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Apostasy and Deception

Exposing the Apostasy running rampant
in today's churches


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  4-26-10 A Dangerous Silence
  4-23-10 Some fantastic heretics I have known
  4-22-10 The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism
  4-8-10 The Vatican's troubles are spiritual
  3-30-10 Christian Leaders Remain Silent on Warning of Apostasy in the Church
  8-26-08 BAM! BAM! - YOU'RE DEAD!
  8-18-08 The END TIMES of Todd Bently
  8-2-08 "Prattlers" at USC Confronted by the Alnor Express
  7-5-08 The Apostate Church - by Paul Proctor Part 3: Redefining Evangelism
  6-10-08 The Apostate Church - by Paul Proctor Part 2: When Jesus is not enough
  5-29-08 Eschatology Behind This New Move Of God
  5-26-08 The Apostate Church - by Paul Proctor Part 1: A Sensory Circus
  4-20-08 The Greatest Deception of our Time
  3-16-08 Civilizations under control - High tech style
  3-11-08 Uncivil War
  3-2-08 Rethinking McManus, Schuller & McLaren
  2-6-08 Imagine harmony and perfect love . . .
  1-31-08 Secular Jews on the Wane in Israel
  12-28-07 `Gospel of wealth' facing scrutiny
  12-9-07 Polymorphic Christianity
  11-17-07 Spiritual Pyromaniacs
  10-1-07 Heresy by Proxy

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