Recognizing Deception
Apostasy Deception Apostasy
   Can you be Deceived ?


Recognizing Deception

Dene McGriff

Table Of Contents


  Characteristics of the Last Days
  The Nature of Deception
Chapter 1 - How Christians Will Be Deceived
  The Rapture Issue
  Is America In Prophecy?
  Who is The Antichrist?
  An Example of Deception
  Where is the Testimony of Jesus Today?
  Concluding Comments on Deception
Chapter 2 - Losing Our First Love
  You will be deceived if you lose your first love!
Chapter 3 - The Church of Deception
  It is not up to us to judge
  God does not see the Church as man does
  The Church in Ephesus – The Loveless Church
  The Church in Smyrna – The Persecuted Church
  The Church in Pergamos – The Compromising Church
  The Church in Thyatira – The Corrupt Church
  The Church in Sardis – The Dead Church
  The Church in Philadelphia – The Faithful Church
  The Church in Laodicea – The Lukewarm Church
Chapter 4 - Deception Made Easy!
  Group Think
  Deception Works!
  The Ease of Deception
Chapter 5 - The Death of the American Dream and The Deceitfulness of Riches
  Myth #1:  America is and always will be the dominant economic power on earth.
  Myth #2:  America gets rich by innovating and consuming.
  Myth #3:  We are told that recessions are bad and that the Federal Reserve has the tools to prevent it.
  Myth #4:  We have been told that rising prices are caused by inflation.
  Myth #5:  Government statistics tell us the fundamentals are fine – low unemployment, increasing productivity. GDP growth, low inflation, etc.
  Myth #6:  Trade deficits don’t matter. 
  Myth #7:  The economy will always grow and the American economy is powerful and resilient.  House prices always go up.  We now have the ability to mold our future through the genius of the Federal Reserve.
  Myth #8:  Debt doesn’t matter.  Our economy is resilient and it is low in terms of percent of GDP. 
  Concluding Comments
Chapter 6 - Can We Avoid Economic Meltdown?
  The Bear Stearns Bandits
  The Japanese Economic Collapse
  Economic Cycles
  The Fed's Manipulation - The Debts Persist
Shame on the Merchants of the Earth!
  A Train Wreck is Unavoidable
Chapter 7 - The Devil is in the Derivatives …he lurks in “shadow banking!”
  What is going on here?
  So what is the problem?
  What is a Derivative?
  Who Owns the Federal Reserve?
  Why Shadow Banking is Important
  Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
  The Domino Effect
Chapter 8 - The Economic Crash has Begun
  Debt Crisis
  Money Crisis
  Half of All Banks in The U.S. Ready to Collapse
  What does this mean to us
Chapter 9 - Bailout or Heist of the Century? What Will Be the Consequences?
  Mousing Home Sales
  Why Bail-outs
  Unintended Consequences
Chapter 10- After the Bailout …a happy landing?
  The Fed’s Personal Bailout…
  An American Family in Deep Trouble…
  Two Economic Schools -
  After the Bailout and Beyond
  The Piper Must be Paid!
  It’s Time for Another War!


In the “last days” the greatest deception ever perpetrated on mankind will beguile mankind, including Christians. One great nation, headed by the antichrist, will subdue the nations of the earth and dominate the world. People will think him the Savior, the man with the answer to the world’s complex problems, and the great peacemaker in an exceedingly dangerous world cowed by the specter of terrorism and economic collapse.  He will do the unthinkable and make a pact with Israel to make peace in the Middle East.  One man, who claims to be a Christian and appears to be a wonderful person and great leader, comes to power with the backing of the Church only to later turn on the church and Israel in the worst persecution the world has ever seen. Although seen by Daniel 2,600 years ago, and the Apostle John nearly 2,000 years ago, this could very well happen in our lifetime.

The Bible speaks of a period of deception, and tribulation that is without precedent. What will it mean practically? If the Bible is correct (and I believe it is), it will get to the point where you will not be able to buy or sell anything. You won’t have access to food, clothing, housing, health care, schools - nothing! If you are not a Christian (and by that I mean you don’t have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and haven’t been reborn in your human spirit), you will probably be so caught up in the deception that one day.  When you are given a choice that will enable you to continue to buy and sell and live a half way normal life, you will agree to take a mark and worship the antichrist. This will determine your eternal destiny. Most will be deceived!  Most will take the path of least resistance.  You will be deceived if…

·        If you are a Christian that has made himself at home in this world.

·        If you don’t grasp your true citizenship, you will become a part of the system without realizing it.

·        If you live in the wisdom of this world.

·        If you live and act as if you are a citizen of this world rather than a heavenly eternal kingdom.

·        If you try to straddle the fence and have the best of both worlds. What you love most will win out in the end: Jesus or the things of the world.

·        If you love the approval of this world, and are afraid to go against the tide.

·        If you love your life more than God.

·        If you love your family and friends more.

·        If you don’t love the truth as revealed in God’s Word.  As the country singer sings, “you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

·        If you aren’t clearly standing for what God stands for.

·        If you have given in to the “broad way” of thinking without questioning.

If you are a true “Christian” and not part of the apostate (fallen) “Church”, you will be persecuted by your “Christian” friends and family - people you loved and trusted--because of your contrary stand.  If you are an overcoming Christian, you will suffer the loss of all things, including the rejection of those closest to you. You will be delivered up and put to death (again, these are not my words, but right out of the Gospels).  This is a small price to pay for the privilege of seeing our Lord return and to be able to rule and reign with him throughout all eternity.

Revelation speaks of “witness”, “witnesses” and “testimony”.  The root in Greek for all of these words is “martyr”!  Revelation 12:11 tells us that “we overcome by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony, loving not our lives unto death.”  Only those willing to die for their faith will escape the great deception.  This is as it has been down through history but even more so in the end of days.

Our assumption in writing this book is that many who read it will be those who want to stand for what God stands for, are aware of the inevitability of deception, because they know the Scripture tells us that this deception is so good that it can deceive even the very elect (by the way, Matthew 24:22 – and the phrase “if it were possible” found in some translations is not in the original Greek text). They want to know how to recognize it. They know prophecy was written for a reason - not just for academic interest. It was written to warn us about what is to come so we will not be deceived.

The purpose of this book is to equip the believer to recognize deception and to expose the extent of deception that is already at work.  There is deception in the media, the entertainment world, the news, schools, government and even church.  Only those who recognize and obey His still small voice will overcome. Only those with the eyes of the “Spirit of God” will see the true picture.  Only those who “have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches” will overcome.  Only those who are willing to suffer the loss of all things will overcome. Only those who are built up with others in a vital “Body Life” will overcome. This is not the time to stand alone. We need one another.

Don’t depend on others to interpret the Bible for you (not even us.) Let God’s Word speak to you personally. Your only hope for avoiding deception is to know the Lord, know his Word and be closely knit with other saints.  The stakes are high. The reward is great, so hang in there!