Doug Krieger




Although some would declare Bible prophecy’s irrelevance and demise—yet they fail to realize the world is mesmerized by its allure and prescient message of pending doom and hope.  Disinterest is not an option—there’s too much going on in today’s world that demands answers.  Jesus’ virtual warning and admonition to “discern the times and the seasons” strikes its urgency upon the world’s hapless crowds – how will this thing end before it begins again? 


In the post-modern age of relativism where all things spiritual are being reduced to their least common denominator, and hence, to their absurd dilution of prophetic potency, has infected its virus upon us all and extinguished the virility of the prophetic message.  The thinking goes that we should all just get along if we’re believers—so that the world can see our love, etc. – throw conviction and disparity of the prophetic Scriptures out the window for it sows discord among the brethren. 


When this age of “prophetic reasonableness” concludes, we will be left with a residue of frightful compromise and discontent—for we’ve sown irrational ecumenism to the wind in the name of evangelical unity and we will have reaped the disquieting result of a Christianity whose “prophetic voice” has been silenced . . . offering little if any hope to a bewildered world aghast at what’s happening and why!


The PROPHETIC SEQUENCE is the anecdote—for it is in and of itself the power of the prophetic—“But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book until the time of the end. [Then] many shall run to and fro and search anxiously [through the Book], and knowledge [of God's purposes as revealed by His prophets] shall be increased and become great” (Daniel 12:4, Amplified Bible).


May you anxiously search the Scriptures to see if these things be so—and if so, ACT—for the TESTIMONY OF JESUS IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY—and that means you’ve got to stand up and step-it-up, for the time is near.



PART I      -    TRIDENT WARS—three major conflagrations are apocalyptically poised to wreak havoc upon the inhabitants of the earth—yet, interspersed throughout are revivals, awakenings, and eternal harvesting by the Lord of the Harvest.  Setting in motion earth’s final indiscretions will be:  The Oracle of Damascus; next, the Gog-Magog Conflagration; and finally, the Battle of Armageddon.  This first in a continuous series known as the PROPHETIC SEQUENCE provides an overview of prophetic highlights—seen as “peaks” on the Bible’s eschatology—into the Millennial Reign of the Messiah and the Eternal State.  Yet, we must focus in on these three concentric circles which surround Jerusalem and bring order to the chaos which awaits the planet!


PART II     -    DAMASCUS WILL CEASE FROM BEING A CITY—Zechariah 9 and Isaiah 17-18 seem altogether distant—yet they both speak of the Burden of Damascus yet future.  There is no superficial disconnect between Zechariah and Isaiah—only total prophetic collaboration.  Both speak of the destruction, defeat, and acquiescence of a future Syria, Lebanon, and even that of the Gaza and the Palestinian Authority!  Grief—how could Scriptures be so incredibly specific to see so accurately into the future?  Let us peer into the amazing insights of these ancient prophets who foretold of THE WAR that would ultimately conclude the Arab-Israeli conflict and usher in the COMPREHENSIVE PEACE AGREEMENT so longed for by the nations of the world.  And, for those who accuse us of “destructive prophetic hyperbole” that leads to self-fulfilling prophecy—take that up with the Almighty, we’re just quoting Him!


PART III     - “TILL THE END OF THE WAR”—The senseless and ceaseless Arab-Israeli Conflict is viewed as a six-part confrontation between antagonists . . . but it soon will terminate in a massive display of animosity and hatred in which its seventh and complete cataclysm will usher in an exhausted world and secular Zionist, both yearning for relief—even so, the elusive COMPREHENSIVE PEACE SETTLEMENT awaits us all. As of this writing the sixth episode in this, THE WAR, displays its outrage . . . yet its conclusion remains . . . this article brings secular observation and Biblical prophetic fact, face to face—this read will surprise you!


PART IV    -   ISRAEL’S WAR—Daniel 9:26b informs that Israel would endure desolations “till the end of THE WAR” – this article outlines the six major conflicts endured by Jacob since, what the Arabs entitle: The Catastrophe, 1948. From here the Sinai Campaign, the Six-Day War, the War of Attrition, the Yom Kippur War, the 1982 Lebanon War, and finally the sixth war, the current Syrophoenicia War between Israel and Hezbollah (2006). What awaits is the Seventh War—as if a Divine Hand had tolerated this awful waste; yet, its prediction in light of Iran-Syria-Israel-USA antagonisms portends the immediate futurity of this conclusive and imminent tragedy.         


PART V     -    AMERICA’S PATRIOTIC PROPHETSHiding America’s involvement in the end-time’s prophetic sequence of events are a host of what’s been tabbed: The American Patriotic Prophets. This article either gets you mad, sad or glad that you’re not a part of this stupidity that attempts to persuade you that “America is NOT in Bible Prophecy” – when, in point of glaring fact: THE USA IS SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF BIBLE PROPHECY! Read on, then weep—for the same Patriotic Prophets who brought you the good news of the pre-tribulation rapture—now bring you America’s divine destruction immediately following the Secret Rapture . . . who says you can’t be fooled twice!


PART VI    -   THREE WARS AND ONE PEACE TREATYHasidic Jews, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and one pot-full of Evangelicals in America have a lot in common.  For one—they are vehemently anti-Communist (especially, RUSSIAN communists) and both see Russia involved in the Gog-Magog War.  Bashing Russia fits the profile of the Patriotic Prophets well—but the target is off—very off! This article examines why the Oracle of Damascus, according to Hal Lindsey, must come AFTER the rapture of the Church and why Gog-Magog, according to Dave Hunt and his “Jerusalem, a cup of trembling,” is really the Battle of Armageddon and doesn’t occur until at the end of Daniel’s 70th Week. Well, just why are these prophetic nuances so important?  This article will bring this to life—and bring us all face to face with our prophetic destiny!


PART VII            -        HE WILL CONFIRM THE COVENANT—BUT WHO IS HE?—Those who deny the futurity of the Seventieth Week of Daniel’s prophecy and the Coming Prince, the Antichrist personified in the body of a man, yet undisclosed—look upon those who do affirm this prophetic posture as wholly deceived by Satan and headed toward utter destruction! One such critic on Israel’s future, and the Antichrist, is survivalist James Lloyd—who delights to renounce Dispensationalists in no uncertain terms; thence, he presents a clear target of rank doctrinal error, and we are more than obliged to “take him on” – for he claims we have committed “the unpardonable sin” – well, them’s fightin’ words, folks, big time!


PART VIII      -    THE PRINCE WHO IS TO COME – BUT WHO IS HE?Century’s speculation of the identity of the Man of Sin, the Willful King, the Son of Perdition, the Lawless One, runs rampant—in sum:  Who is the Antichrist?  This slithering imposter of Messiah shall present himself as the earth’s auspicious peace maker whose origins revolve around the title of The Coming Prince – or Roman Prince?  Hence, the incessant speculation of the Euro-Centric Antichrist:  Prince of Wales, King Juan Carlos I, or a beast from the sea of common man like Mussolini or Hitler.  Who is this Knight in Shining Amour set to strut his stuff upon the world’s scene—and, could he be found in the mixed multitude of Europe’s extension:  The USA?


PART IX    -   THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT – NOT A DIVERSION President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Pope Benedict XVI this past week (September 17-23, 2006) wound up on the opposite ends of “the devil made me do it” – Chavez by calling President Bush at the UN annual gathering of heads of state the “devil” and Pope Benedict XVI quoting from a 14th Century Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologus, who decried Islam as a violent religion:  “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”  These two horrific outbursts only heighten the “War of Civilizations” taking place on the map—and, likewise, President Bush’s onslaughts on pressing upon the Middle East his version of democracy, much to the chagrin of Iran’s President Ahmadinejad—both of whom made this week’s follies at the UN a real display of world disintegration!


PART X     -    BY PEACE HE SHALL DESTROY MANYAh! Blessed are the peace makers—even so, when will our fearless leader oblige the nations until there is the much-vaunted COMPREHENSIVE PEACE SEATTLEMENT long-promised to the nations of the Middle East? Could it possibly be that “by peace he shall destroy many?” What an oxymoronic concept: DESTRUCTIVE PEACE! Even so—is that not what is happening? This article points an accusatory finger at the Man of Peace—the ANTICHRIST; and, likewise, rejects the insipid doctrines of Protestants who surmise that Antichrist is but a spirit abiding in the Roman Catholic Church. The denial that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (a fete the early Gnostics disbursed) was denounced as ANTICHRIST! Even so, there are many antichrists that are “gone out into the world” – and there is also what the Apostle John called “the spirit of antichrist.” But, don’t be so naïve—THE Antichrist lurks beneath and abounds in the “spirit of antichrist” that has gone out into the world!


PART XI          -  EARLY CHURCH FATHERS, OUR PROPHETIC LEGACYThe “Prophetic Sequence” is NOT based upon spurious history—no, we base our “findings” upon the foundations of the “Early Church Fathers” – whereas others “among us” have little respect, nor inclination to investigate the origins of apocalyptic drama in the Latter Days. Their outrageous prognostications are an embarrassment to clear-thinking Christians who know that to claim there is little relevance in the writings of “The Fathers” only belies their contempt for our founders and betrays the continuity of the faith once delivered! This writer is pleased to quote Polycarp, Irenaeus, Justin Martyr, and Hippolytus in this pursuit of eschatological excellence—while exposing the absurdities of modern-day proponents who claim historical credibility, only to be exposed for their shallow and agenda-driven interpretations of true historical fact! No—the Antichrist, the future Seventieth Week of Daniel, the Abomination of Desolation, the future Treaty with Hell and Death, the revival of Roman Empire and its “Western Leadership” – the Antichrist – are all recorded by the Fathers—you do well to take heed to their remarkable consistencies, including the future manifestation of a literal 1,000-year millennium!


PART XII   -   THEO-NEO-PALEO CONS…I SAW A WOMAN MOUNTED ON A SCARLET-COLORED BEAST—The 2006 election approaches—and will have concluded by your reading—all the while the SEVENTH KING of John’s Revelation inexorably lunges forth to the top of the hill to be the American Exceptionalism foreseen by preacher and politico. Theocons and their allies have little eschatological grasp of what they are about—all “in the name of God” and worse yet, in the Name of the Judeo-Christian-Evangelical-Catholic God! The “Woman Mounts the Beast”—and in so doing seeks the political wherewithal to orchestrate her theodicy—all the while the Beast upon whom she sits declares his noble and global intensions in the pursuit of his mercantile empire. Alas! Moral justification for the SEVENTH KING has always been sought—its culmination and eventual identification with the Beast himself, the EIGHTH (who is of the SEVENTH)—but will no longer be permitted, for he will turn on her, devour her and burn her with fire!


PART XIII     -    FULL NUCLEARIZATION – ISRAEL WILL DISAPPEAR!—Go figure—the Democrats are viewed by radical Islam as the voice of sanity and retreat from their sacred lands.  So, the first thing they (the Dems.) do is shoot Nancy Pelosi’s top anti-war critic, John Murtha.  Now, that makes a lot of sense.  Everyone puts on the smiley face and acts like nothing happened but “love and oneness.”  Meanwhile Pat Robertson proposes Northern Iraq be merged with Syria, forming Assyria (getting ready for Isaiah’s prophecy about a highway extending from Assyria to Egypt through Israel).  Then there’s mega-purpose-driven Rick Warren paying obeisance to the Grand Mufti of Damascus and turning into a Propaganda Prophet for Syria.  Man, can somebody save us from ourselves before President Ahmadinejad “disappears” Israel; all the while the USA, now amassing a monster flotilla in the Persian Gulf, blows the modern-day Haman off the map bringing in the 12th Imam and the Islamic Messiah!  Oh, yes, this has been quite a month . . . and it’s only beginning.


PART XIV   - THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECYThe TESTIMONY OF JESUS is about to be empowered through the TWO WITNESSES—Israel and the Church—at the close of the age.  This is the “spirit of prophecy” – this is the undying love of God displayed through those who are committed to this testimony.  This is a theological address primarily for Christians—Christians and the seed of Abraham, the Jews . . . it is a call to revolutionary eschatology whose time will arrive because the irrepressible perseverance of the Almighty to face off with that Great City. . . but first He must call forth His witnesses in this universal courtroom drama . . . TWO WOMEN – TWO WITNESSES – this is a must read!


PART XV          - AMERICA THE BABYLONMystery Babylon of the Apocalypse is America the Beautiful—that’s what Richard Coombes in his book, America, the Babylon asserts. This bald-faced endeavor to expose the real Babylon of the last days has absolutely nothing to do with Charles H. Dyer’s Saddam’s Babylon, nor of Mark Hitchcock’s Euro-centric Antichrist. Neither Dyer nor Hitchcock affirms any credibility to the prospect of America as the real Mystery Babylon of the last days—but Coombes nails this “Mother of the Harlots!” It’s time the Prophetic Prophets faced up to the fact that the American Experiment was founded—not by a bunch of Puritans and Pilgrims but by sophisticated pagans—pagans who incorporated scores of ancient Babylonian symbols and architecture into America’s fabric and throughout her nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.


PART XVI     -    CALLING FORTH THE REMNANT – BY WAY OF THE CROSSCalling Forth the Remnant – By Way of the Cross by Stella Paterson is a must read for us smart, wealthy Laodicean, modern type Christians!  Stella calls us back to our roots to discover the mess we have gotten into.  If you were to ask any Biblically literate person, what is the main characteristic of the “last days” church, the academic answer is easy: “apostasy.”  But when we consider the fact that we may be describing ourselves, we may reconsider.  Woops?  That just couldn't be.

Read this book and you will see how far we have fallen (and apostasy means ‘falling away’).  I quote Stella, “No minister makes the decision to be a false teacher.  But he is a false teacher if he relies on his own flesh and traditions handed down by others rather than seeking the face of God.”  This book helps us examine our false conceptions, traditions, the role of the clergy, our “sanctuaries,” and programs.  God is calling forth a remnant and as Stella points out, a period of complacency and carelessness is historically followed by persecution.  The tribulation of the saints will sift out that remnant which will stand as a glorious testimony in spite of (and because of) the persecution.  Our choices will be limited: to be a part of the problem or the solution, the persecutors or the persecuted. 

Only the Holy Spirit can give us the spirit of revelation; so our prayer is that God will use this book to open our spiritual eyes.


PART XVII    -    THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION – A STUDY OF THE ANTICHRIST-BEAST, FALSE PROPHET-SECOND BEAST, AND THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST (A THEOLOGICAL DISCOURSE)—The Prophetic Sequence takes an ignoble turn – the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION . . . the apex of the Desolator!  Not only the when and where of this most horrific dislocation is disclosed, but its implications upon Antichrist who is confirmed now to be the Beast – and the appearance of his counterpart, the Second Beast, False Prophet.  This is a theological discourse that commences with the antithesis of the “mystery of iniquity” – the “mystery of godliness.”  The tome transverses the murky waters of Christianity in discovering sundry views of the Antichrist-Beast, False Prophet-Second Beast, and the Image and Mark of the Beast – primarily among the Seventh-Day Adventists, Historicists, and British Israelism, as well as “traditional pre-millenarian – pretribulationists.”


PART XVIII   -   THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION – A STUDY OF THE ANTICHRIST-BEAST, FALSE PROPHET-SECOND BEAST, AND THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST (A THEOLOGICAL DISCOURSE)—We’re on a journey through Christendom, visiting impressions made by well-meaning brethren regarding the Abomination of Desolation.  Tony Warren’s Replacement Theology version; Harold Camping’s Amillenarian Abomination of Desolation standing in every church, every temple; David A. Reed’s lambastes against the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventists; the Anglo-Israelism of Wayne Blank, along with Herbert W. Armstrong’s conjectures; Pastor Daniel of Thunder Ministries and his not so subtle Abomination of Desolation:  YOU!; Catholic Impressions of the Abomination; Tommy Spurgeon’s Islamic Abomination of Desolation; and, finally, Barbara Aho’s convolutions regarding the Abomination of Desolation.  Yes, this is quite a trip—welcome aboard—this should be interesting.


PART XIX     -    THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION – A STUDY OF THE ANTICHRIST-BEAST, FALSE PROPHET-SECOND BEAST, AND THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST (A THEOLOGICAL DISCOURSE) Contrasting the Desolator’s Will with the Divine Will, the Image of the Beast with the Image of Christ, the Desecration of the Sanctuary with the Infilling of the Spirit of Christ, the Son of Perdition with the Son of Man—is the only way we can grasp the final desolation:  The Abomination of Desolation and its empowerment through the “ministry” of the Second Beast who shall create the antithesis of the Image of Christ:  The Image of the Beast.  The Mark of the Beast will possess all those given over to the Worship of the Beast—but, Alas!  They themselves shall find ultimate worship of the Image of the Beast their most cherished delight . . . this is the climax of evil—the ultimate manifestation of the incarnation of Satan into humanity, without restraint, without law—wholly given over to sin and unrighteousness.


PART XX      -    MANIFEST DESTINY OF PURITANTS AND PILGRIMS-- Rare it is, but from time to time, a synthesis of American history jolts the scene, causing us all to rethink what happened at our commencement of Pilgrims and Puritans and how that impacts on our current involvement in Church-State affairs.  Well, that jolt takes place as you read, not only excerpts from Dr. Gavin Finley’s two chapters included in this section of the Prophetic Sequence, but his entire 17-part series on what Pilgrims and Puritans were and are really all about.  How this plays out in the crucible of the 70th Week of Daniel is altogether poignant.  Dr. Finley’s prescient insights are truly profound and unmistakably different from the aspects of history as taught in our public schools, and, for that matter, our post-secondary institutions as well.  We heartily recommend this read.


PART XXI              -     THE KING OF TYREThe Prophetic Sequence has taken us into the final half of Daniel’s 70th Week – the Abomination of Desolation and the Reign of the Beast is in full swing; hence, the Mark of the Beast and its commercial enterprise holds sway—for without the Mark one cannot buy nor sell.  This segment rehearses the economic oppression wrought by the Second Beast and the imposition of the Mark; specifically, America’s ascendancy intends to sustain its hegemony – make no mistake about it.


PART XXII    -    CAN THESE BONES LIVE?Israel’s materiality is perhaps the most potent expression of Biblical prophetic literalism on earth . . . and that’s what infuriates people like Hang Hanegraaff and other Replacement Theologians who view her as a fluke of history and/or an apostate sliver of land on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean; and, worse yet, the greatest distraction of American evangelical Christianity, let alone that which leads to a racist American foreign policy that generates endless confrontation with the Moslem World.  Can These Bones Live?  Israel’s apocalyptic future demonstrates the Almighty’s persistence and tangibility of purpose on this earth—this is a mandatory read.


PART XXIII    -  THE LAST DAYS OF RICK WARREN, TIM LaHAYE, AND HANK HANEGRAAFF—Rick Warren, Tim LaHaye and Hank Hanegraaff, aside from being wealthy American evangelicals, don’t really have all that much in common—especially, when it comes to Bible prophecy.  Food fights disinterest most—if not all evangelical Christians, slugging it out as they do, in the eschatological trenches, firing off salvos of prophetical tirades across this fruited plain. A couple of direct hits have recently been made by Hank Hanegraaff on what’s left of Tim LaHaye’s prophetic behind after Hank sent The Apocalypse Code slamming into fortress LaHaye’s Pre-Trib bunker.  No matter, Rick Warren, after returning from his CFR mission to Syria—knowing that Bible prophecy is at best a “distraction of the devil” and at worst, those involved will “have to die” in order for his “Purpose-Driven Church” to evangelize the earth, thereby bringing Jesus’ return—comforts us all to know that Syrian President Bashir Assad really is a nice man, treating Christians, in particular, with kindness and respect.  Discerning the “times and the seasons” has become an art form when it comes to these guys—it’d be humor to laugh your head off when you discover what these noble souls affirm, once you discover their intricate Weltanschauungs; but it’s not, for this food fight should alarm us all—in the Prophetic Sequence! 


PART XXIV    -  TIMING IS EVERYTHING Clarence Larkin—THE GREATEST BOOK ON DISPENSATIONAL TRUTH—and I bet you never knew that!  Well, I bet you never heard of Lucas Cranach the Elder either.  Both these engineers/artists were extremely influential in relaying Biblical truths, especially about the book of Revelation, in their times.  Cranach with Luther and his woodcuts which revolutionized the German language—making German-speaking people desirous to read what they were seeing in these highly suggestive woodcuts of Cranach on the Revelation, and the elaborate engineer-style drawings of Larkin who popularized the Dispensational teachings of his era, along with C. I. Scofield who popularized the dispensationalists’ teaching using his elaborate notes on the Scripture right in the Bible itself.  Well, although our charts on Bible prophecy are a little rough—we, nevertheless, wrap up our 25-part series with this ambition:  To enlighten a generation on the present prophetic tsunami ready to descend upon the world!


PART XXVTHE PROPHETIC SEQUENCE IN GRAPHIC FORM – This concludes the Prophetic Sequence and was a PowerPoint Presentation given to an outdoor audience at a private home in Northern California.  The graphics are sequenced for greater clarity and understanding of our understanding of the divine time table as presented throughout the Scriptures.