraint . . . any institutional or procedural constraint.’” (The Hammer, p. 281)


Frank continues . . .


“In a system of results-oriented democracy, the results are preordained by the leadership.  ‘They have the same kind of discipline as the British Conservative or Labour Party,’  Frank said.  ‘That’s why anybody who votes for a Republican in November (and a whole lot apparently did) is voting for Tom DeLay.’” (Ibid.)



Yes, Tom DeLay has maneuvered the Republican controlled house—virtually dominating all of its committees and leadership—taken over the lobbiests’ efforts on Washington, D.C.’s “K Street” (you’ve got to get THE HAMMER)—and, has cemented today’s Creatine Christianity to Glutamine Government (his form of government).


PURE CAPITALISM operates simply by whomever has the most money, has the most rule—and you’re witnessing it today.  When DeLay iniated his “The K Street Project” in the 1990s, he had one thing in mind, and that is precisely what was expressed by this lobbyist:


“I always thought my job is to look out for my client’s interest . . . suddenly I’m working for the Republican Party.” (The Hammer, p. 177)


That’s right, and if you’re wantin’ to get something “done” (i.e., “passed in the Congress”), you’re little lobbying effort better pass the “DeLay Test” or you can forget it—and that includes hiring and firing lobbyists too!





Again, just when you thought it couldn’t get any deeper around here—it does!  Enter Jerry Falwell/Tim LaHaye’s Charismatic counterpart:  Rod Parsley!


Rod Parsley, pastor of the 12,000-member World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio is convinced that only “2 percent of the population of America claim to be homosexual and yet their issues are being moved forward at a much more rapid pace than ours are on the floor of the Congress . . . so we believe we need a lot more players on the field” (Note:  As if the “field weren’t ‘crowded’ enough!”) (Charisma Magazine)


It gets better . . .


“Parsley said prayer, information and activism are the three tools the CMC (his new Center for Moral Clarity) will use to mobilize Christians at the grass roots . . . in October, he spoke to the 3,000-member Grand Rapids First Assembly of God in Michigan . . . ‘I deeply feel our country is at a crossroad,’ said pastor Scott Hagan.  ‘I try to be very careful when it comes to mixing the kingdom and politics. [Parsley’s sermon title] is definitely not a candidate-driven message.  When public policy begins to speak to issues directly spoken to in Scripture, it has nothing to do with a candidate.’” (Charisma article by Adrienne S. Gaines).


And, now something that Barney Frank and Al Franken will try to fathom:


“For his part, Parsley said he hopes more Christians will run for local-government seats, serving on school boards and city councils.  He said he’s not worried about having complaints against his ministry filed with the IRS.  ‘I believe that the church that claims to uphold the cause of Christ yet condemns confrontation is little more than a social club that wants rain without thunder and lightning.” (Charisma article)


Don’t you just love it? . . . and for my two buddies on Air America in the morning (Mark Riley and Marc Maron on “Morning Sedition”) – here’s a little coffee clatch for you and Barry Lynn to talk about on tomorrow’s December 6, 2004 show):


“Our armor prophesies that we are headed for a conflict, and I believe we’re built for the battle; we’re created for the conflict.  The church is nothing unless it is salt and light in the society into which the Lord has infused us.  And we’re looking for revival—a true, genuine, CULTURE-SHAKING MOVE OF GOD where the MORAL CLIMATE of our cities is changed, and the effect is felt like shock waves throughout the entire nation.” (Rod Parsley – Center for Moral Clarity – Charisma Magazine:  “Christians Urged to Continue Activism”)


And, just in case you’re thinking of joining the crowd heading out of town—think twice—a picture is worth a thousand words: