By Doug Krieger


1Better to stop off at the United Nations prior to the topic at hand.  It appears we’ve embarked upon a most difficult time in modern history – wherein the world’s only super power’s role as supreme negotiator in all things of peaceful consequence has now been pre-empted, according to the New York Times, by our own political machinations.  Thus was President Barak Obama upstaged by the same nation which provided us cover during our departure from that British Isle who gave us initial birth.

“Today, the UN General Assembly hosted the speech of two of the most important world leaders, US President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Despite the fact that President Obama's speech lasted three times longer than his French counterpart, Sarkozy's speech was more sensible, and indirectly challenged the words uttered by Obama.” (Sarkozy upstages President Obama at the UN, Aimee Kligman, Foreign Policy Examiner, September 21, 2011)

Israel’s peculiar persistence in these Latter Days continues to provide diplomatic grist for Gentile World Powers and has, of late, become a cup of trembling to these United States, especially its President – whose predilection for “standing by Israel” is hardly viewed as a genuine expression of democratic sincerity to an otherwise noble ally.  What the Jewish vote did for Republican Turner in Queens and Brooklyn, it did not do for President Obama.  That shot fired ‘round the world ricocheted at the United Nations doing further damage to Obama’s non-policy in the Middle East’s caldron of perpetual animosity.

If you for one New York minute (pun intended) think the “status quo” in the world forum abides business as usual – you can stop right there.  This Arab Spring has been a rough take on the New World Order.  It’s anyone’s guess where this thing is going – but one thing’s certain:  It’s not moving in Israel’s direction – but this directs us to another more cosmic happening which lands us above this terrestrial ball . . . so keeping our eye on the prize . . . . this somehow leads us to:


We at the Tribulation Network are pleased to announce that all 30 Videos in our special series on the Purposes of God have now been posted (See Index) – the last set (Video #30) is in four parts and is a special study on the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.

What is of major import relative to these numeric discoveries is the Divine Geometer of the Universe and His carefully orchestrated and altogether precise use of the Sacred Cubit (25.20”) which was so assiduously preserved by the British and codified within the King James Version of the Scriptures under the brilliant leadership of Queen Elizabeth I who gave birth to both the Church of England and ultimately upon her passing the research and publication under King James of the Scriptures’ Edition which bears his name.

2The “Sacred Geometry” craze now popularized by such authors as Richard Heath – “Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization” – Robert Lawlor – “Sacred Geometry:  Its Philosophy and Practice and Voices of the First Day” – but in particular, the writings of the late John Michell – “The Dimensions of Paradise:  Sacred Geometry, Ancient Science, and the Heavenly Order on Earth” – have alerted a much wider audience to the topic – however, most of these writers, scientists and academicians have, in the main, a more Gnostic, Occult and/or a purely historical and/or novel understanding and presentation of the subject…whereas, and tragically, the Church has historically observed delving into these “realms” but dabbling in the murky waters of deviant forms of paganism, at best, scholasticism void of any divine revelation or at best a casual reference to the anomalous style of a dispensationalist of Church of England vintage, E. W. Bullinger.

However, John Michell has achieved a milestone in amassing a convincing series of arguments dealing with mathematics (number), astronomy, music, form (pure geometry) and social philosophy (1988-2001 – 1st/2nd editions) – while integrating their fundamental conventions and essential connections to the dimensions of paradise – i.e., to that of the measurements so outlined in the Bible’s New Jerusalem by John, the Apostle.

It is difficult – given the overabundance of the Sacred Scriptures and their proclivity to pattern and ipso facto to NUMBER – to imagine that we, ardent believers of the supernatural faith once delivered, would consign our observations to those fascinated in the Zodiac and crop circles!

Our congratulations to the recent interest in “our topic” by writer David Flynn and those believers obliged to think soberly outside the box.  Mitchell was right, however, when he observed Plato’s insights into Pythagoras’ codification of music via his research in both Egypt and Babylon regarding “the wane of theocratic rule in the ancient world and the rise of democracy . . . the sanctions by which the canon was formerly upheld (had been removed), and its downfall was later made complete by Christianity’s opposition to the study of pagan science” (P. 9 – Dimensions of Paradise, Mitchell).

Again, Mitchell in nigh prophetic exchange affirms that “in the present time, when the pleasures of democracy are becoming strongly diluted by anxieties about its future, it is natural to be curious about the nature of that canon of proportion to which Plato attributed the long life of ancient civilizations . . . he (Plato) implies that it was no mere product of human opinion but a true reflection of the cosmos, discovered or revealed from nature in the distant past and effective in all ages as a permanent standard of reference.” (Ibid. p. 10)

It is this declaration which Plato and Mitchell’s synthesis thereof lends itself to the “God of Revelation and Authority” and makes, most probable, that these primordial assertions made not only by Plato, but Aristoxenos, Pythagoras, Eratosthenes, Epiphanius, Hesychius, Aristotle, and a host of other philosophers, mathematicians, natural scientists and academicians adroit in a multitude of disciplines, genuine assessments of divine intervention into the affairs of humankind.  These philosophers were more than tangentially aware of the Divine Geometer’s imprint upon these matters and were willing not only to say so but emphatically declare His imprimatur upon this universe from atom to the celestial expanse – though, in the main, their salvific understanding was occluded by time and space.

For we who embrace the Text to which someone like Mitchell ascribes such authentic accolade and not confirm, deny, clarify or expand upon his assumptions and/or possible obfuscations would be tantamount to its own form of intellectual fraud and would bequeath scant defense from the resurgent “Age of Aquarians” who’ve – up to this time – been given free reign over our own backyard to interpret and critique at will.  Now, given our Christian tradition (less on the Jewish side) to treat these numerical and harmonic gyrations as but pure fluff (signifying little or nothing) and at worse, their pagan entanglement and endless distraction, is it not honorable to discontinue our intimidation and indifference and plunge into the fray knowing that it is our pristine cause which is at stake and our undiluted presentation of its perfect configuration? 

3The “victory over paganism” is not the absence of discovery.  Discarding Gnostic gobbledygook is one thing – delving into the richness of revelatory inheritance is another.  It is time for solid theological inquiry to champion the numeric significance of the Scriptures and how they reveal and confirm the Almighty’s intentions – intentions which are NOT designed for the immortal soul’s efforts at justice and wisdom to receive its eternal reward through Plato’s doctrine of “metempsychosis” (i.e., reincarnation).

The intervention of Christ into the Divine Schematic – if you would – eliminates, through His “progression, person and work” – the “daughters of Necessity” and their swirling efforts propelling the soul to the outer circle of the universe as they turn “the rings of the spindle” enabling that soul to one day “shine as the stars forever and ever.”

To the contrary, through Messiah’s deliverance – we Jews and Christians thusly affirm – can the soul be enabled to “reach for the stars” – yea, to “shine like the brightness of the firmament…like the stars forever and ever” (Daniel 12:3).


Again, I find it remarkable that for whatever reason – though it is most difficult to assess otherwise – whether it was intentional or by his own “intelligent design” – how John Mitchell circumvented the 25.20” (i.e., 252 or 2502) of the Sacred Cubit (given his academic training among the British).  Its preponderance – both within Scripture and its repeated confirmation in the world’s most measured artifact of antiquity (viz., the Great Pyramid at Giza) – not only would have substantiated large segments of Mitchell’s numerations but would have given much greater credibility to many of his conclusions in culture, science, astronomy, mathematics, music, philosophy, etc.  . . . this is to say nothing of the validation of his prime object:  The New Jerusalem.

It may be Mitchell’s immediate departure of the prime measurement of the New Jerusalem from whence his deviation is so derived.  The measurement is given as:

“The city is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth.  And he measured the city with the reed:  twelve thousand furlongs.  Its length, breadth, and height are equal.  Then he measured its wall:  one hundred and forty-four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel” (Revelation 21:16-17).

Perhaps his explanation of St. John’s description reveals his void of understanding the marvelous extrapolations derived from the text; to wit:

“Evidently the New Jerusalem took the form of a cube with each of its twelve sides measuring 12,000 furlongs, each of its six faces 144 million square furlongs, and with a volume of 1,728 x 109 cubic furlongs.  Somehow associated with it is a wall of 144 cubits.  However the foot is defined, a furlong is 660 feet and a cubit is 1 ½ feet, so the two measures are on different scales . . . In contrast to the metric system, the New Jerusalem is not a human manufacture, and the units of measure that pertain to its dimensions are properly called sacred because they derive from eternal standards in number and nature.” (Ibid. pp. 21-22).

I find his remarks nigh incongruous – while giving reverence to the sacred nature of the Text, he simultaneously occludes the measurement of the Sacred Cubit’s dimensions of 25.20” measuring it to the inane distance of 18” (though “18” holds dynamically intrinsic worth but most definitely not as the Sacred Cubit). 

Secondly, he appears clueless as to the merit of the 144 cubit wall of the New Jerusalem (but does defend within his deliberations the stupidity of some to assign it a height; and does attribute the skullduggery of “scientific atheism” and their efforts to make these dimensions ring true to some stupefying use of metrics!).  Notwithstanding, it is evident that Mitchell sees little evidence of the Scriptures glaring production of the Two Witnesses of the Revelation as Israel and the Church and the duplicative use of the 144,000 in Revelation 7 and 14 substantiating the same .  Though, he is absolutely convinced of the 12, 7, 144 and other numeric endeavors of the Sacred Text which surround the dimensions of Paradise (i.e., the New Jerusalem).

Thirdly, Mitchell, by obfuscating (and I hesitate to use such strong language here because its tone appears purposeful) the dimensions of the Sacred Cubit throughout his text – and claiming its “obvious” measurement of 18” (having to do with some king’s forearm and not the divinely calculated 25.20” tied to time and space) sends us off on many a wild goose chase – as if skirting the parameters of paradise while missing its significance altogether!


4Alone – the 25.20” impacts upon the 144 via 144 x 25.20” = 3628.8 / 12 (as in 12x12=144) = 302.4 the fractal of 3024 (the perimeter in feet of the Great Pyramid of Giza) and from whence we derive:  3024’ x 12” = 36,288” / 25.20 = 1,440 or the 144 of the New Jerusalem. 

This all the more intrigues when Mitchell consolidates the 12,000 furlongs as “12” and multiplies its correct 660’ by 12 = 7,920’ or 4 x 7,920 = 31,680’ (4 square).  Here, the earth’s diameter (7,920’) is used as the distance of one side of its square around the earth x 4 = 31,680’ x 3 = 95,040 or the fractal of the earth’s distance from the sun at apogee at 95,040,000 miles (yes, I’m being a bit liberal in using “3” here in this manner to give Mitchell some legitimacy in his calculations).

If, however, Mitchell would have simply used the actual measurements of the 12,000 furlongs it would have given him the precise dimensions of the New Jerusalem as per:

660’ x 12,000 Furlongs = 7,920,000’ / 5,280’ (one mile) = 1,500 miles x 18 (edges of a cube) = 18,000 miles x 5,280’ = 95,040,000’ or the fractal of 95,040,000 miles – again, the furthest (apogee) distance from the earth to the sun or 7,920,000’ (one side of the New Jerusalem) x 12” = 95,040,000”.

What is astonishing to me whose knowledge of the Platonic universe is obviously deficient under any comparison to Mitchell’s is his synthesis of Greek musical theory taken from “the music of the Heavenly Wheels” and the series of “whorls” which turn upon a spindle described by Plato at the very end of the Republic in the “Journey of Er” of Pamphylia.

Here, the transmutation of the soul is detailed via a “coherent scheme of music and astronomy.”  Mitchell explains:

“Each of the whorls contained a planet, carried around with the circular motion of the whorl, and on each planet was perched a siren, singing her particular note.  If the planets fitted the whorls containing them so that the diameter of the planet was the same as the width of its whorl, each planet would be tangent to its neighbor whenever they passed each other in orbit, which is how the earth and the moon are placed in the New Jerusalem diagram.  The diameters of the planets can be seen as corresponding to the strings of a lyre, in which case the note sung by a siren would be in accordance with the length of a diameter of the planet she rode upon.” (Ibid. p. 165).

I realize this may sound obscure and beyond mysterious to most – however, as you delve into its intricacies, it not only makes profound sense, it so titillates the mind that one is driven to its mesmerizing conclusions – music theory, astronomy, mathematics are mutually inter-related and substantiated via the numeric dimensions of the New Jerusalem!

That said, and as duly noted by Mitchell, Greek musical theory was “founded on the so-called ‘musical proportion’ 6:8::9:12 which Pythagoras reputedly brought home from Babylon.” (Ibid. P. 166)

5Mitchell then proceeds to define these numbers as proportions of the “eight rings or planetary whorls surrounding the shaft” of the aforementioned spindle—the shaft itself being in harmony with the whorls it turns. 

Furthermore, 25,200’ x 12” = 302,400”.  The 302,400” admonishes its fractal of 3024’ which is the perimeter of the Great Pyramid.  This discovery is all told in the backdrop of the Journey of Er…hard to follow but it does make ultimate sense. 

This New Jerusalem diagram fits neatly into the plan of the “heavenly whorls as revealed to Er” in Plato’s Republic, ‘in the order given by Plato and proportioned in accordance with’ the values of the musical sequence, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, 27, and 36 = 140 + 4 = 144, as here illustrated.  It is most astonishing that Plato’s original “harmonic theme” brought forward the central figure (144) of the New Jerusalem as if it were predestined to inaugurate the melodic harmonies within the universe.

A “musical sequence” is, if you would, played out wherein the proportions total 140 + 4 = 144 with the octave 6:12 made up of a fourth (6:8), a tone (8:9), and a fourth (9:12).  Now, with the division of the octave, the two octaves and a fifth making the canonical range of the human voice are thereby represented in these eight numbers.  The musical sequence, so given, is then placed in proportions to the planetary system wherein the two inner circles around the hub are the same as those of the earth and the moon circles in the New Jerusalem (i.e., 5040 or 3,240 + 2,160 – please see Video #10).  Each of the numbers (beginning from the center outward to the perimeter of the circle/whorls) within the musical sequence is multiplied by 180 as in 4 x 180 = 720; 18 x 180 = 3,240 (Note:  by the #4 in the center of the whorls/spindle) outward to its perimeter (the universe/stars) etc. as in 2,160 (moon’s diameter), 4,860, 1,620, 4,320, 1,440, 1,080, 6,480 (with the final 6,480, as in them all, 180 x 36 = 6,480).

The grand total width of these eight whorls (when each are multiplied by 180) together is 25,200; and, the radius of the circle containing them all (i.e., its shaft which is 4 x 180) = 720 or 25,200 + 720 = 25,920.  So if we omit the shaft around which the whorls rotate we have 25,200.  Mitchell then concludes, with this “shaft omission,” that the AREA of the 25,200 (feet) can be achieved by multiplying “two important symbolic numbers”– or 31,680 x 666 = 21,098,880 x 12 = 25.32 – i.e., A = π x r2 (Area of a Circle is equal to 3.14181818 x its radius squared or 25,920 x 25,920 = 671,846,400 x 3.142857 = 2,111,517,161.1648 (x 12 = 25.338 close enough for government work or 25.32) minus 1,629,257.0688 (the shaft area of 720) = 20,952,246 x 12 = 25.14.

What disturbs, however – and starring Mitchell right in the academic face – is 25,200!  Here we have the 25.20 blatantly occupying center state to harmonize the universe without so much as a bland acknowledgement of the obvious.  I am all the more befuddled when I take the mean between 25.14 (without the 720) and the 25.32 (of the 25,920 with the 720) and discover the following:  25.14 + 25.32 = 50.46 / 2 = 25.23 (rounding down to the nearest tenth – i.e., 25.1 + 25.3 = 50.4 / 2 = 25.2) … giving us, once again, the measurement of the Sacred Cubit:  25.20”.  Thus, the square foot area of Plato’s whorl has embedded within it the very essence of the Sacred Cubit. 

The calculations of the New Jerusalem, wherein 12,000 furlongs of 660’ = 7,920,000’ x 12”, equal 95,040,000” or the distance in miles at apogee from the earth to the sun.  Also, if this 25,200’ is multiplied by 12” it would equal 302,400” / 25.20” (the measurement of the Sacred Cubit) will equal 12,000 cubits or, if you would, the same number of furlongs of the New Jerusalem and, as Mitchell points out (to his credit) 12,000 x 12,000 = 144,000 sq. furlongs.  Or, if we take the 302,400” we can immediately recognize its fractal of 3024’ which is the perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  When 3024’ is multiplied by 12” it equals 36,288” / 25.20” = 1,440 or the 144 of the New Jerusalem.  Herein lies the emphasis upon the measurement of the Sacred Cubit and not upon the occult’s inferiorities of 31,680 and the infamous “666.”  For, we discover the following:  25,200’ x 12” = 302,400” x 12 = 3,628,800” / 25.20” = 144,000.

6Furthermore, I would hasten to add, Plato’s 25,200’ (the dimensions of his planetary orbs connoting the “harmonic theory of the universe”) should be understood in the backdrop of the transmutation of the soul – the Journey of Er via the circuitous route of reincarnation (i.e., Plato’s “doctrine of metempsychosis”). 

The conclusions to these contrasts, therefore, are rife with meaning – given Er’s Journey and how it harmonizes within the 25,200.  Without the absolute necessity of the Divine Geometer’s REED – His “measuring rod” whose measurement must needs be the degrees founded within His original SEVEN DAYS and their rotation (one day = 360° rotation of the earth and/or of any circle x 7 days of one week = 2520°) – these whorls provide but discordant sounds – signifying but man’s efforts at self-improvement allegedly in harmony with himself.   

The 25.20 (i.e., 2520) is wholly substantiated by the oldest and most measured of antiquity:  The Great Pyramid of Giza – known also as “Enoch’s Pillar.”  Its builders were, I affirm (and so does Herodotus and many others), the Shepherd Kings of so-called lore (Enoch, Job and Melchisedec to name but a few.  The Egyptians, especially Pharaoh Khufu/Cheops, had the LEAST to do with the Great Pyramid’s truly miraculous geometric design - attesting to its past, present and future prophetic role as that Monument to the Lord at the border (i.e. Giza) of Egypt (Isaiah 19:19 – “In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD at its border.”)  – though mindless twits proclaim Khufu’s involvement to this day.

Likewise, the “Journey of Er” is ended!  Let the music commence with utter exuberance and with the heavenly chorus in orchestral accompaniment ringing throughout the universe in harmonious praise and divinely redeemed acclaim – “standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God…They sing the SONG OF MOSES (Israel), the servant of God, and the SONG OF THE LAMB, saying:

“Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty!

“Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!

“Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name?

“For You alone are holy, for all nations shall come and worship before You,

“For Your judgments have been manifested” (Revelation 15:2-4)

To minimize the incredible and diligent efforts of the now deceased John Michell would be intellectually insulting – but we are 7humbly caught in adoration at the brilliance of the New Jerusalem and her dimensions which ascribe perfect harmony in securing His ultimate intention in the Woman, the Lamb’s Wife.  The Almighty’s perfection of creation can only be realized by His efforts – not the Journey of Er through reincarnation towards his heavenly reward.  Heaven – paradise – cannot be earned by poor puny man in his tireless efforts to duplicate righteousness apart from divine deliverance…that would be insulting! 

Divine propitiation for our incessant failures – transformation via the Spirit of Christ to suffice the wanderings of the soul – and the transfiguration of the body alone can transport body, soul and spirit into eternity’s New Jerusalem.  Without the shedding of His redemptive blood there is no remission for sin.  Once that calculation is integrated into the human psyche, the soul’s determination changes from pleasing self to being a pleasure to the Creator – “Who has made all things new!”  “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation – old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new” (I Cor. 5:17).

We have decided to continue this series on the Purposes of God – i.e., past the 30+ Videos now posted – they will center on the New Jerusalem’s dimensions which, likened to their Builder and Maker, are inexhaustible.


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