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This original six-part series of articles was written between late May and early August of 2007—since then, it has expanded through to the hopeful inauguration of America’s forty-fourth President in January, 2009.  At issue is America’s role as global policeman through her extensions of military bases and globalization of commerce.  Is she that “End of Days” commercial empire awaiting judgment in Revelation 18?  Is she also not that final expression of Gentile World Power foreseen by the prophets of both Testaments and whose torturous judgment concludes in Revelation 19?  Is her brand of militant Christianity the final expression of that woman who rides the Beast in Revelation 17—APOSTATE religion?

Throughout the series thee are what this author considers erroneous views of America’s alleged decline in order to make for their own bias of Western European dominance in the latter days.  Make no doubt about it—the 800-pound gorilla must be kicked off the bed by these brethren, for its presence is too overwhelming to be dismissed as inconsequential—note who’s plunging and leading the world allegedly in and out of its monetary crisis.

Evangelical forecasts of America’s demise border on the ludicrous—given the geo-political realities of the day, as well as the intent of Scriptures regarding the culmination of Gentile World Power—again, some ignorantly postulate that our immediate economic demise shall diminish her as supreme candidate for Babylon the Great…instead the crisis has ingratiated her centrality as the singular candidate for this inglorious title.

This is a serious read that will irritate, disgust, amuse and convince you one way or the other—no middle ground abides.  Is the Bible relevant?—you better believe it is!


Throughout the series the overwhelming American superiority and quest for engagement in the Middle East is unalterable, sustainable, even expandable—just as the

absurd counter distinction of presumed Western European ascendancy at America’s expense and decline is predicted by some of America’s evangelical prophets who insist that America is NOT in Bible prophecy—ergo, she must be in military, economic and cultural decline.  Shocking to hear what folks like Hal Lindsay and Tim LaHaye say about America’s demise . . . but if the Scriptural truth were known . . . that’s for you to decide!

Now, as we approach economic Armageddon and the uncertain future of her ability to sustain and expand her imperial pursuits as history’s most expansive Commercial Empire, let us bear in mind, never have the prophetic Scriptures been so accurate in their descriptions of such a latter day phenomenon of Gentile World Power…but never have the “days of Noah” been so dismissive of such a reality.

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  This initial article, in a rather expanding exposition of whether or not America’s Empire shall rise or fall after expanding her military throughout the globe, initiates an e-book unlike any you will find on the world-wide web – certainly, from an Evangelical perspective.  Comparing America’s military prowess exemplified in her nearly 40 major military bases scattered throughout the globe is akin to that of Rome or Great Britain in her heyday.  Chalmers Johnson’s three-part series is explored as the backdrop for this piece of information—it’s alarming as much as it is revealing – for in the late summer of 2008 Americans are realizing that $3 Trillion in fighting the War on Terror seems to have been lost in “military accounting” – and worse yet, she now approaches as of September 20, 2008, the full nationalization of her entire financial system!  Money and power play THE major role in the maintenance of Commercial Empire – kicking off this, what appears to be, 30-part series is mind numbing—never in human history has there been, nor shall there prophetically be, such an Empire whose impress circumnavigates the globe.
  America as Babylon the Great seems a bit antiquated, prophetically, that is.  Why?  Because her commercial exploits resound throughout the globalization of the entire earth—we’ve become one huge conglomerate!  Hardly the BEAST NATION—we’ve evolved into the BEAST PLANET!  Notwithstanding, Europe’s fascination as the seat of the future Antichrist never ceases to amaze.  Bye-Bye Babylon is, in sum, an accounting of how Western Europe must manifest its might in the latter days in the face of the hegemonic military power of the USA—i.e., it’s impossible to fathom why America is NOT mentioned in Bible prophecy.  That’s what American Evangelical prophecy buffs want us to believe—yet, they’re having a hard time convincing us of America’s death wherein “rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – again, notwithstanding, let the rumors persist…we’ve somehow got to rid ourselves of that 800-lb. gorilla on the bed and supplant him with the likes of Javier Solano, Europe’s High Commissioner, when in point of fact he’s Bush’s water boy!
  Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey and Charles Dyer of the Moody Bible Institute unite to destroy America in the Latter Days—well, that’s what they say.  You see, America must be destroyed in their thinking in order for the Antichrist to ascend out of Western Europe.  This is a sequel to Rumors of My Death have been greatly exaggerated – no, America is NOT going to rapture out of here, or is she all that righteous to effect such a rapture.  Nevertheless, this on-going analysis of how American evangelical intend for the Almighty to rid Himself of America from Bible prophecy is fascinating reading—reading, if it were not so tragic, provides amusement and nigh comedic relief during the current uncertainty facing the world, militarily and economically.
  Once again, we will highlight the remarkable proliferation of American military prowess, her political will—led by her current president—and her irretrievable pugnacity to marginalize her enemies, capture the “hidden treasures” of the Middle East and unilaterally, as will as preemptively, wage wars of national interest whether Europe or anyone else, including the Russians and the Chinese, diplomatically or overtly attempt to oppose her hegemonic designs. Furthermore, we shall demonstrate the absurd notion that Western Europe or the EU, the United Nations or any other political alignment or conspiracy, can or will ever overtake the world’s foremost economic, political and cultural juggernaut—especially, now that she has in sum and substance the

uncompromised backing of virtually all military alliances (especially that of an ever-expanding NATO) including Pakistan, India, and de facto, most of the English-speaking nations (Australia, Canada, etc.), as well as the backing of nearly all nations of the Middle East, aside from the stigmatized Axis of Evil (Syria and Iran) and for all practical purposes the glare of the Russians and Chinese.  All this in spite of Hal Lindsey, Terry James and Todd Strandberg of Rapture Ready, Lambert Dolphin’s UN policeman, and Donald Reagan’s ascendant Western Europe as the seat of Antichrist.
  We are about to enter the platitudinous ionosphere of peace and prosperity—the oxymoronic world where peace begets destruction, and where prosperity leads to corruption.  This is the sphere of Antichrist, whose end-times’ weapons of pacification and prosperity were foretold through the Prophet Daniel, wherein craft and cunning are multiplied in his hand; wherein grandiose self-delusion, leading to self-magnification, even glorification, reach an horrid fruition within the very heart of him whose idolatrous quest and five-fold, interior defiance declared his self-ascendancy.  The themes of “peace and prosperity” – either peace through strength (the alleged strategies of the current Administration) or as Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich conflicts, strength through peace – await the American public and the world.  Now, if only we’d embrace the policies of one, President George W. Bush, or the “cut and run” proposals of the loyal opposition, we’d free ourselves from “wavering between two opinions” and get on with it—i.e., the peace and prosperity we so desperately desire.  But, once again, American evangelical like Constance Cumbey and Herb Peters’ Fulfilled Prophecy tell us to “look the other way” and forget about America being anything but a “bit part” in Bible prophecy.
  America’s mainstream evangelicals are now in full support of Bush’s “two-state solution” in the Middle East.  Their full-page open letter ad in the New York Times signals a pro-active role – unprecedented, but hardly remarkable.  The North and the South are still divided and it is at times like these that “slavery” (a.k.a. Palestinian repression by Israelis) comes forth in a most interesting format where primarily Southern Evangelicals side with Israel and Northern Evangelicals (in the main) side with “justice” on behalf of the Palestinians, while giving lip service to a secure Israel—notwithstanding her apartheid policies.  Meanwhile Evangelicals in the form of Arno Froese of Midnight Call continue to figure out a way to exit America’s final end-times role as Babylon the Great—all the while the USA creates monster military bases in Iraq.  An analysis of where we got this notion that Europe is the seat of Antichrist from Britain’s evangelicals in the 1800s is quite revealing—but to our utter amazement, we Americans who inherited this prophetic thesis have somehow thrown contemporary geopolitical realities to the wind, insisting that an accurate Colonial Worldview is more than Biblical in these last days.  In a word:  HOGWASH!
  The Rise and Fall of politicos running for America's Commander-in-Chief in 2008 is serious comic relief--I wonder why America's Patriotic Prophets like John Hagee, Hal Lindsey and Jack Kinsella are so determined to leave America out of all Bible prophecy when they're so involved in her political process - did someone say AGENDA?
Part VIII/IX - MERCHANTS OF TARSHISH - …the Timing of Gog-Magog & the Oracle of Damascus
  Far too long have the Merchants and Ships of Tarshish been obscured from our prophetic radar.  The time is altogether ripe for the exposure of the Merchants of the Earth and the source of their beginnings and current hideout—which is so altogether obvious that only the most blinded by greed and those made rich from her delicacies cannot see her for what she is:  MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH!  Embedded in these disclosures are some remarkable chronologies regarding Gog-Magog and the identity of sundry peoples engaged in the conflict – as well as illumination on the Oracle of Damascus—which Burden we are all about to bear.  But, never mind, America is still not involved in prophecy—and neither do tornadoes strike the center of our largest cities – although Atlanta was hit by one here in mid-March, 2008!
  The 2008 Democratic contest has taken on an ugly debate over entrenched racial injustice as propounded by Barack Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Previous sermons by Rev. Wright excoriate America, yea, DAMN her inexcusable racial past and carry that condemnation through to the present; blaming 9/11 on her indiscretions and suggesting America inflicted AIDS upon her black minority, as well as white elites plundering the “bodies and souls of men” – let alone blame her for inventing “three strikes” and thereby perpetuating slavery through her prison system.  Oh, this thing’s getting down and dirty—talk about “shock and awe” – wait until you read this!  Will America RISE or FALL in Chapter X – this may be the most pivotal of chapters in this series.
Part XI - FROM TALLINN IN THE BALTIC TO TBILISI IN THE CAUCASUS ….A Velvet Curtain with an Iron Fist has descended across the Continent
  The legacy of President George Walker Bush bespeaks of the deliberate military extension of America’s strategic umbrella over the whole of the European Continent—especially, over ALL of Eastern Europe and even the Caucasus.  Bush’s recent escapades in Kiev, Bucharest, Zagreb and Sochi, Russia, are not the expressions of a blithering fool, but the calculated maneuverings of a diplomatic genius—USING America’s leadership over the NATO alliance to accomplish the veritable impossible:  The capture of all of Eastern Europe under the American Eagle!  Have we just witnessed the man on the white horse riding forth conquering and to conquer without firing a shot?  What possible prophetic insights do we witness here—where is all this going?  And, why, oh why, do the vast majority of American evangelical prophecy buffs utterly ignore America’s role in these doings and acclaim that Antichrist is wholly Euro-Centric and that America and her military might is exhausted by the tie Antichrist manifests himself – we’ve played the role of the fool and have not seen the rise of our Empire throughout the world, especially Europe!
Part XII - WHAT’S NEXT . . . for America?
  Our correspondence section is a rare find—many of you do not know this. Not only are there tidbits of News and Analysis of a prophetic note, but many segments dealing with apostasy and deception, testimonies of believers, economic analysis and, of course, confidential correspondence. From time to time we will “convert” a correspondence, or another “section piece” into a mainline article because of its importance and/or ability to fit into a series. So is “What’s Next . . . for America? – Part XII on our series: “The Rise or Fall of American Empire?” by Doug Krieger. A pastor here in America has been following our labors for over two years and somehow is still captured by what we’re sharing – just enough of you are, apparently, and that makes us highly motivated to write more. We don’t have a lot of “bells and whistles” on our site – just content, primarily delivered in graphic format to stimulate your interest in the content. What’s next in America considers the current political and religious landscape, as well as the horrendous economic implications taking place both here and throughout the world. Indeed, we center on current Middle Eastern affairs—this is one letter/correspondence you’ll want to cut and paste and send off to your friends!
Part XIII - CORPTOCRACY OR NATIONAL SOCIALISM The Rise or Fall of American Empire?
  Outrage or praise from the floor of the Israeli Knesset greeted President George Walker Bush’s speech in mid-May, 2008. It intrigued me to see such vehement protest from Jews. Why? Because in the main the speech, celebrating Israel’s 60-years as a nation state, was uttered by someone whose familial fortunes were made off the backs of Jews, who in 1942 were imprisoned in death camps by a strange amalgamation of American-Nazi financial interests—interests recently discovered to have the imprimatur of Dubya’s grandfather marked all over them. Prescott Bush, former financier of I. G. Farben, one of Nazi Germany’s largest manufacturers of war armaments, continued to make a notable fortune off the Nazi war machine – even after Hitler declared war against the USA in December, 1941, up through November, 1942! How could this happen? And, worse yet, how could a foiled National Socialist-style take over of the American government by sundry financiers and other deluded American veterans and the like, actually happen? What was the former Senator from the great state of Connecticut, Prescott Bush, doing in this 1933 abortive attempt at American-style National Socialism? The American fascination with corporations and government collusion (a.k.a., National Socialism) is a scary and yet prophetic possibility—hardly to be considered a preposterous notion, since America’s romance with this ideology abides a dirty little secret that we’d just as well forget that it ever happened. Let’s get clever here – boiling the frog in the pan of water is much better than the shock treatment envisioned by Prescott and the Keystone Cops of yesteryear . . . remember, Rome once was a Republic before it became Imperial Rome and embraced dictatorship.
Part XIV - THE RADICAL CENTER …So It’s Time to Rid Ourselves of Extremists!
  Clever is not my thing. But, I suspicion that it may be a “moderate” occurrence – and probably has a lot to do with Obama-McCain jettisoning the likes of the Revered Wright, Hagee and Parsley. You see, these extremists had better vamoose during a rather inclement political theater already polarized by the left and right in the American body politic. Enter: THE EVANGELICAL MANFESTO! Just what politicians need at this time of fratricide. This article brings us up close and personal with a resurgent “Centrist Evangelicalism” which has determined that “Right-wing Fundamentalists” have too long carried the day. It’s time to mount the Beast ourselves and rid us of this embarrassment once and for all during the Rise or Fall of American Empire.
  Barack Obama, the Democrats choice for President, showed up at the annual (June 4, 2008) American Israel Public affairs Committee (AIPAC) meeting to dabble in the muddy waters of Jerusalem. The upshot of it all was and is a series of confusing statements, consternations, clarifications and ultimate disappointments with mixed suspicions as to just what is Barack Obama’s position on the status of Jerusalem. American politics is rife with who can amass the most boisterous support for Israel and for her capital, Jerusalem – but then pull back as Arab outrage slams ashore. Now, not to be outdone by the Obama-Hillary Express (and that’s what it looks like you’re going to get), John McCain swaggers into the fray and proclaims that it’s time for the US Embassy to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem posthaste! Ah, the Americans are at it again – just can’t get enough of the “tar baby.” There’s always someone wanting to achieve the great breakthrough for peace and prosperity in our time. This article delves into the ultimate focus of American Empire and how the nations of the world will, on that fateful day, arise against the Lord and against His Messiah, when they collude against Jerusalem.
  Elections are bought and sold at a preposterous price these days – it’s become quite the “industry.” “Sold: To the Highest Bidder” was the original title of this piece – but, then again, “Money, Politics and Power” carried the day. The recent announcement that Barack Obama would not take Public Funds, thereby limiting this quadrennial show of monetary prowess, set this tome in motion – but somehow it wandered off into the current state of financial duress traumatizing our housing and commodities industries both here and abroad. So all the while the Investment Bankers enflame the commodities futures, millions are getting the “serves them right – those greedy, would-be homeowners who should have known better in the first place.” This little ditty of an article will nauseate—it’s meant to do that, but doesn’t need much help given the current inflation-deflation-stagflation enveloping us. We’re headed for a train wreck or we’re determine to singing “Roll Out the Barrel” as our Titanic slides into the icy Atlantic of our invincibility—it’s too late to jump in the lifeboats—the divine option is our only recourse!
  American Empire is plagued with “monetary escapades” known as “economic bubbles” – bubbles which explode when they exceed their parameters.  We are all witnesses and victims of these implosions—dot-com, savings and loan, real estate, stock market, commodities market, etc.  The Almighty is NOT silent about those who lie in wait to accrue their abounding share of earth’s resources.  You’ll find this aspect of Empire one of the most personal, because it’ll hit you right in your pocketbook.  From the current Operation Malicious Mortgage conducted by the FBI, to German War Reparation Bonds and their relationship to the great rip-off of Native American Indian Trust Funds – no, this is not boring and affects us all.
Part XVIII - King of Tyre
  Deciphering the financial implosions of some of America’s largest financial institutions has become a disturbing mix of unbelievable greed and calculated powers ready to grab vast swaths of America’s centers of wealth. The Fed is now, through its compliant brainchild’s cohort (i.e., the Treasury Department), concocted a brilliant subterfuge encapsulated within the “BLUEPRINT FOR A MODERNIZED FINANCIAL REGULATORY STRUCTURE” to subvert major pools of investment dollars, savings, credit unions, stock markets and even the insurance industry—everything of monetary worth is cascading into the black hole of the mysterious privately held Federal Reserve with the full blessing and backing of the US Congress, at the recommendation of the Department of the Treasury. The spiritual and prophetic implications of this entire disintegration stagger the thoughtful student of the Scriptures. The KING OF TYRE is a lengthy read—because it delves into both the prophetic Scriptures, as well as today’s financial upheavals with equal force. We call saint and sinner alike to understand the course of our age and to prepare for its inevitable conclusion – the Beast System in full fury – but beyond, the Celestial City Whose builder and marker is God!
  Russia and China have had a complete about face – from “evil empire” and “red dragon” to piggy bank and life support system! Many times I’ve been asked how “Russia and China” fit into Bible Prophecy. Well, here’s your chance to find out. This may not be of interest to most Americans—but, then again, most Americans have no idea that one pot load of the American dream (mortgages) have been financed by the Central Banks of Russia and China. This aspect of “American Empire” – Rise or Fall – is, on the one hand, intensely eschatological in tone and content; but on the other hand, it’s so relevant that it’s downright scary. You’ll sink in the minutia of eschatological chronologies; however, you’ll spring back with how up to date the end-time scenario regarding Gog-Magog and its aftermath: “news from the east and the north will trouble him” really is
  The Rise and Fall of American Empire has within its grasp those eschatologists – mostly American in origin – who eschew any notion that America herself could be she who mounts the Ten-Horned Beast from the Abyss of Revelation. An analysis of this phenomenon on the World-Wide-Web is of peculiar note. One is led to conclude that we Americans cannot “see the forest for the trees” – for we are too close to Babylon’s epicenter to know the distinctions which surround us on every side crying out that these ambiguities known by some as “wild imagination” are really overt symbols used by the Revelation and Hebrew prophets to describe us to a tee. An elaborate web designed to obfuscate America’s leading role in Babylon’s supremacy now taking on her dual role as King of Tyre – King of Babylon – appears in these Last Days to have accelerated – giving new meaning to words like ambiguous, compromised, intimidated, equivocating and indifference, and, tragically, FALSE PROPHETS. We approach the edge of the abyss and peer into her cup of putridity and view a freighting reflection: OURSELVES! Coming face to face with this stark reality – this awful discovery – can only be met with the unfettered love of God and the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony via denial of what we see in that indignity. May the Lord grant us all insight beyond our timidity and our false hopes that earthly blessing in contrast to eternal worth bears no comparison – for we look for a City Whose builder and maker is God
  Babylon on the Cheap is an ongoing global phenomenon that accelerates during apparent downturns in American economic prowess. Nothing, absolutely nothing, must be spared in order to preserve the golden goose of the planet. The merchants of the earth have grown increasingly wealthy from trading with her—we spell out but a portion of that trade and the lengths she takes in order to perpetuate her commercial exploits. To deny America’s overwhelming role in this end time economic drama, amounts to a stark and ignorantly arrogant pursuit by most American evangelical prophets who refuse to come to terms with the descriptions of her opulence found in scores of Biblical passages. A child can guess the object by playing “20 questions” – but we are dumbfounded, after countless descriptions to discern of whom the Bible speaks about so clearly!
  Russia’s immediate reactions to Georgia’s annual ritual to subdue her breakaway provinces is considered by Western Europeans (“Old Europe”) to be a brilliant move in announcing her disgust toward the USA and America’s overreach into her former satellites—ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Alas!  Georgia’s apparent stupidity was calculated—and Eastern Europe’s reaction is predictable.  But, most predictable, is America’s response:  Full integration of Ukraine, Georgia, and the rest of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus into NATO, posthaste.  The eschatological implications of what’s going on here are, of course, most fascinating, and should tell us all, that “things are not always what they appear to be!”  Antichrist is as much on the move as Gog-Magog is—for their source is the same. 

Part XXIII - Greco-Roman Man and the War Economy

  Empire cannot be sustained nor perpetrated without resources – Rome discovered this; however, with more and more of the Empire’s coffers exposed to the immediate needs of its citizenry and infrastructure, a multitude of ways were discovered in which the military subsumed and justified the Roman budget…the same is happening in America. It would fascinate if the scribes could discover a casual relationship between America’s military budgetary deceits and that of Rome’s. Squandering up to $3 Trillion “somewhere out there” sounds preposterous—but the evidence condemning this monstrous monetary manipulation is overwhelming. Governing by fiat decree has reached its apex. Never have so many resources in the hands of so few been flushed down the cesspool of military conquest upon this earthly clod. The original title of this persuasion was “Of Greeks and Romans” – for Western Man’s ascendancy has reached its superlative expression in these United States of America where money and power march to the tune of the same drummer who made antiquity’s “fourth empire” more terrible than all the rest and is determined to sustain that endeavor in a most phantasmagoric expression known as PAX AMERICANA.
Part XXIV - Moving to Canada is Still a Joke . . . The Economic, Military, and Social Integration of North America
  I’m sure that an article on America’s outrageous war economy might be handy right about now in the midst of the Presidential race; I mean, if we must endure change from the Democratic Obama-Biden ticket, we may as well salve our corporate conscience (no pun intended) by the reform thrust of the Republican McCain-Palin ticket. Indeed, we Americans seem to have a fascination of reading one’s lips relative to no new taxes, to putting lipstick on pigs therefore reforming their nature—amazing how far we’ve progressed in our political discourse over the past couple of decades!   And all this in the midst of a world financial meltdown…as all moneyed eyes look to the almighty dollar’s rescue, as the inexorable march to nationalize the American banking systems continues unabated.  Yet, turn we our eyes to Canada and beyond?  Really...In September 2005 I released this article as MOVING TO CANADA IS A JOKE….  After future consideration, it would be foolhardy not to include it into the ever-expanding e-book which began in May of 2007:  Rise or Fall of American Empire?  Along with, of course, some updates on North America integration.  Besides, the Canucks continue to give us the second greatest number of hits each month (the Americans, oddly enough, seem determined by a somewhat wide margin to read our Babylonian diatribes against her commercial empire with conspicuous literary consumption).
Part XXV - Wars and Rumors of Wars … a tale of honor, integrity and hope … as Johnny Comes Marching Home
  Empire has its dark side—make no doubt about it. But, this tale of Empire has within it “among whom you shine as lights in the darkness.” Jack Hook’s article is a mandatory read – a conflicting encouragement born of honor in the midst of Empire’s rampage. This is all the more amazing as America’s first combat brigade is stationed in the homeland this Oct. 1, 2008, preparing for an inevitable militarization of our civilian law enforcement…these are astounding times of financial duress on the horizon…wars and rumors of wars with famine make the “footsteps of the Messiah” all the more audible, all the more urgent for us all to prepare for His coming again.
Part XXVI - National Global Socialism …led by Babylon the Great
  We face the globalization of the world banking system – orchestrated by the King of Tyre himself, Babylon the Great, the United States of America through his compatriots, the G7 and G20. With artful wisdom and understanding the world’s financial aspirations, led by the world’s conspicuous consumer nation herself, the USA, is about to pull off – be it conspiracy or stumbling fools – the greatest heist the world has ever witnessed. This is a prophetic rant of what we will inevitably face – for the day comes when we shall neither “buy nor sell” without he MARK OF THE BEAST!
Part XXVII - Ye Know Not What Manner Of Spirit Ye Are Of – Luke 9:55
  As the financial juggernaut continues its twists and turns throughout the world community of nations – led by the USA – and, as the post-election realization of what many consider to be a far-left administration takes hold of the reins of government in America – there is the increasing rhetoric of both the right and the left; a polarization so stark that it is unimaginable reconciliation on any level can take hold.  The “Church militant” is alive and well; perhaps more so than at any time in the past thirty years or since the rise of the Moral Majority.  Now the test comes…where will God’s people find themselves?  Preserving the myth of her sacred redeemer nation status as a Camelot shining on a hill that could not nor can be hid or the stark reality that her inception was “terrible from the beginning onward” (Isaiah 18:7)?  Read on—this will give you second thought on embracing the Testimony of Jesus and just who opposes it.
Part XXVIII - Three Prophetic Wars
  There are three “prophetic wars” mentioned in the Bible:  The Oracle of Damascus, the Gog-Magog War and the “Armageddon Campaign” – the third conflict is more commonly known as “The Battle of Armageddon.”  All three are distinct and progressively engulfing first Israel and her immediate environs; second, those Islamic nations to her “further” north and south; and third, the entire world.  Knowing the Almighty’s intentions and foreknowledge in these conflicts does not make one a warmongerer any more than Sir Winston Churchill could be said to have been one because he warned of the consequences of Chamberlain being hoodwinked by Hitler.  “Prophetic Maps” highlight to biblical drama throughout the article.
Part XXIX - He Sits in the Temple of God Showing Himself that he is God

We are in economic meltdown and constant war – but change is on the way.  In what way?  Judging from the “New Age” and “new era of peace” announced by President Obama at his inaugural one would conjecture that hope is on the way as well.  This article describes the evolution of the National Religion of the Americans – a peculiar admixture of old time religion (Christian) and secular humanism led by a Catholic-Evangelical phalanx and commended by atheists like Sam Harris of The End of Faith fame.  What a strange amalgamation – a little truth here and massive deception there.  A mix of contemplative prayer and Buddha-style meditation; mix with tolerance and presto:  the National Religion – good for both Americana and the world.  Is this the appearance of the end-time religion where the original lie in the garden where “you shall be as God, knowing good and evil” meets its final end?  I think so…

Part XXX - The New International New World Order
  The conclusion to “The Rise and Fall of America Empire” presents startling challenges – where are we going? According to former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, we have arrived at the most opportunistic moment for the USA to lead in the creation of a New Work Order made ready by a convergence of political and economic possibilities—least of which is the pending economic cataclysm. Whereas Pastor David Wilkerson, America’s Time Square Church prophet, and whose congregation virtually forecasted 9/11 and the coming economic collapse, foresees America’s destruction by nuclear holocaust…but when does it happen? As noteworthy as Pastor Wilkerson is, we at the Tribnet find his final scenario flawed—i.e., Babylon the Great will persist until the final 30 days of Daniel’s vision of the Seventy Weeks. Yes, immediately after the Rapture Babylon the Great is destroyed, but decidedly at the close of the final week of Great Tribulation. Whatever you affirm, saint and sinner know – whether it be Wilkerson or Kissinger – something’s coming down and it’s big, very big!
Epilog - Rise or Fall of American Empire
  The addition of an epilogue to Rise or Fall of American Empire after an hiatus of nearly six months is designed to highlight the general thesis of the initial thirty chapters—seemingly, nothing’s changed; evangelicals of eschatological significance are still at it:  The complete obfuscation of America in Bible prophecy persists well into 2009 or the origins of Antichrist are obscured, take your pick.  Terry James of Rapture Ready (The American Apocalypse…Is The United States in Bible Prophecy) and Kristie Johnson’s Mystery Babylon the Great, Defender of Israel…A Search for America in Bible Prophecy concur on America’s binary mission:  Spreading the gospel and protector of Israel.  James places America more or less outside of the end of days and Kristie is convinced that the Mother of Harlots is the USA, but Antichrist, for both, is centered in Europe – James has America included among the Ten Nation Confederacy of Europe after annihilation by the Rapture of the Church and Johnson has America devastated by Russia in the Gog-Magog War.  In the midst of all this are the words of former US Secretary of State under President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose word in the Grand Chessboard (1998) ring ever true – America, as Empire, even Imperial Empire, has no intention of folding its tent and stealing away into the Arabian night.
  Finally, someone has exonerated Russia in no uncertain terms.  She’s not the culprit of the Last Days – the Gog who assembles Magog to mount the infamous Gog-Magog War against Israel found in Ezekiel 38-39…just prior (according to recent American eschatology buffs) to destroying America in a nuclear sneak attack!  This appendix fits nicely at the end of The Rise or Fall of American Empire…the Evangelical Cover-Up of America in Bible Prophecy.  And, at the heart of that obfuscation is the so-called Biblical blame game we Americans and British have been playing on the Russians dating back to at least 1876.  If for nothing else, you’ve got to read this piece to keep you from a reaction to the Cold War Syndrome – you can sleep well, at least for now, no, Russia will not attack.
Appendix B -  Rise or Fall of American Empire? - If I Only Had A Brain
  The whirlwind journey to the Wonderful Land of Oz is just about as real as it gets when trying to describe those evangelical Premillenarians who’ve been knocked out of the real geopolitical world of today.  Somehow their Tomorrow Land bespeaks of an America so diminished from her current overwhelming posture in Eurasia that one can only find her “Somewhere over the rainbow!”  This is the second Appendix (Appendix B) to The Rise of Fall of American Empire?  I promise, this time after an Epilogue, an Appendix A and now this, Appendix B—IT IS FINISHED!  Once the e-book is placed in book format it will come in two volumes and have upwards of 1,300 pages of material, references and general index.  This fits well as an Appendix but its metaphors belie the seriousness of the text – you will have no trouble reading it – but just what will you do with its conclusions:  If I Only Had a Brain!

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