Section IV, Part 12 – (A) - Introduction

By Doug Krieger


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From the Sun-Star and Cross of Peru to the pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico – to the Great Pyramid of Giza – the closer we look, the more the silhouette of the New Jerusalem comes into view. 

This will be the first in a series of articles on the Sacred District of Teotihuacán, Mexico, as a reflection of the Dimensions of Paradise – each article will contain several PDF files (sub-articles) which the reader can examine (in addition to the front page article – therefore, some 7 to 8 articles presented in three separate releases with additional PDF files as complete articles within articles, if you would).  

Are the intended dimensions of Teotihuacán’s +200 BC (Harleston suggests as far back as 630 B.C. and John Michell in his writings goes back to 2500 B.C. – comparing it to the Great Pyramid of Giza’s construction) – shrouded in mystery…its massive Aztec-named Pyramid of the Moon (or some say the “Seven-Star Nest”); the Pyramid of the Sun (or, again, some say “Jupiter”); the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent or Temple of the god, Quetzalcoatl, within the area known as The Citadel or, in Spanish, Cindaela (or some say “Saturn”); and the so-called “Avenue/Street/Corridor of the Dead” – and, quite frankly, the entire 480 acre complex of pyramids and palaces measuring 1.5 miles long and a half mile wide and actually arranged into three distinct squares measuring 2,640 ft. by 2,640 ft. each or three each/two square mile perimeters for a total of six square miles, which sum to eighteen linear miles (i.e., 6 * 3 = 18) – a true reflection of the 18,000 linear mile perimeter of the Dimensions of Paradise – a.k.a., the Holy City, New Jerusalem?

Each of these three squares holds within it a significant object of antiquity – from the north, the Pyramid of the Moon; the middle 2,640’ x 2,640’ square holds the Pyramid of the Sun; and, finally, the southernmost square of 2,640’ x 2,640’ holds the Citadel and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent.

Yes, when you walk down the “Avenue of the Dead” is it the “street of the Holy, New Jerusalem” or is it the place where “ritual human sacrifice” designed to keep the locals in their place?  Never could there be such a greater contrast!

Indeed, my recent disturbance regarding the Mazzaroth/Zodiac as the garland about the Woman’s head in Revelation 12 – if it can be found at Teotihuacán – is enough to scare most ardent believers from these environs….placing, however, a whimsical smile of inane confidence on the face of self-proclaimed pagans.  Notwithstanding, could the myriad of metrologies, and now global positioning satellite imagery of Teotihuacán, since its restorative effort commencing under the Mexican Revolution at the turn of the Twentieth Century until now, illuminate those dynamic measurements which attest to the City of God as seen by father Abraham, who “looked for a City Whose Builder and Maker is God” – and likewise seen and measured with a golden reed its Temple and those gathered at its altar in Revelation 11 by John the Beloved apostle…who also detailed its precise measurements as 12,000 furlongs each edge for its length, width and height, as well as its wall at 144 cubits?  (Rev. 21:16-17)

Yes, I know – we all should know – how can anyone of biblical persuasion ascribe sacred significance to a site so disturbingly ensconced in pagan tradition?  Am I out of my mind?  Sacrilegious?  All I’m asking you to do, if this deeply offends you, is to take a deep breath and reexamine the striking and altogether obvious antithesis of what I affirm (given the super-abounding evidence to the contrary…as you shall soon see) to be the exact opposite of what you have read and thought was always a most incriminating scene of man’s inhumanity to man cloaked in demonic ritual and murder – yet, restored and subsequently measured by more than you ever could imagine – now, to greater amazement, a “spiritual restorative effort” appears with greater prospect than its physical rehabilitation!

The builders of Teotihuacán – whoever they were – abandoned the environs by 700 AD.  The Aztecs support the claim that the Toltec built the complex – but archaeological findings do not substantiate that claim.  The Aztecs uncovered the pyramids by 1000 A.D. and adopted the ruins as their own.  (See:  Mesoamerican Indian Cultures, by O. Ned Eddins)

If – and we would not have pursued this elaborate effort without substantial validation confirming Teotihuacán’s incredible attestation to our cardinal premise that not only is there such a connection between Teotihuacán’s artifacts and its entire complex to that of the New Jerusalem – but that such reflections can be deciphered in an overwhelming manner through its incessant metrologies – metrologies which enshrine, of all things, the Imperial Mile, Sacred Cubit of 25.20” and the 12” foot!

Don’t be preposterous!  Oh, yes – allow me to disabuse you of your academic arrogance to the contrary…do you wish to know the truth or, perhaps, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!  In the name of inquiry, man, open the left or is the right, side of your brain?  Not to trivialize the overweening sense of my own propriety here – but doing brain transplants is not my thing – you don’t want me in surgery on excising brain aneurisms and the like!

Therefore – taking a quantum leap here, is it time to change Teotihuacán’s name from the “City of gods” or “men who would be gods” to the CITY OF GOD – HOLY JERUSALEM, whose celestial ramifications are likewise displayed in such antiquities as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sun-Star and Cross of Peru, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and those past Tabernacles and Temples of the Israelites – as well as the yet future amplifications of the Temple foreseen by Ezekiel and whose measurements can be found throughout the ancient world, including Noah’s Ark?


Such a vast and overwhelming connection of fabled sites in antiquity, coupled with Sacred Text and illustrated by such geometric designs as the New Jerusalem Diagram, as well as acclaimed by a growing number of theologians among Christian apologists, let alone affirmed in past times to the present by most in the Sacred Geometry Community, that such a veritable supernatural connection between Earth and Heaven actually existed way back when until now.

Never has there been such a conglomeration of assorted interests from the sciences – archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, geology, mathematics, geometry, chemistry, optics and a host of varied disciplines – as well as the arts (music and art) and “spiritual systems” (from New Age to Christianity – from cosmology to the pseudo-sciences like astrology and alchemy) – yes, never has such existed with vibrant intensity as it does today in a world so desperately in need of absolute values which science should affirm, rather than disallow by faulty assumptions and historic devaluation of those ancient metrologies which not only substantiate a much maligned higher intelligence of the ancients but arrogantly deprecate their awareness of spiritual superiorities unsurpassed by the visionary distortions seen through the lens of materialism and hedonistic narcissism, while claiming the high ground of so-called objectivity!

In sum:  How could we be so stupid to think these antiquities could be rather arcane antiquations irrelevant in our modern world?  But we have – and to our peril.  Such superfluous conclusions and interpretations have been reached by so many for so long that to think otherwise – to view a completely new (and I mean 180° turn about) but ancient paradigm of reality to our betterment – is so foreign and abstract to the “discovery community” that to bring these growing illuminations of “heavenly realities” before that clergy of closed-minded pseudo-brainiacs would be an abject insult to their refined sense of academic propriety – dare we be so crude to assert the superiority of them whose metrologies and sciences to this day are beyond our miserly conjectures.  When you cannot understand something – allow it to suffocate in the realms of sophistry and unapproachable ambiguity – let those roaming around outside the box play with such trivialities of life – while we create the nuclear plants ready to annihilate the Earth (Behold, the wrath of Fukushima ’s reactors with their radioactive plutonium and cesium await the day of Heaven’s vengeance!).

Though Teotihuacán energy fields and gravitational exploits fascinate this author – our time constraints behoove us to concentrate our energy beam upon the metrologies of Teotihuacán, and in so doing, discover a cornucopia of entitlements which bring us to the precipice of eternity:  the New Jerusalem. 

To our beloved Mexican brethren – by the time you conclude these “Tomes of Teotihuacán” you will be so energized to attend her Pyramids and walk her pathway in celebration of the Life to come – knowing that the Sun of Righteousness deigns to fulfill His ultimate promise made to Mother Eve – the mother of all living – that her Seed, though the Feathered Serpent would bruise His heel – yet, would the Son of Man – from the Pyramid of the Sun to the peak of His inheritance - bruise his head in a prophetic crush atop his self-proclaimed Temple – yes, that his stronghold, the Citadel – that Cindaela of Quetzalcoatl’s deceit and plague upon mankind – be once and for all crushed on that Great Day of God via the Sun of Righteousness arising with healing in His wings when He captures His beloved Bride, destined as the Woman, the Moon beneath her feet, clothed with the Sun, with a garland of 12 Constellations known as the Zodiac/Mazzaroth about her head reflective of her heavenly status through history, the ultimate Warrior Princess-Bride, the Holy City, New Jerusalem!  (Revelation 12)  Let’s enter the portals of Teotihuacán - for Quetzalcoatl awaits our arrival…for this “devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.” (Rev. 12:12) *(Please see at end of this article a brief summary on Sacred Canon numbers.)

Background & Layout of Teotihuacán


A foretaste of our excursion through Teotihuacán illustrates above in Sumerian Feet (13.2” = 1 s.f. or Sumerian Foot) its north-south axis in that from the immediate backside of the Pyramid of the Moon (far left/facing) to the immediate far right side of the Citadel there are 6,600 s.f. – that happens to be 600 s.f. shorter than what we need…visualize extending on either side (300 s.f. on the Moon Pyramid back side and 300 s.f. on the yellow area to the right of the Citadel) giving us 6,600 + 600 = 7,200 s.f. – perfect!  How’s that?  7,200 s.f. * 13.2” = 95,040” (fractal of the New Jerusalem’s 12-edge cubed perimeter of 95,040,000’ and of the distance from the Earth to the Sun at apogee of 95,040,000 miles and this 95,040”/12” = 7,920’ or 1.5 miles or the Diameter of the Earth in miles (7,920 miles) or the edge of the New Jerusalem as in 12,000 furlongs @ 660’ = 1 furlong = 7,920,000 Linear Feet…get ready for the New Jerusalem wherein Teotihuacán’s name is about to change from the City of gods to the CITY OF GOD!


“The early history of Teotihuacan is quite mysterious, and the origin of its founders is debated. For many years, archaeologists believed it was built by the Toltec. This belief was based on colonial period texts, such as the Florentine Codex, which attributed the site to the Toltec.  However, the Nahuatl word ‘Toltec’ generally means ‘craftsman of the highest level’ and may not always refer to the Toltec civilization centered at Tula, Hidalgo.  Since Toltec civilization flourished centuries after Teotihuacán, the people could not have been the city's founders." (Wikipedia) - Bottom-line - WHO DONE IT?

“The earliest buildings at Teotihuacan date to about 200 BC (again, Hugh Harleston Jr. date is 630 BC). The largest pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, was completed by 100 AD.” (Wikipedia)  Or as old as 500 BCE (See here:  employees.oneonta.edu/walkerr/Mesoamerica/Teotihuacan.ppt – Note:  Cut/paste – must have PowerPoint to view or Mesoamerica/Teotihuacan)

“Even the ferocious Aztec were awed by their first glimpse of Teotihuacan. By the 13th century when the Aztec swept into central Mexico, the once teeming city—which reached its zenith around A.D. 400—had been long since abandoned by its

5mysterious builders. Its grand ceremonial center, where tens of thousands of people had gathered amid sacred monuments of stone, lay under thick green overgrowth. The Aztec gave the site its name and identified its most imposing features according to their own beliefs—the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon. Assuming that some of the buildings were tombs, they called the main thoroughfare Street of the Dead.

“They were, as it turns out, uncannily accurate. Burials both
rich and gruesome have recently been discovered in the Pyramid of the Moon during excavations headed by Rubén Cabrera Castro, of Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, and Saburo Sugiyama, of Japan's Aichi Prefectural University. Tunneling deep into the 140-foot-tall (43 meters) stone structure, the archaeologists located five burial sites. After most of the dirt and debris had been dug out, each site was reinforced with steel beams for safety. Supplied with fresh air pumped in from the outside, the archaeologists scraped the last layers of earth from the floor to reveal scenes of carnage: disembodied heads and the remains of foreign warriors and dignitaries, carnivorous mammals, birds of prey, and deadly reptiles.” (Source:  Lost Mesoamerican Civilizations)

6The “Grand Promenade” – known since the days of the Aztecs as the Avenue of the Dead (obviously fraught with human sacrifice) – leading up to their insufferable and most accursed substitute for hierarchical sexual exploitation; the ultimate human sacrifice to somehow atone for their inexcusable defilements – so altered from her original designs was this most wretched scene of constant orgy and human estrangement…thus, was the Creator’s original purpose defiled wherein they worshiped and served the creature, more than the Creator, Who is blessed forevermore – yet were they given up to such reprobate minds.  And, who, just who shall decry the inhumanity of the conquering Spaniards juxtaposed to the inhumanity of the Aztecs?  “Let God be true and every man a liar!”?

To its northernmost in the Valley of Mexico was laid the Pyramid of the Moon – having undergone a most wretched restoration, nigh altering its original significance – giving us a great need to view Teotihuacán as a composite whole in order to ascertain her true measurements, juxtaposed to isolating her profundities and attempting to ascertain metrologies out of “thin air” – viz., and indeed, what were the original dimensional intentions of the fabricators?

As we venture down the Grand Promenade – allow me to indulge your sympathies for the slaughter of the hundreds of thousands cry out against their killers in naming this the Avenue of the Dead – from the Moon’s Pyramid around .5 miles to the tip of the largest single structure in the complex, the Pyramid of the Sun…yet further down nigh one mile we arrive at the Citadel and its peculiar 15 out-buildings surrounding the Temple or Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl. 

This vast complex of structures, after extensive recovery, and multiple attempts to measure its boundaries, we have determined are 1,320’ x 1,320’ or one Imperial Square Mile…yet the Grand Promenade continues beyond the Citadel’s boundaries, but for a brief distance – having commenced at the Pyramid of the Moon and passing by a variety of palaces and miscellaneous structures of (at this time) minimal consequence, to the Pyramid of the Sun and on to the Citadel – ah, what a journey is this!

We have to figure out the “city of the gods” as it first was: the main axis called Avenue of the Dead (or my “Grand Promenade”) was a large basin filled with one yard of pure water.  

On site, it was noted that the construction of the Avenue looked like a pool, with rounded feet of the walls, contiguous stones, traces of bitumen.

A system of pipes, of which there are still visible traces, renewed the water that, once vibrated by lightning, became [as some surmise] a magic potion to drink and to irrigate vegetable crops.  

The New Jerusalem speaks of the City with the Tree of Life and a River of Life from whence all may freely drink of is water…

On the Pyramid of the Sun, a golden capstone played the role of lightning sensor. In an adjoining lodge, an apprentice god was awaiting the heavenly blessing balls of white light – so we are told – so was the setting in the high plains of the Valley of Mexico some 40 km/25 miles northeast of today’s Mexico City, Mexico.



What is, however, fascinating is the overall location of the Pyramid of the Sun (seems to be where Google lands its measuring rod when requesting from “where to where” on a global map when asking where’s Teotihuacan?) – for it occupies nigh the “midst” of, I affirm, to be the “City of God” – i.e., its coordinates (latitude and longitude)…

Here, we find latitude which marks the NW corner at the top platform of the Pyramid of the Sun to be:

19° 41' 32.273" which its multiplicands or factors are therefore:

19x41x32.273 = 25,920 = 12 Moon Diameters as in 12 * 2160 = 25,920 and this 25,920 is the number of years of the
Great Precession of the Zodiac or the biblical Mazzaroth found in the book of Job.  

Again - I am exceedingly suspicious of the grid/platform measurements based upon the Sumerian 13.2" or the 1.1' juxtaposed to the 2.1' of the Sacred Cubit - however, that said, if the "numbers line up" whereby the Sumerian measurements/metrologies do not ultimately contradict the more biblical renditions - then that's O.K. - that happens to be the case in the so-called Egyptian Royal Cubit juxtaposed to the Sacred Cubit in measurements at the Great Pyramid of Giza - they integrate well.

Now, that said - you've really outdone yourself by opening up a "major can of worms" relative to the metrologies of the great pyramids and the Citadel of Teotihuacán (meaning: "City of the gods")/Quetzalcoatl - Temple of the Feathered Serpent - here's what I am saying...with this brief archaeological confession...the original builders disappeared – again, it was commonly assumed by the Aztecs and others of the modern era that the “gods, Neolithic holdovers,
aliens or extraterrestrials” (and don’t think their arguments for such fascination are not credible…but do they measure up?) left their mark … here we go…better hold your breath …

“Then the gods were gone. The site [Teotihuacan or Teotihuacán] ceased to operate, but local people have not forgotten its role, hence the name they gave it. Around 4,000 BP men did not know any more to operate the lightning traps, but they had not given up the quest of divine powers.  Other techniques of awakening have existed around 60.000 BP as trepanation, or eating some particular fruit around 13,000 BP, or electro-therapy by capacitor around 3000 BP. And other people came."   (Source:  EdenSaga.com)

Now - this was not only known as the “City of the gods” but the "place where men become gods" - alas!  That age-old BIG LIE (sorry - no wonder this web site is "EdenSaga" - "you shall be as God knowing good and evil" - fat chance that discernment will help - no “energy juice” to do good no matter how hard we humanoids try!  We seem to have quite the checkered carrier in discerning the difference and even then, our choices have been rather stupendous (negatively speaking).

The Original Dimensions of Teotihuacán – What Were They Thinking?

Before we can build a case for our overall dimensions throughout Teotihuacán, we must first determine what the general intention of the original builders was – what was the original intent of the builders?  Each of the major objects:  Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Sun, the Citadel/Temple of the so-called Feathered Serpent, the so-called Avenue of the Dead or Grand Promenade and the overall “platform” of the entire Metroplex/Complex – and their distances from one another – how do all these dimensions “shake down” – compute – are they random or do they intertwine and reflect a greater and more integrated plan?

Let’s again cut to the chase - you tell me (and I’ve only journeyed to the Citadel) - how on earth can the Citadel not have a 5,280’ perimeter – a dimension of 1,320’ by 1,320’?   Although there are a myriad of metrologists who have sought to unlock the dimensions of the City and its primary objects, three stand out as significant and with academic superiority with in-depth research and analysis: (1)  Hugh Harleston Jr., (2) Million, Dewitt and Cowgill 1973 with the drawings by Mike Ritchie and Kumiko Sugiyama done in accordance with their work under J. M. Allen’s interpretation, and the extensive work of (3) Saburo Sugiyama – there are many others, however, these three deserve notoriety. All have attempted to interpret the design of Teotihuacán.  

The three have developed their own standards of measurements – just as I have taken the Imperial Mile or the Ancient and Sacred Cubit of 2.1’ as our standard of measurement – these three have taken as follows:  (1)  Harleston Jr. (the Standard Teotihuacán Unit of 1.0594063 meters known also as the ‘Jewish Sacred Rod’ of 3.4757485 ft. as per Harleston’s Research Summary:  1971-2006) – (2) J. M Allen et al (Sumerian Foot of 13.2” known in their nomenclature as the S.F. or s.f.); and Saburo Sugiyama (TMU – the Teotihuacán Measurement Unit of 83 cm or 2.69’ or 32.68”).  These measurements and standards have been exhaustively research and their determinations and standards are based on a comprehensive understand in the minds of the researches and expeditions undertaken.  Their interpretations vary – some greatly.  Most are convinced of the cosmological nature of the site and its astronomical implications – none have tied the site to the Dimensions of Paradise, the measurements and standards of the New Jerusalem.  However, this author builds upon their research and is indebted to them for the immensity of their labors.

The Citadel – What is its Measurements?

I’m starting a bit backwards here from North to South and then the overall dimensions of the site and its distances between major objects – let’s begin with the Citadel’s dimensions and see if we can calibrate its original design and intention.

J. M. Allen’s most interesting web site at Atlantisbolivia renders the Citadel’s GPS measurement to be 1,320 Feet on one side (north to south) and an apparent square.  The Atlantisbolivian  site admits to the 1,320’ (one edge) - and the obvious “square nature” of the Citadel - although trying to convince me that it was but 1,200 x 1,150 Sumerian Feet (a rectangle - and not a square) does not mesh well with GPS (below) nor with the reality of why they would make the site


50 Sumerian Feet (13.2” is one Sumerian Foot or 55’ shorter) short on one side of the Citadel (i.e., 1,320’ (i.e., 1,200 Sumerian Feet) by 1,265’ (not 1,320’ wherein it

would be a square and 1,320’ * 4 = 5,280’ – Citadel perimeter to equal 5,280 LF or 1 Linear Mile) – again, consider the GPS drawing above and the ledger comporting to sundry side measurements below – again, what is the intent of the builders?


If the Citadel were laid out as 24 by 24 or 12 by 12 it would then have 100 Sumerian Feet per 12 segment (i.e., 12 * 100 s.f. = 1,200 s.f.) - so why the 1/2 block loss wherein the Atlantisbolivia site suggests that the measurements of the Citadel are but 1,200 s.f. by 1,150 s.f.?  This makes the site 12 x 11.5 which is relatively irregular and inconsistent - not that they could not make up “50 s.f.” or 660” (Imperial Inches) or 55’ - no sense at all. 

My GPS research leads me to affirm that the Citadel is a perfect square - i.e., 1,200 s.f. x 1,200 s.f. or 1,320’ x 1,320’ (Imperial Feet) or, if you would:  1,320' * 4 edges = 5,280' (a perfect Imperial Mile and, consequently, subject to the entire duodecimal system of numeration and the Sacred Cubit).  As you view the GPS map above of the site and their ledger in Sumerian Feet (below) – i.e., 1 S.F. = 13.2” it becomes altogether clear that 1,200 s.f. * 13.2” = 15,840”/12” (determining feet) = 1,320’ * 4 = 5,280’ = a perimeter of a perfect 1 mile.


But is the “Bolivian site being coy here?”  - Why do I ask?  Because on the one hand they tell me that the Sumerian intent of the Citadel was 1,200 x 1,150 but their Google map shows differently - tell me if you do not see 1,200 s.f. x 1,200 s.f.?

In difference to J.M. Allen's 1,200 s.f. x 1,200 s.f. appears altogether accurate (at least on his GPS)!  Therefore, our 5,280 Imperial Foot perimeter is spot on and this, therefore, leads us to incredible calculations which when meshed with the Sun-Star of Peru dramatically stand out.  The Citadel’s dimensions are altogether integrated and substantiate that the same metrologies which depict the Sun-Star were used here in Teotihuacan! 

Indeed, by establishing the 1,320’ x 1,320’ Citadel base – virtually all other measurements resound with segments of the Imperial Mile and ipso facto the New Jerusalem’s measurements.

Yet, Allen would suggest this nonsense: 

“From the satellite images, the complex appears to measure 1200 Sumerian feet by 1150 Sumerian feet. Although there are many instances of multiples of 100 Sumerian feet suggesting a grid of 100 Sumerian feet was used in the planning, the odd shape of 1200 x 1150 Sumerian feet suggests it was planned on a grid of 50 Sumerian feet.”  (www.atlantisbolivia.com – see Teotihuacán Citadel Measurements)

UNBELIEVABLE!  There isn’t any odd shape – it’s a SQUARE - plain and simple.

Hasn't anyone ever noticed that the perimeter of the Citadel is precisely 1 Imperial Mile?  Are we so addicted to this infernal metric system that we can't see the forest for the trees? 

And, how blind can we be to suggest that some pantheistic fools who wanted to be gods or, worse yet, Nephilim/Giants/Demigods roamed the region to construct this artifact for self-expression?  Another interpretive view by Allen (later on in his interpretations) lends credibility to the squaring of the Citadel platform wherein the Citadel is 1,200 by 1,200 S.F. or 1,200 & 13.2” = 15,840”/12” = 1,320 Linear Feet by 1,320 Linear Ft. or 4 * 1,320’ = 5,280’ = Perimeter of 1 Mile.

Hugh Harleston Jr.

One of the foremost metrologists of Teotihuacán is, without equivocation, Dr. Hugh Harleston Jr., who during the late 1960s and 1970s measured this “ritual city” from a “…unified geometrical composition whose intervals are clearly defined, and Harleston was soon able to establish the basic unit of measure in its dimensions. 

This proved to be a unit of 1.0594 meters, which Harleston called the Standard Teotihuacán Unit (STU) or Hunab after the Mayan word, adopted by the Aztecs, for Measure

He also recognized the geodetic significance of that unit:  1.0594063 meters is equivalent to the ‘Jewish rod’ of 3.4757485 ft., the same unit which represents the width of the Stonehenge lintels, a six-millionth part of the earth’s polar radius and one part in 37,800,000 of its mean circumference.” (Ref. The New View Over Atlantis, Dr. John Michell, 1995, p. 131).

Also:  “Harleston says of Teotihuacan's builders: ‘When they draw a line, they're telling you an area. When they draw an area, they're telling you a volume. When they put volume, they're telling you time.’”

So, what we’re dealing with here are ultimately three fundamental metrologies (with the Imperial Mile/Foot and the meter thrown in for their ubiquitous usage) – Firstly, Dr. Harleston with the STUs or the Standard Teotihuacán Unit of measurement being in feet – the aforesaid 3.4757485 ft. = 1 STU (which Harleston claims is the measurement of the Jewish Sacred Rod and dubbed the Hunab (Mayan for “measure”)…and that this Hunab measurement was used among the ancients in measuring their objects throughout the Earth). 

Secondly, the Sumerian basic unit which is measured in “shusi” of 0.66”, link of 12 shusi (7.92”), foot of 20 shusi (13.2”) cubit of 30 shusi (19.8”), yard of 50 shusi (33.0”), etc.  – whereas the “Sumerian Foot” is, as stated, 13.2” (or 1.1’) and as the “S.F.” or “s.f” – therefore, 10 s.f. are calculated 10 * 13.2” = 132” or 132”/12” = 11’.  Thirdly, the unit developed by Saburo Sugiyama dubbed the TMU or Teotihuacán Measuring Unit which is 2.69’ or 32.68” or 83 cm.


In the above colorful map we observe the commencement of the measurements of the brilliant team of Dr. Hugh Harleston Jr. – whose conclusions, however, leave something to be desired insofar as “some” of the overall dimensions of the Citadel concern, but when meshed with those of “Allen’s team” of GPS Sumerian units, they confirm a number of our suspicions that the site is truly 1,320’ x 1,320’ (not a quadrilateral-four-sided rectangle but a quadrilateral-four-sided square).

The drawing above was made in 1998 (after many years of research and measurement – I hasten to add).  Please note the “Saturn” structure (i.e., the Citadel) to be 378 STU x 396 STUs (Standard Teotihuacán Units of 3.4757485 ft. or 378 * 3.4757485 ft. = 1,313.832933’ x 1,376.39641’ (irregular and oddly enough very much larger than the 1,320’ x 1,265’ S.F.(Sumerian Foot measurement of 1,200 s.f. x 1,150 s.f. of the Citadel platform)) measurements.  Oddly enough, it appears Harleston may have inadvertently placed a 378 STU on the other side of the Avenue of the Dead in “front” of the Citadel – therefore, in the front he has 378 STU, 378 STU on the sides but 396 in the back of the Citadel.  Later, Harleston, as you will see, determined that the site was square at 378 STU x 378 STU.

Harleston’s Citadel measurements in feet are different from our “intended measurement” of 1,320’ x 1,320’ (i.e., 1,313.832933’ by 1,313.832933’ if using 378 STU x 378 STU).  You will find, as I, that Harleston’s metrologies bear outstanding proportional integration, consistency and inter-relationships by capturing the overall design by the original and subsequent developers of the site/structures in building a metrological system.

He, as we, confirm their intentions were not random placements but were by design intended to convey astronomical, calendrical, and, especially cosmological meaning (herein we place their religious and/or spiritual implications and extrapolate them to the measurements of the New Jerusalem of John the Beloved, and exemplified within the geometry of the New Jerusalem Diagram, which, in the main, is a superb and most dynamic expression of celestial realities).

Again, the above map was drawn in 1998 by Dr. Hugh Harleston, Jr.  Now, I must tell you that these irregularities among these metrologies – especially these three metrologists (Harleston, Sugiyama, and the Allen-GPS Team/Synthesis) have been chosen from a somewhat vast pool of metrologists (there are others as well).

These metrologists appear to be the most diligent and comprehensive in their measurements and conclusions; although sometimes their measurements are skewed in order to conform to their particular “systems”, they are, nevertheless, done with a sincerity of purpose altogether admirable insofar as the science of metrology and cosmology concern. 

We may differ with them in our interpretation – but we must admire them for their supreme efforts in relating to the general public the immensity of their discoveries under strenuous conditions – some having accomplished this herculean fete of measurement for nigh half a century!

In 2001 the Harleston team came out with these metrologies on their 3-D map (below) – again, using the STU as their standard unit of measurement; however, please note to the right/facing that the Citadel’s measurements have been decreased to 378 x 378 STU (not 378 x 396) or 378 * 3.4757485’ = 1,313.832933’ x 1,313.832933’ just shy of our 1,320’ x 1,320’ or 6.167067’ on both dimensions; however, they have “squared” the Citadel platform – whereas, the Atlantisbolivia


site (Allen) has remained irregular and created a rectangle at best or simply an irregular sided quadrilateral, not a four-square platform.  However, that said – and while admiring the proportional symmetry of the city’s platform and structures – we are, nevertheless, befuddled that in order to achieve his overall length of 2,268 STU (observe the 936 + 936 + 396 = 2,268 STU and securing his 3:1 ratio in its width as 756 STU (see backside of the Pyramid of the Moon measurement) wherein 756 STU/2 (1/2 on each side of its axis or Avenue of the Dead) = 378 STU (which is the same measurement on the base square sides of the Citadel at 378 STU x 378 STU; however, the 396 STU behind the Citadel “appears” to agree with the measurement of the 378 STU…but that cannot be.  Therefore, we assume that the 396 STU measurement must extend to both sides of the Citadel with the greater balance of the difference (396 STU less 378 STU = 18 STU) on the “southern side” of the Citadel – a slight technicality, however, 18 STU is 18 * 3.4757485’ = 62.563473 Linear Feet…no small “fete” – but unequivocally the Citadel is a square. 

Dr. Harleston has been at this a very long time.  One must realize that excavation, simultaneously, has been going on throughout the complex – changing the overall measurements; therefore, he has tried to be as accurate as he can be with his team of researchers.  It’s like trying to measure a boy’s height when he’s still growing!  As the extensive work of Saburo Sugiyama (our third metrologists under review) states regarding the history and measurement difficulties at Teotihuacán and its major objects, let alone its overall city dimensions:

“Many of the structures visible today at the city were built in highly symmetric relation [My comment:  That’s reassuring.] to each other along the north-south axis (Avenue of the Dead) at the latest by approximately 250 AD, though initial construction stages with significantly different spatial distributions may have begun at least one century earlier (Million 1973; Million et. al. 1973; Sugiyama 2003).  In spite of the large corpus of information from the city’s apogee [Note:  At one point the population exceeded 200,000 by 600 AD – although the author of this link, along with many other misinformed, calculate Teotihuacán to be 8 sq. miles or more, our claim, based on the ancient duodecimal system pegs it at 7,920’ (north/south axis) by 2,640’ wide or 1.5 miles * .5 miles = .75 square miles or 20,908,800 sq. feet/43,560 sq. ft. (1 acre) = 480 acres...a square mile is 5,280’ * 5,280’ = 27,878,400’/43,560 sq. ft. = 640 acres…480/640 = 0.75% – the architects of the city, according to Harleston, having commenced around 600 BC], we are critically lacking data from its initial stages, which would allow us to better examine issues related to its genesis and early transformation processes. 

“According to our current ceramic chronology and C14 data, among the few known early constructions were the city’s three major monuments:  the Sun Pyramid, the Moon Pyramid, and a large ceremonial complex, called the Citadel, with its main structure the Feathered Serpent Pyramid (FSP). …However, the city’s basic spatial arrangement evidently endured until its collapse around AD 600 (Millon 1988; Cowgill 1996; Sugiyama 2003).

“Extensive explorations of these three monuments began in the early 20th century when precise and systematic recording methods had not yet been established (e.g., Batrese 1906; Gamio 1922; Salazar 1970). 

“Therefore, the original excavation data from these projects are scarce, fragmentary, or often inaccurate.  However, two large projects to re-explore the PSP in 1988-89 and the Moon Pyramid in 1998-2004 are providing new architectural and chronological information (Cabrera, Sugiyama, and Cowgill 1991; Sugiyama 2004; 2005; Sugiyama and Cabrera 2003; Sugiyama and Lopez 2006, 2007). 

“The Sun Pyramid was also excavated recently by an INAH project that completely uncovered its facades and basal platform (Matos 1995).”  (THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF MEASUREMENT – COMPREHENDING HEAVEN, EARTH AND THE TIME IN ANCIENT SOCIETIES – Cambridge University Press – 2010 – by Lain Morley, Colin Renfre, under the section known as the preliminary results of the “Measurement Unity Study”)


So you see – this is not so easy – see here at World Mysteries extensive coverage at Teotihuacán. 

A casual aerial view of, for example, the plaza in front of the Pyramid of the Moon (above), clearly shows surrounding altars impacted with dirt which covers most of their backsides…work is still very much on-going insofar as restoration/excavation concerns.


The drawing made in 1984 by the Harleston team measured the Citadel in what appears to be around 378 STU (see back side) to a sort of “open ended” either “336” to an “eye evaluation ledger” (cir. 1984) on the side equally somewhere between “0 and 380” with 380 appearing as if it were intended to be the other side measurement – but this has left us somewhat “open-ended” in our ability to accurately measure with the naked eye.  Again, the 378 x 378 (or his perimeter of 1,512 STU) would be 1,313.832933’ x 1,313.832933’ – however, if we were to calculate 380 STU x 380 STU we would have 380 * 3.4757485’ = 1,320.78443’ x 1,320.78443’ and, quite frankly, this measurement is easily envisioned as 1,320’ x 1,320’. 

Harleston, however, is fairly set on his calendrical, astronomical, or cosmological systems.  Again, from 1964 into 1972 and 1974, the Harleston team did an extensive style of metrological drawings and came up with this. [Please “enlarge” your view to maximum to see his calculations.]  However, the far right/facing Citadel he initially measured as 377H (i.e., STU) x 378H (Hunabs) or 377H * 3.4757485’ = 1,310.35718’ x 1,313.832933 (adding 1 more Hunab of 3.4757485’) to his 377 STU would have given him a 378H x 378H measurement and, consequently, a quadrilateral square – not a quadrilateral rectangle – which 378H x 378H he eventually acquiesced to as a logical conclusion:  A square object!


On the other hand, precisely measuring the Citadel at 1,320’ x 1,320’ would necessitate the following measurements converted to STU (aka “hunabs”) as:

Again:  1,320’/3.4757485’ (1 STU/Hunab) = 379.774313361295 STU/Hunabs * 4 (if a perfect square Citadel base) equals a base Citadel perimeter of 1,519.097253440518 STU (or 1,519.10 rounding up) not Harleston’s 1,512 STU (if the Citadel is a square) or 5,280’ base perimeter (1,320’ * 4 = 5,280’) vs. 5,255.331732’ base perimeter or a differential of 24.668268’ or 7.1 STU/Hunab.  We are scarcely talking about a differential on all of the sides of the square around six feet or a difference of 24.668268’/3.4757485’ (1 STU) = 7.09725344 STU.

If we examine the Harleston measurements over a period from 1964 to 2008 – some 44 years – their consistency has been amazing and approximating the 1,320’ x 1,320’ square of the Citadel – which we believe to be the intention of the builders – not an ambiguous quadrilateral (any four-sided object) as Harleston in earlier rendering/measurements left open for speculation (but has since maintained the Citadel as a quadrilateral square). 

The foursquare quadrilateral matches the New Jerusalem (“The city is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth…its length, breadth, and height [for it is a cube] are equal” Rev. 21:16.) and other measurements at Teotihuacán.  The 1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’ (base perimeter = 5,280’) measurements are, as well, so close to that of the “Sumerian Foot Team” (4,700 s.f. = base perimeter = 5,170’ – their team GPS from a north/south measurement is 1,320’) and the Harleston measurements (1,152 STU = 5,255.331732’ perimeter) as to be inconsequential as to their differences.  Notwithstanding, there have been many other attempts at the Citadel’s measurements, including those done by Saburo Sugiyama in 1993 with additional research up through and including 2008.

Saburo Sugiyama

Sugiyama’s TMU (Teotihuacán Measuring Unit of 83 cm or 2.69’ or 32.68”)…became his standard unit of measurement throughout his entire research on the site.

Viewing his drawing in our next graphic, Sugiyama seems to indicate that the Citadel’s measurements approximate somewhere between 584 TMU and 520 TMU or between 1,570.96’ and 1,398.8’.  These dimensions are far in excess of Harleston’s Hunabs/STUs or Allen’s Sumerian Ft. measurements of the Citadel and certainly in excess of 1,320’ x 1,320’.  Again, his measurements attempt to, in our opinion, justify his position in reference to “time and space” of the designers:

“A fundamental characteristic of Mesoamerican culture was that intricate calendrical systems mediated decisive political, military, and social events with regard to astronomical cycles (Shele and Freidel 1990; Schele and Millere 1986).  …the use of the 365-day solar calendar system, divided into 18 months of 20 days


plus 5 luminal days, was used as a principal cycle of time.  In addition to this calendar, the Maya elaborated larger cycles using their civil year, or tun, of 360 (20 x 18) days.  These included the katun, a period of 20 times 360-day years, and baktun, 400 times 360-day years, as part of an elaborate system of reckoning time called the Long Count (Justeson, 1989, 77).

“As mentioned previously, the unmistakable eastern limit of the Citadel is located at 433l.17 m (521.89 TMU) from the city’s north-south axis, the distance seems to be too close to that of the space between the eastern edge of the Sun Pyramid compound and the city’s axis to be accidental.  It can therefore be concluded that the Citadel complex and the Sun Pyramid complex were consciously constructed in association with one another, to imply a special calendar number, twice 260 days, or thrice 173.31 days.”  

Sugiyama’s City width appears as 520 TMU * 2 = 1,040 TMU or 2,797.6’ – whereas our calculations and others we have reviewed (e.g., Harleston’s persistent 756 STU or 2,627.66566’) indicate that width dimension to be much closer to our principled 2,640’ or .5 miles (please note 2,640’/2 = 1,320’ or the edge of the four-squared platform of the Citadel) – nearly 157.6’ shorter than Sugiyama’s measurements.

Sugiyama shows no correlation between his measurements of the Citadel (i.e., 1,570.96’ and 1,398.8’ on two sides) to that of the City’s width (2,797.6’) – wherein our 2,640’/2 = 1,320’ (the prime base measurement of the Citadel platform/square vs. Sugiyama’s 2,797.6’/2 = 1,398.8’ (Sugiyama’s Citadel base measurements decisively envision a quadrilateral rectangle (not a square) with length and breadth being 1,570.96’ and 1,398.8’ respectively (although his 1,398.8’ does project an effort at symmetry).  To his credit, Harleston goes to great length to justify his astronomical, calendrical  and cosmological integrated system and maintains a 3:1 ration wherein his squared Citadel is 378 STU * 2 (base edges) = 756 STU and his city breadth is 756 STU / 2  (its axis) = 378 STU (hearkening back to the Citadel’s measurement) – perfectly in proportion as to our own measurements wherein two sides of the Citadel are as 1,320’ * 2 = 2,640’ and the breath of the city is 2,640’ / 2 = 1,320’ – thus keeping the length/width of Teotihuacán on a scale of 3:1 in both cases – ours to reflect the New Jerusalem and his to reflect his aforementioned time and space thesis

We’re simply stating that the originators of the complex understood and fashioned their monument measurements in compliance with the celestial measurements of the New Jerusalem and that these metrologies were ubiquitous throughout the ancient world – we affirm their knowledge of this and subsequent applications throughout antiquity to be a dynamic interchange between the Creator and the “creature” who initially expressed these “heavenly realities” in form but through their own greed and self-deception commenced to “worship and serve the creature more than the Creator” … therefore, and unfortunately, some of these World Mystery sites were later distorted from their original intent and, tragically, these distortions have carried over into New Age and other interpretations which deprecate the Creator and/or diminish their original intent – at times, severely.

Returning to Sugiyama’s efforts, if we were to add approximately 40 meters/131’ (width of the Avenue as shown on GPS is 165’) for the San Juan River Canal, not measured here in his drawing, to Sugiyama’s length segments of 1,000 TMU (from behind the Pyramid of the Moon) + 1,000 TMU from the midst of the Pyramid of the Sun to the San Juan River Canal + 131’ Canal + 584 TMU of the Citadel itself = 7,081.96’ which, on the other hand, is far shorter than our 7,920’ measurement (nearly 838.04’ short of our 7,920’) and, as we shall later see – the measurement of Harleston’s team of 2,268 STUs or 7,882.9976’ which is slightly less than our 7,920’ (however, if you view his drawings, that additional shortage of 37.002402’ could easily be made up on either side of the axis, especially, when approximately 18.5’ is all that is needed on either end of the axis (i.e., there is plenty of wiggle room). 

It seems reasonable to say that for whatever reason, the measurements of Sugiyama are seemingly skewed or we’re misinterpreting his drawings or he is simply missing the mark and missing it with some degree of generosity.  This may be tied to his efforts in interpreting the entire City as an expression of “time and space with calendrical, astronomical, or cosmological significance.”

Sugiyama’s city width of 2,797.6’ (ours 2,640’ and Harleston’s 2,627.665866’) appears based upon his statement of the City’s ambiguous width; to wit:

No evidence of the east-west axis in the city’s earthly layout has been reported archaeologically.  Teotihuacan may not have been divided into four sections like the urban plan of Tenochtitlan [Aztec capital city at the time of the arrival of the Spaniards]; instead, the city’s public buildings were purposefully and explicitly elaborated solely along the Avenue of the Dead in the north-south direction.”

The New Jerusalem Layout of Teotihuacán

With Teotihuacán’s ration of 3:1 we can easily consider the following:  Either 3 sections with measurements 2,640’ x 2,640’ to 12 sections (lending credibility to our New Jerusalem model) using its axis to separate the 2,640’ into dimensions of 1,320’ x 1,320’ (for 2,640’ x 2,640’ = 6,969,600 sq. ft. * 3 such sections = 20,908,800 sq. ft.; and 1,320’ * 1,320’ = 1,742,400 sq. ft. * 12 sections = 20,908,800 sq. ft. and all this comports with our 2,640’ x 7,920’ measurement of the city equaling 20,908,800 sq. ft.  Each of the 12 sections mirrors the dimensions of the Citadel – furthermore the Citadel’s 40 acres is that of each of these city sections or 12 * 40 = 480 total acres.  If each side of the axis has 6 separate measurements that mirror that of the citadel itself, then 40 * 6 = 240 acres – and, if each were “cubed” as a further reflection of the New Jerusalem – using the 40 acre platforms, then 40 x 6 = 240 acres per each cube * 6 = 1,440 acres per a set of six such cubes considered to be the 144 or Wall of the New Jerusalem. 


Doubling this for both sides of the axis or 12 such cubes we would have 1,440 acres * 2 = 2,880 acres or in sq. feet:  2,880 acs. * 43,560 sq. ft. = 1,252,800 sq. ft.  whose “digit sums” add to “18” which is the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement (1 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 8 = 18) and in sq. inches we have on the 12 individual cubes 180,403.200 sq. inches = “18.”   

In cubic measurements the 12 cubed model of Teotihuacán per cube is:  1,320’ * 1,320’ * 1,320’ = 2,317,392,000 cu. ft. which “digit sum” is “27” indicative of the Messiah Revealed in the 27 text of Sacred Christian Canon.  This 2,317,392,000 cu. ft. * 12 cubes of such = 27,808,704,000 cu. ft. = “36” (i.e., the Eternal God as in 360° circle without beginning or ending. 

If we were to take 27 * 12 = 324 which is 3 + 2 + 4 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness or 27 * 6 (one side of the axis) = 162 = “9” and, therefore, two such sides allows the Magnification of the Sun of Righteousness as “99” or as 9 + 9 = 18 wherein the New Jerusalem appears.  Furthermore the 1 vs. 12 we have 27 * 36 = “972” which is “18” of the New Jerusalem Standard of measurement. 

When cubic inches are integrated into the 12 cubes of Teotihuacán – per one cube we have 2,317,392,000 cu. ft. * 1728 cu. inches =   4,004,453,376,000 cu. in. or in digit sum to “36” per cube.  With all 12 cubes we have:  4,004,453,376,000 cu. in. * 12 = 48,053,440,512,000 cu. in. or “36” again.  Here we see both the Eternal God (360° in a circle) as well as 3 + 6 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness.  Also:  36 + 36 = 72 = the Name of God and 7 + 2 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness and, as well,  36 * 36 = 1,296 which in turn is “18” the Standard of Measurement of the New Jerusalem.  Adding the products of the cubic feet of 972 with those in cubic inches, 1,296 we arrive at 2,268 which likewise is “18” = the New Jerusalem Standard.

When we do our “models” and extrapolations of the New Jerusalem, there is a refined and very understandable symmetry that follows.  Each of our 12 cubes thus made has 240 acres or 2 + 4 = 6 (6 faces of one cube which is 1,320’ x 1,320’).  This “6” can be extrapolated as in 6 * 6 cubes one side of the axis = 36 and 36 on the other for a sum of 72 (36 + 36 = 72) or, again, 36 * 36 = 1,296 or “18” and the New Jerusalem reappears.

Yes, there are many other measurements which confirm that Teotihuacán was “laid out in a 3:1 pattern and more so, that this pattern is a reflection of the Citadel’s base perimeter measurements of 1,320’ x 1,320’ making the city comport to the duodecimal system of ancient metrology having its sides as 1 + 3 + 2 = 6 and 6 * 6 = 36 (per face) * 6 (six faces of a cube) = 216 (something Harleston would be pleased to see) * 12 such cubes = 2,592 and this 2592 is precisely the fractal of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac of 25,920 years – known, of course, as the Great Precessional.  These 216s reflect the 12 constellations of the Mazzaroth (Hebrew for Zodiac).  Likewise, and my World Mystery friends will appreciate this – the 216 is likewise the fractal of the Moon’s diameter of 2,160 miles and forms the “12 circles” of the New Jerusalem Diagram made popular by Dr. John Michell of the Dimensions of Paradise fame – philosopher to the hippies!  And, of course, this is to say nothing of the fact that it reflects the circumference of the entire Nautical Earth at 21,600 nautical miles (6072’ = 1 nautical mile * 21,600 nautical miles (there being 60 miles per 1 degree * 360° = 21,600 nautical miles and 6072’ * 21,600 nautical miles = 131,155,200 Linear Feet/5,280’ (one mile) = 24,840 miles which approximates the circumference of the Earth in “statute miles.”


But I digress…

Later – and of some interest as to his academic research he (S. Sugiyama) posits:

“Native divisions of time and space, the movements of celestial objects, and the cycles of other natural phenomena seem to have been deeply rooted in the creation myth of the gods and mankind.  The most fundamental account describes a contract with the gods at the time of creation of the universe, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and mankind (Sahagun 1952: Book 3: 1-9).  For native Mesoamericans, time and space began at a certain moment in a specific place.  The Maya believed, for reasons unknown to us, that the universe began August 12, 3114 BC, and they recorded particular historical and mythohistorical events with reference to this first day in the Long Count.  August 12 was also given special attention at Teotihuacan and was integrated in the city layout, as I describe later, indicating that Teotihuacan had comogenic significance from its foundation.”

Finally, Sugiyama’s conclusions relative to the Citadel:

“The most interesting numbers are from the total width of the Citadel complex.  The total north-south measurement is 482.58 m (581.42 TMU or 1,564.0198 linear feet…far in excess of our 1,320 or Harleston’s slightly lesser figure), which is 2.5 units short of the cycle of Venus in days.  Considering the accuracy demonstrated by the Teotihuacanos in the exact spatial distribution of the buildings, this implies there is an as-yet-unknown motivation for using this shorter measurement.  In turn, the north-south width of the Citadel complex, 403.86 m (486.58 TMU or 1,308,9002’) or 404.59 m (487.46 TMU or 1,311.2674’), accords well with the number of days in which Venus was recorded visible by natives as either a morning or evening star (236 + 250 = 486 days).” (from his 2008 book segment – see above).

Thus, Sugiyama’s platform measurements (we assume) of the Citadel are 581.42 TMU x 486.58 TMU or, taking the larger of two, 487.46 – therefore 581.42 x 487.46 TMU or 1,564,0198’ by 1,311.2674’ giving us an approximate perimeter of…1,564’ * 2 = 3,128’ + 1,311’ * 2 =   2,622’ or 3,128’ + 2,622’ = 5,750’ which is far and beyond anyone else’s previous calculations and certainly beyond 5,280’ (our calculations) and is, therefore, some 470’ larger than 5,280’ – again, we are not clear what Sugiyama is measuring – it certainly is not what the other metrologies have measured.

Therefore, and given our other measurements throughout Teotihuacán, we are altogether convinced that the original intent of the builders was to create a perfectly square platform for the Citadel of 1,320’ x 1,320’ to mimic the Imperial Mile dimension, and, ipso facto the New Jerusalem’s dimensions.



The largest of the Teotihuacán pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun, was actually reconstructed as/on five stepped platforms. However, the fourth platform seems to have been erroneously reconstructed by Leopordo Batres following his heavy-handed excavations in 1907. The pyramid then originally consisted of four stepped platforms, a surmounting temple, and the Adosada platform, which was built over what was originally the principal facade of the pyramid. No information about the temple itself is available, since, along with the upper-most portion of the pyramid, it has been completely destroyed.  That said, the original base of the Sun Pyramid is unequivocally four-square... No information about the temple itself is available, since, along with the upper-most portion of the pyramid, it has been completely destroyed. (Excerpts from S. Sugiyama)

“As originally built, the Sun Pyramid was approximately 215 by 215 m at the base, and about 63 m high. It was significantly enlarged at least twice in later periods, resulting in a final size of 225 m along each side. The pyramid was located on the east side of the Avenue of the Dead in the northern half of the city. If the area of monumental construction between the Moon Pyramid and the San Juan Canal is regarded as the central zone of the city.  Another extensive excavation by INAH, directed by Eduardo Matos Moctezuma in 1992-93, exposed more of the pyramid complex, especially on its north and east sides.  The dimensions of the Pyramid of the Sun incorporate 'Pi' in the following way: (4 x Π) x h = Perimeter / Circumference of base. The pyramids base area is almost the same as that of the great pyramid of Ghiza [Note:  Sugiyama’s Sun Pyramid perimeter measurement at either 2,820’ or 2,953’ expanded – Great Pyramid of Giza base perimeter is at 3,024’ – Sugiyama’s height at 206.692’ and Giza (Petrie) at 480.69’].  The height is almost half.”  (Saburo Sugiyama: Arizona State University, Dept. of Anthropology, Tempe, AZ 85287 ©Copyright 1996 Project Temple of Quetzalcoatl, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México/ ASU)


“I observed in 1993 that the Sun Pyramid was evidently set at the exact centre of the entire city layout (Figure 11.5).  The east-west axis of the pyramid seems to have been the central line between the northern edge of the Moon Pyramid and the southern edge of the San Juan River (Grand Channel).  If so, the Citadel and the Great Compound would have been exceptional complexes outside this central zone (Sugiyama 1993).” (Ibid.)

The original four platforms are of great interest in the construction of the Pyramid of the Sun in that their degree sum (i.e., each have 360 degrees or 4 corners of 90 degrees each) would equal 360 * 4 = 1440 or 144 which is the Wall of the New Jerusalem.  S. Sugiyama – who has done extensive measurements on the site – concludes that the 705.380’ x 705.380’ (215 m x 215 m) were the dimensions of the original platform – later enlarged to 738.188’ x 738.188’ (225 m x 225 m).  It appears, without a doubt, the original intention was a four-square base structure – the S. Sugiyama elevation comes in at 65 m or 213.254’.


Sugiyama goes into elaborate detail as to his excavation metrologies of the Pyramid of the Sun – we will try to summarize:

“Our mapping survey in 2006 provides more precise data:  the north, east, south, and west sides of the older/smaller pyramid measure 214.63 m (258.59 TMU/), 215.15 m (259.22 TMU), 215.72 m (259.90 TMU), and 210.50 m (253.61 TMU), respectively (TMU conversion Sun Pyramid base perimeter:  2,774.2508’ – previous Sun Pyramid base perimeter measurements:  2,820’ or 2,953’).  Except for the western façade, which features unclear overlapping construction, the sides are close to 260 TMU (therefore, base perimeter measurements are 260 * 4 = 1,040 TMU * 2.69’ = 2,797.6’).  The 2,797.6’ (or 260 * 4 = 1,040 TMU base perimeter measurement is also quoted as such in Mesoamerican Archaeology).

“The north, east, south, and west sides of the later building completely covering the earlier one measure 221.43 m (266.78 TMU), 223.75 m (269.58 TMU), 224.24 m (270.17 TMU), and 221.53 m (266.90 TMU), respectively, and were dated by Million (1973) to the Xolalpan phase (AD 400-500 or later)  (Note:  Total TMU = 1,073.43 converted to feet = 2,887.5267’).  We do not know the reason for this significant unevenness on the four sides, but the dimensions of the enlarged facades in TMU do not appear significant.”  (Ibid. Sugiyama)

Metrological discrepancies are observed when contrasting Sugiyama’s measurements with those of GPS/Sumerian Ft., et al, and those of the Harleston’s team of metrologists who use the Jewish Sacred Rod measurement known as the Hunag (Harleston's Jupiter is the Pyramid of the Sun). 


The GPS-Allen, et al, measures the Pyramid of the Sun/Jupiter as:  687.5' (one base) * 4 = 2,750’ * 12" = 33,000" * 3 (cubed) = 99,000 - therefore, you can immediately see my prejudice regarding this figure as in 99 = "18" and 9 * 9 = 81 = 8 + 1 = 9 and 9 all over the place as the Sun of Righteousness - how fitting then that this is dubbed the "Pyramid of the Sun"!  However, Harleston's measurements of his Jupiter (aka, Sun Pyramid) comes in with the following base measurements:  216 STU x 216 STU or 216 * 3.4757485' = 750.761676' * 4 base edges = 3,003.046704' base perimeter of the Sun Pyramid which is substantially different than the GPS-Allen folks as in:  Pyramid of the Sun base perimeter:  3,003.046704' (Harleston) - 2,750' (GPS/Allen) = 253.046704' - this difference alone causes me to be highly suspicious.  The chart below summarizes the sundry measurements of the various metrologies at work on the Pyramid of the Sun:

Pyramid of the Sun – Base Perimeter Measurements – Teotihuacán, Mexico Metrology Comparisons – 2012 – Doug Krieger



Measuring Unit

Measuring Unit in Feet

Base Edge


Base Edge


Sun Pyramid

Base Perimeter Ft./In.


Of Pyramid


Harleston Jr.


Standard Teotihuacán



41.708982”= 1 STU







Saburo Sugiyama



Measuring Unit



32.68” =











Saburo Sugiyama

1993 (1)



39.36996” =

1 Meter






Saburo Sugiyama

2006 (3)



32.68” =








*Saburo Sugiyama

1993 (2)

Also:  Guild Pub.



39.36996” =

1 Meter






J.M. Allen/ GPS/Atlantisbolivia

et. al.


Sumerian Foot


13.2” =

1 S.F./s.f.









39.36996” =

1 Meter

233.5 M.





*Guild Pub



39.36996” =

1 Meter

225 M




Mesoamerican Archeology

2006 AD



Measuring Unit


32.68” =







Mesoamerican Archeology



39.36996” =

1 Meter











39.36996” =

1 Meter









12” = 1 Ft.











Someone is off somewhere or, on the other hand regarding base perimeter measurements of the Pyramid of the Sun.  Perhaps each measurement is determined at different stages of excavation and, therefore, is measuring the site based on what was there at the time?

Sugiyama concludes that the 705.380’ by 705.380’ (215 m x 215 m) were the dimensions of the original Sun Pyramid platform, were later enlarged to 738.188’ x 738.188’ (225 m x 225 m).  It appears, without a doubt, the original intention was a four-square base structure – the S. Sugiyama elevation comes in at 65 m or 206.692’ (206’ 8.31” or 2,480.304).

Conclusions to the Dimensions of the Pyramid of the Sun

Throughout this brief exchange we have presenting the growing body of metrologies directly related to the Citadel, the Pyramid of the Sun  and to some degree the general dimensions of Teotihuacán – contending that the dimensions of Paradise, the New Jerusalem bear the greatest impression upon the original and even subsequent builders of this most stunning expression of antiquity.

As the dust clears from our metrologies and those “systems” developed by researchers, well-meaning in their efforts during the past 100+ years of measurement and restoration, it is our final determination that the dimensions of the base measurements of the Pyramid of the Sun are in keeping with those of Harleston’s on-going and extensive investigations. 

We do not conclude at this time that his particular planetary thesis sheds light on the originations of the Sun Pyramids dimensions but are more than convinced that we have built upon some of his understanding and, most definitely, Harleston has done a most remarkable job in attempting to connect the dots at Teotihuacán.  

The extrapolations derived from his base side measurements of the Sun Pyramid – concluding it to likewise be a square (Sugiyama and others “squaring” with this assessment) whose base perimeter is 3,003.046704’ or base edge of 216 STU (Standard Teotihuacán Unit) which unit is 3.4757485’ and, therefore, whose side is 216 STU * 3.4757485’ (“The Jewish Sacred Rod” of 41.708982”) = 750.761676’ * 4 base Sun Pyramid edges = 3,003.046704’ or 3,003’.

The square having been resolved to be the object of the builders of this, the third largest pyramid in the world after those at Giza (excluding Bosnia), and the largest in all the Western Hemisphere – this, the Pyramid of the Sun, rightly reflects the dimensions of the New Jerusalem and the intent of the Sun of Righteousness.

However, as we view the precise perimeter of the Pyramid of the Sun we arrive at 750.761676’ * 4 base Sun Pyramid edges = 3,003.046704’ or 3,003’ – therefore, we will work with the perimeter of 3,003’ – later we shall find that the Pyramid of the Moon has a similar oddity (2,002’).

Therefore, 3,003’ * 12” = 36,036” or two sets of “36” which is 9 (3 + 6 = 9) + 9 = 18 or two sets at 99 which is a reflection or Magnification of the Sun of Righteousness (9) and together 9 + 9 = 18 which is the cardinal or standard measurement of the New Jerusalem as in 18,000 linear mile 12-edged perimeter.

This four-square illustration is further borne out in cubing of the linear footage as in 3,003’ * 3 (giving us 12-edges of a square Sun Pyramid cube) = 9,009’ linear feet or, again, two sets of 9 as in 99 or 9 * 9 = 81 (resembling the 81 dots of the Sun-Star of Peru) or the Magnification of the Sun of Righteousness in reference to His “double coming” to humankind as in “99”and, as well 9 + 9 = 18 New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.

In linear inches, 9,009’ * 12” = 108,108, which in turn magnifies the measurements of the New Jerusalem via the Sun of Righteousness wherein 108 = “18” and 108 = “18” and, of course both number sets add in digits to “18” as in 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 = 18.  The simplicity of these figures is refreshing and communicates extremely well with the other proportions throughout the city.

Sun Pyramid’s Additional Measurements

In area, square feet, the Sun Pyramid’s base four-square area is 3,003’ * 3,003’ = 9,018,009 sq. feet which, again, is the New Jerusalem “18” embraced by the Magnification of this, the Sun Pyramid, the Sun of Righteousness at His first and second comings in that 9….18….9 – the “99” embrace the “18” and the sum of all digits are equal to “27” as in 9 + 1 + 8 + 9 = “27” and this 27 is the number of the Revelation of Messiah in the 27 text of Christian canon.  This “27” is further amplified whereby 9,018,009 sq. feet * 6 faces of a cube to conform to the New Jerusalem’s cube = 54,108,054 sq. feet. 

This figure is truly marvelous in that it is broken down as 54…18…54.  The “54” connotes the peace and justice of the New Jerusalem or as Plato’s 5040 Optimal Number of Societal Bliss in his Magnesia wherein 108,864/5040 (5040 being the number of citizens and 108,864 the number of acres available) = 21.6 acres per citizen is so distributed and all these number sets bear profound implications for the 108 is the “18” of both the Moon’s radius which “reflects” the Sun of Righteousness wherein this “18” is the same Sun Who clothes the Woman of Revelation 12 – for she is “clothed with the Sun” – she is the ultimate New Jerusalem (18).  And for this reason at the heart of 54…18…54 is the “18” of the New Jerusalem.  But more so in this dimension, for 54 = 9 and 18 = 9 and 54 = 9 and, therefore, “999” which is the ultimate Magnification of the Sun of Righteousness into eternity, the Eschaton – if you would the Eternal State – into infinity.  And in it all is 9 + 9 + 9 = “27” the revelation of Messiah.

This is but one face of the cubed Pyramid of the Sun – and we must incorporate the 144 Wall of the New Jerusalem wherein 9,018,009 sq. feet * 144 sq. inches = 1,298,593,296 sq. inches = 54 as a confirmation that the Sun of Righteousness has given His all for humankind’s peace and justice through Himself, for 5 + 4 = 9 and 54 is 5040.  Also, 54 * 6 faces (in inches) = 324 = 3 + 2 + 4 = “9” = the Sun of Righteousness – the entire Pyramid of the Sun clearly expresses the Sun of Righteousness.

Again, as we cube the Pyramid of the Sun – using her base of 9,018,009 sq. feet we will find her six faces or 9,018,009 sq. ft. * 6 = 54,108,054 sq. feet – having discovered the 54…18…54 significance and that it is the Messiah (27 for 5 + 4 + 1 + 8 + 5 + 4 = 27) – we now multiply by the 144 cubit Wall of the New Jerusalem to arrive at:  54,108,054 sq. feet * 144 sq. inches = 7,791,559,776 sq. inches = 63 and 6 + 3 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness.  This is confirmed by adding the 27 (feet) + 63 (inches) = 90 or “9” = the Sun of Righteousness – the entire cubing of the Pyramid of the Sun is, therefore, a reflection of the Sun of Righteousness (9).

Even so:  27 * 63 = 1,701 = “9” and 63 less 27 = 36 = “9”.

The cubic measurement of our cube demonstrates the fullness and capacity/volume of the Sun of Righteousness:

Using the full length of Harleston’s measurement of 750’ “simplified base edge measurement” of the Sun Pyramid’s base edge…750’ * 750’ * 750’ = 421,875,000 cubic feet = “27” and in cubic inches we multiply by 12x12x12 = 1728 or 421,875,000 * 1728 cubic inches (in one cubic foot) = 729,000,000,000 cubic inches in the cubed Pyramid of the Sun.  Here again we see in the most simplistic of expressions the 7 + 2 + 9 = “18” or the 72 = 9 and the 9 or “99” – the full Magnification of the Sun of Righteousness at His first and second comings.

But his Magnification is for His Beloved Bride, the Holy City, New Jerusalem for 7 + 2 + 9 = “18” and this is the Standard Measurement of the New Jerusalem; furthermore, this number set 729 has embedded within it the same digits which comprise the length of this Teotihuacán, this City of God:  for “729” transposes to 792 but it is no error! 

The “27” in cubic feet of the Pyramid of the Sun and the “18” in cubic inches therein are combined as 27 + 18 = “45” and this 45 is recorded as the Sun of Righteousness found in Malachi 4:1-2 who shall “arise with healing in His wings” on the Great Day of God as found in Daniel 12:11-12 and will fully reveal Himself to His brethren according to the flesh, the sons of Jacob during the “45 days of blessing” (as their Joseph) after the 30 days of the Great Day of God wherein desolations are ended on the 1,290th day – or 30 days from the end of Daniel’s Seventieth Week (1,260 days) and from this day unto the 1,335th day, an additional 45 days it is said:  Blessed is he who waits until the 1,335th day – for 1,335 less 1,290 = 45 or 30 + 45 = 75 days from the terminus of Daniel’s 70th Week.

The Sun of Righteousness is seen in 27 – 18 = “9” and 27 * 18 = 486 = “18” in both the New Jerusalem (18) and as the Sun of Righteousness Who is coming for His Beloved Bride, the Holy City, New Jerusalem (18).


We will now move on to our second and perhaps third part of this study/research on the City of God or “city of gods” – Teotihuacán. The “restoration” continues on this most vivid expression of the City, Whose Builder and Maker is God.  As the Great Pyramid of Giza in the Eastern Hemisphere reflects the New Jerusalem with such exquisite measurement that it is called an “Altar to the LORD on the border of Giza (Egypt)” – even so, Teotihuacán in the Western Hemisphere is its counterpart – here, East meets West and the twain are utterly compatible:

Additional research will bring us to the Pyramid of the Moon and the sundry distances between these most mysterious objects – it will not be boring, I can assure you – just be open for a paradigm shift in your consideration of these most mysterious sites of antiquity – for descending from the heavens, one day, will be their ultimate reflection!

Our research into Teotihuacán would be utterly impossible without a “prophetic sense of urgency” as we affirm that the “End of the Age” is fast upon us and that these amazing measurements are coming to life at this most critical time in human history. 

The Church and even Judaism, less so among Moslems, has shunned the world of Sacred Numbers – the “Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon” hopes to change that disaffection from these absolute expressions. 

Geometry has, as well, awakened within man’s heart that effort to “connect the dots’ in a most unusual fashion to grasp that heavenly City descending upon us. 

There’s hope, there’s peace coming, there’s fire in our belly and we’re not going to remain silent any longer.  Far too long the “sacred geometry community” has in their own inimical fashion attempted to define the grandeur and symmetry of the New Jerusalem. 

It is now time, overtime, for the “faith community” to rise up and define ourselves – may the Almighty bless you in these studies as we move toward the climax of the age.   

*A brief summary of Sacred Canon Numbers:

The following brief outline below will help you decode the “New Jerusalem Matrix” – the list is hardly comprehensive but from time to time, these numbers and number sets will be of great value to you as we mention them time and again in our synthesis of the metrologies of Teotihuacán.

Sincerely, Doug Krieger - doug@the-tribulation-network.com

*Number or

Number Set

General Meaning

Number or

Number Set

General Meaning


The One True God


70 Weeks of Daniel


Witness & Testimony


The Name of God + 7 + 2 = 9 See No. 9


Triune God – Triangle – First Object


“75” Days of Daniel 12:11-12


Creation + Creature – 4 Winds 1 + 3 = God and man working together – 4-sq.


Fullness of Completion – doubles same




8 = See No. 8


Man – Created on the “Sixth Day”/Hexagon


Dots – 9*9 = 81; 8 + 1 = 9 Sun of Right.




9 See 9 and same in other #’s drop zero


First/Beginning/Resurrection & Newness – Equilibrium/Balance


Magnification of Sun of Righteousness


Sun of Righteousness – Final/End of All Things “99” Magnification -


“18” 1080 Radius of Moon


Half and half 5/5


“12” and 120 Elders/120 in Upper Room or 12 + 12 = 24


One less than 12/False Messiah


1260 = “9” = one-half Daniel’s Week


Duodecimal-12Patriarchs/12Apostles 12”

New Jerusalem Diagram/12ea.360days-1Yr


1290 Days of Daniel 12


Edge of the New Jerusalem


¼ of a Mile as in 1,320’


New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement

18,000 Mile Perimeter of NJ


12 * 12 = 144 = Wall of the New Jerusalem, 144,000 of Revelation = “9”


Expansion of “platform” 21 x 21 squares


Fish of John 21 – 1+5+3 = “9” Gentiles


Divine Governance – 24 Elders/24 Jewish Sacred Canon


Diameter of Moon/Mi. Name of God or 3*72, 21600 Circumference/Earth Nauti.


Messiah Revealed in 27 Text of Christian Canon


Sacred Cubit 25.20” also “9”


Age of Messiah – Commencement of Min.


½ Mile as in 2,640’


Messiah “Cut Off” – Crucifixion Age as per Luke’s Gospel


Redemption/Levites Purchased


The Eternal God as in 360° Circle


Radius of the Earth in miles:  3,960


39 Books of Hebrew Sacred Canon


Great Pyramid of Giza Elevation (Precisely 480.69’)


Time of Testing


5280’ – 1 Imperial Mile


Return of Messiah as Sun of Righteousness – the “45” days of Dan. 12


Number of a Man or “18”


7 * 7 = 49 = Work of the Spirit – Zech. 4


Base Edge of Great Pyramid of Giza Ft.


Year of Jubilee – Liberty


Diameter of Earth in Miles; Edge in Feet of New Jerusalem:  7,920,000


24 + 27 = 51 = Jewish/Christian Sacred Canon


Diameter of the Sun – 108,864 = New Jerusalem & Sun of Righteousness


Weeks in a Year


Distance (fractal) between Earth & Sun

Perimeter in Feet of New Jerusalem


Peace/Justice Utopia as in 5040 Plato #


The 1335th Day of Daniel 12:12 – 45 Days beyond 1,290 days – Blessing 2nd Coming of Messiah


After “62 Weeks” Messiah Cut Off

Daniel 9:26


Grk. Gematria for “Apocalypsis”


6 + 3 = 9 = Sun of Righteousness


Great Precessional in Yrs. 25,920


660’ = 1 Furlong – 66 Books of the Bible


Four-sq. Perimeter of New Jerusalem


69 Weeks (7+62=69) of Daniel 9:26 – “Messiah Cut Off”

Prepared by Douglas W. Krieger as part of series/ 2012

The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

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