By Doug Krieger


Introduction to Glastonbury

Our last segments dealt with the Sacred District of Teotihuacán, Mexico.  Making the transition from Mexico to Great Britain is no small fete – but we shall try…for there is a multiplicity of happenstance which those of skeptical mind will find all the more disconcerting.  So, this article will transition us from Teotihuacán to, of all places, Glastonbury, UK.

The great monuments of antiquity, we affirm, were – in the main – not designed in a vacuum – i.e., they were purposefully measured by an ancient system of metrology based upon the duodecimal code of measurement (i.e., “12”).  They were aligned with time (calendrical), space (astronomical) and profoundly cosmological in their consideration as manifested by sundry “cubits” found among the ancients – in particular, the “Sacred Cubit” of the Hebrews derived from antediluvian metrologies recorded in the Sacred Text of the Hebrews.

This “system of measurement” was, by design, known throughout the ancient world and was preserved by the Hebrews – though others mimicked aspects thereof (e.g., the Sumerian foot of 13.2” or the Egyptian Royal Cubit of 20.6” to 20.8”) – notwithstanding, the rotation of the Earth in one solar day is 360° * 7 days (one week) = 2520°…a “palm” or “handbreadth” is 3 ½ inches of 3.6” * 7 (palms/handbreadths) = 25.2” or 2.1 Linear Feet.  It is this measurement which constitutes the Hebrew Sacred Cubit – the, if you would, “252” which is a “fractal” (i.e., “resemblance”) of the distance between the Earth and the Moon at apogee:  252,000 miles (i.e., 252 = 252).


We have traced the historicity of the Sacred Cubit’s progression and ultimate revival under the British during their “nautical expansion” and encapsulation during, primarily, the Elizabethan Era at the close of the Sixteenth Century.  This became known as the “Imperial Mile” with all of its accoutrements such as the inch, foot, yard, mile, furlong, acre and other familiar metrological terms.

Sir Isaac Newton’s quest for the “Hebrew Sacred Cubit” eventually settled upon 2.0736’ or 24.8832” which measurement is really a “double foot” of sorts (i.e., two sets of 12” but exceeding 24” by .8832”).  As one can readily observe, Newton’s 24.8832” Sacred Cubit is, in point of terrestrial fact, the circumference of the Earth at its polar meridian – i.e., a fractal of 24,883.2 Miles or 131,383,296 feet or 248,832 = 125 and 248,832 / 10 = 24,883.2 as in Miles (or 125 / 10 miles = 24,883.2 miles).

John Taylor discovered that Newton’s 2.0736’ (24.8832”) Sacred Cubit measurement was six-fifths of the longer Egyptian cubit of 1.728 feet (i.e., 20.736”).  (Please Note:  1.728 feet can be seen as a fractal of 12 * 12 * 12 = 1,728 or the very dimension of the New Jerusalem’s side (one of six such sides) at 12,000 furlongs * 12,000 furlongs * 12,000 furlongs = 1,728,000,000,000 cubic furlongs or 1728 = 1728) 

3Michell observes:

“A unit of 2.0736 feet is, however, considerably too short to represent a ten-millionth part of the earth’s polar radius, so Taylor supposed the existence of a larger version [of Newton’s Sacred Cubit of 2.0736’. Multiplying 2.0736 feet by the 176/175 fraction, which expresses the two different versions of the other units, Taylor produced a unit of 2.0854491 feet [i.e., 25.0253892 Inches] and that unit is indeed a ten-millionth of the polar radius.  The radius is thus made equal to 3,949.7142 miles (polar), which is virtually identical to modern estimates of its length.” (Dimensions of Paradise, John Michell, p. 110)

It is of some interest, then, that earth’s circumference in the third century B.C. was measured by Eratosthenes to be equal to “500 Hebrew feet.”  For a Hebrew double foot as outlined by Michell is equal to 2.0854491’; therefore, a Hebrew single foot is equal to 2.0854491’ / 2 = 1.04272455.  So, when Eratosthenes measured the circumference of the earth he found it to be 252,000 “stades.”  Now, 500 of these Hebrew feet are calculated thusly:  500 * 1.04272455 = 521.362275 Imperial Feet – and this 521.362275’ are considered 1 stade/stadia.  Please note that these Hebrew units are permissible by the simple 10:63 ratio between the earth’s least radius and its mean circumference.

Therefore, and interestingly enough, needing 252,000 such measured stades, Eratosthenes was able to calculate the circumference of the earth at:  521.362275’ * 252,000 (stades) = 131,383,293.3 Feet / 5,280’ (Imperial Feet in 1 Imperial Mile) = 24,883.2 Imperial Miles which is precisely the Polar Circumference of the Earth.

The persistence of the 252 or, in our case, the 25.20” (or in Taylor’s case of 25.02”) or 2.1 Feet as THE measurement of the Sacred Cubit is noteworthy in the following:

If indeed we speak of the Earth’s ten-millionth part to be 2.1 feet (i.e., the 25.20” or the Sacred Cubit’s measurement) then 2.1 feet * 10,000,000 = 21,000,000 feet / 5,280’ (one mile) = 3,977.2727∞ * 2 (to determine earth’s diameter) = 7,954.54545454∞.  No, this is not the 7,920’ diameter from which the New Jerusalem derives its bases edge (i.e., 7,920,000 feet); however, it is of some consequence that such a measurement has been of old recognized as her diameter in miles (Dr. Hutton so calculated the Earth’s diameter as far back as 1808 in the New and Complete American Encyclopedia of Arts and Sciences, VOL. 7, p. 18 to be 7,954 miles – or Nov. 16, 1914 in the “Independent” on “The Face of the Earth” to be 7,954 miles.).

But this configuration is superabundant in that the Sacred Cubit’s influence upon the ten-millionth part of the Earth equates to a diameter of 7,954.54 into infinity.  Could it be that this “54” to which Plato gave such a unique standing as that numeric quality – the Optimal Number for Societal Harmony – was ‘til this day set aside for this discovery?  It is this 5040 to which the Earth shall one day derive that eternal peace so elusive for so long.  The repetition of the “54” into infinity under the impact of the Sacred Cubit’s measurement is altogether impressive – even so:  5040 / 2 = 2520 – for the measurement of the Sacred Cubit is determinant … it is a promise to the Earth that He Who measures the expanse of the heavens has determined the measure of the Earth and destined her to ultimate harmony among its people, His creation.

4The Great Pyramid of Giza base edge = 756’ / 2.1’ (Sacred Cubit or 25.20”) = 360 Cubits as in 360° in a circle; also, 3024’ (four-square base perimeter of the GPG) / 2.1’ = 1,440 Cubits or the “144” Cubit Wall of the New Jerusalem – and, finally, cubing the GPG we find that its 12-edged perimeter of 9,072’ / 2.1’ = 4,320 Cubits which 432 is the radius, as a fractal, of the sun’s diameter in that 864,000 miles / 2 = 432,000 miles and 432 = 432.

This is precisely why we are cognizant of the precision of the 25.20” or 2.1’ Sacred Cubit measurement.  At Teotihuacán the Pyramid of the Moon’s 12-Edged Cube is 6,006 Linear Feet / 2.1’ = 2,860 Cubits; the Pyramid of the Sun’s 12-Edged Cube is 9,009 Linear Feet / 2.1’ = 4,290 Cubits; the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent (base is 275’ x 275’ based on 250 Sumerian Feet @ 13.2” * 250 = 275’) = 3,300 Linear Feet / 2.1’ = 1,571 Cubits…therefore:  2,860 Cubits (Pyramid of the Moon) + 4,290 Cubits (Pyramid of the Sun) = 7,150 Cubits + 1,571 Cubits (Temple of the Feathered Serpent) = 8,721 Sacred Cubits or 8 + 7 + 2 + 1 = “18” which is the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement and 8,721 SC * 2.1’ (i.e., 25.20”) = 18,314.1 Linear Feet which is, again, a digit sum of “18” (1 + 8 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 18) and 18,314.1 Linear Feet * 12” = 219,769.2” = a digit sum of “36” expressing the Eternal’s unequivocal stamp upon the Sacred District; to wit:  18 + 36 = 54 which is Plato’s Optimal Number of Societal Harmony indicative of his quest for Magnesia’s duodecimal based on “12” and 18 * 36 = 648 (or 12 * 54 = 648) and this 6 + 4 + 8 = the “18” of the New Jerusalem.

Likewise, the cubing of the 21 x 21 Sun-Star-Cross platform made with 441 smaller squares whose measurement are 26.4’ x 26.4’ each is equal to 26.4’ * 21 (on one side of this glorious platform) = 554.4’ * 12 (edges of a cube) = 6,652.8 Linear Feet / 2.1’ (the Sacred Cubit) = 3,168 Sacred Cubits.  This 3168 is the very four-square measurement of the New Jerusalem herself – as in 792 (i.e., 7,920,000 linear feet) * 4 = 3168 (i.e., 31,680,000 ft.) …again, wrought by the original measurement of the Sacred Cubit – and, of course, this 3,168 equates to the overall “18” (3 + 1 + 6 + 8 = 18) of the New Jerusalem.

The Imperial Mile, though persistently threatened by the metric system – while stubbornly affirmed by the common American citizen – endures excessive popularity as a result of the Earth’s most aggressive commercial empire…juxtaposed to the British who have forsaken their most vaunted metrological heritage…having succumbed to the Continent’s allegedly “scientific metric” system.  

Notwithstanding the British failure to persist with the success of their Imperial Mile ventures – she, as well as other English-speaking researchers, has, heightened “mystical interest” in the duodecimal system via academics like Dr. John Michell, Keith Critchlow, Richard Heath, Ian Pegler, Stephen Skinner, etc. – all of whom have heightened interest in Sacred Geometry; however, it most definitely was Michell who so profoundly connected the dots to the geometry of the New Jerusalem.

It must be remembered that the entire New Jerusalem is 1,500 miles x 1,500 miles x 1,500 miles (i.e., one edge equals 12,000 furlongs * 660’ = 7,920,000’/5,280’ = 1,500 miles); therefore on one of her six cubed faces we have 1,500 miles * 1,500 miles = 2,250,000 sq. miles * 6 (faces on a cube) = 13,500,000 sq. miles and that these two sets of numbers (i.e., 225 and 135) “digit sum” to “9” each (i.e., 2 + 2 + 5 = 9 and 1 + 3 + 5 = 9) or 9 + 9 = 18 which is the New Jerusalem Standard Number of Measurement in that she has an 18,000 mile perimeter (12 edges of her cube).  (Please Note:  225 + 135 = 360 which connotes the Eternal God as in a circle of 360° without Beginning or Ending.).  Also, the number “9” bears uncompromised distinction as the very “Sun of Righteousness” (i.e., 8 planets + the 1 sun = 9).

She is further measured via her “acreage” in that 7,920,000’ * 7,920,000’ = 62,726,400,000,000 sq. ft. / 43,560 sq. ft. (one acre) = 1,440,000,000 acres or “144” which is the “Wall of the New Jerusalem.”  Also, combining all six sides (i.e., faces) of the New Jerusalem (cube) the total acreage is 8,640,000,000 acres or the “fractal” of the Sun’s diameter of 864,000 miles; therefore, Michell’s truncated version of the New Jerusalem via the elimination of zero in the 12,000 furlongs or 12 x 12 = 144 (one face of a cube) * 6 (faces of a cube) = 864.

The Teotihuacán Sacred District is 1.5 miles (7,920’) * .5 miles (2,640’) or .75 sq. miles (or 480 acres = .75 sq. miles and 640 acres = 1 sq. mile). 

5One face of the cubed New Jerusalem is equal to 7,920,000’ * 7,920,000’ = 62,726,400,000,000 sq. feet which “digit sums” to “27” and six faces of the NJ cube = 376,358,400,000,000 sq. ft. which in turn digit sums to “36” and this 376,358,400,000,000 sq. ft. * 144 sq. inches = 54,195,609,600,000,000 = “45” (expressing the 45 days of Blessing found in Daniel 12:12 in reference to the Second Coming of Messiah) – therefore, the entire “edifice” – all six sides/faces of the New Jerusalem equate to 36 (feet) + 45 (inches) = 81 = 8 + 1 = 9 = Sun of Righteousness.  The 81 is akin to the “81 dots” found in the Sun-Star of Peru.

The acreage of the New Jerusalem (i.e., 8,640,000,000 acres or dropping zero to 864) is compared to the Teotihuacán Sacred District of 2,880 acres (i.e., cubing the district at 1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’ or by 660’ x 660’ x 660’ or by 2,640’ x 2,640’ x 2,640’ (all six-faced objects/cubes) – we will ultimately arrive at 2,880 acres having cubed all specifications – the answer is the same.    Therefore in 864 vs. 288 we find 864 less 288 = 576.  In all three instances:  288, 864, and 576 – all separate number sets digit sum to “18” which is the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.

Interestingly enough, 864 + 288 = 1,152 is another “9” and 864 * 288 = 248,832 or a digit sum of “27” which is the number for the full revelation of the Messiah (27 texts of Sacred Christian Canon).  However, this set of numbers (i.e., 248832, the product of 864 * 288 or the acreage of the New Jerusalem’ six faces and the acreage number of Teotihuacan’s six faces as so presented) brings us to Michell’s discovery – and, consequently, the grand suspicion that the Dimensions of Paradise (a.k.a., the New Jerusalem) are altogether compatible with those of the Teotihuacán Sacred District (i.e., 864 vs. 288 have far more in common than we had imagined – let alone the fact that the “proportional symmetry is so stunning” in that 288 * 3 = 864; therefore, the Sacred District of Teotihuacán is 1/3 rd that of the New Jerusalem, and rightly so in that 7,920 x 2,640 gives it a 3:1 ratio) – now, Michell’s discovery:

“Multiplying the length of the average nautical mile, as indicated by ancient metrology (6,082.56 feet) by 21,600 [circumference of the nautical mile Earth], the number of minutes in a circle 360 * 60 = 21,600, produces the traditional value of the length of the meridian, the great circle passing through the poles.  It proves to be 131,383,296 feet or 24,883.2 miles [or 248832 – i.e., 24,883.2 Imperial Miles * 5,280’ = 131,383,296 Imperial Feet of 12” each], the mathematical significance of the mile measure being that 248,832 = 125.

“The length of 125 / 10 miles is decidedly closer to modern estimates from satellite data of the earth’s meridian than the estimate made of that distance by the French scientists in the eighteenth century for the purpose of defining the meter.  The metrologists A. E. Berriman writes that had the French accepted Cassini’s proposal in 1720 for a scientific foot based on a six-thousandth part of a minute of average latitude, that unit would later have been recognized as identical with the longer Greek foot by which the Parthenon was built.”  (Dimensions of Paradise, John Michell, p. 108)

The product produced by the 864 and the 288 (number sets derived from the acreage of the cubed New Jerusalem (864) and that of the Sacred District of Teotihuacán (288) wherein the product replicates the number set of the nautical Earth’s circumference in miles at her poles, is truly amazing – I cannot believe it happenstance (i.e., 864 * 288 = 248832 or 24,883.2 mile circumference of the Earth at her polar meridian).

On the other hand, the cubed linear footage of the Sacred District of Teotihuacán (using 48 blocks of 660’ x 660’ x 660’ or 12 blocks of 1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’ or three blocks of 2,640’ x 2,640’ x 2,640’) is quite different.  Here we find the linear footages to be:  380,160’ (660’ x 660’ x 660’ – 48 blocks); 190,080’ (1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’ – 12 blocks); and 95,040’ (2,640’ x 2,640’ x 2,640’ – 3 blocks) – all maintaining a perfect square.

We have reduced the Sacred District down to the “smallest” measurement to be that of a reflection of the furlong – 660’ – with its largest expansion to be her width of 2,640’.

May I briefly digress to expose the stupidity of some who have the distorted notion that the “furlong” simply did not exist prior to Elizabethan England (grief it goes back to the Anglo-Saxons and was adopted from the Greeks/Romans) and that its inclusion into the King James Version of the Bible is simply a fluke or distortion of sorts.  This idiotic understanding of metrology is so inferior to academic excellence that it nigh infuriates me to lose that sanctification bequeathed to we believers in the supernatural grace of God! 

The furlong is but a beautiful British elaboration upon the Greek word of stade or stadia (σταδίων) which is altogether proven to be precisely 660 feet

“The furlong was historically viewed as equivalent to the Roman stade (stadium), which in turn derived from the Greek system. For example the King James Bible will use the term "furlong" in place of the Greek "stadion", whereas modern translations will translate into miles in the main text and relate the original numbers in footnotes.” (Wikipedia)

Frankly, as the British would say it:  Pure rubbish that the “furlong” of 660 Imperial Feet was not embodied within the Greek stadia and has always equated to 660 such feet.

Now, the sum of all three of these dimensions (i.e., digit sum) is of interest – not only do each of them digit sum to “18” – the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement (with the final linear foot dimension equating to the 95,040 fractal of the distance of the Earth to the Sun or 95,040,000 miles at apogee) but in so doing they accord Societal Harmony via the Sun of Righteousness in that 3 * 18 (the linear feet digit sum of all three “block types”) = 54 (or Plato’s Optimal Number for Societal Harmony or 5040).

When we tally these three linear totals of the Sacred District we discover the following:  380,160 + 190,080 + 95,040 = 665,280 which comports to the number of Messiah Revealed (27 in that 6 + 6 + 5 + 2 + 8 = 27) but also to “66” and “5280” – giving credibility to both the measurement of the furlong (660’) and the Imperial Mile (5,280’).

Let it be written and let it be said that the Almighty gave His stamp of approval upon these artifacts of antiquity in a BOLD AND DECLARATIVE FASHION and that the Mexican Revolution who sought to give the Natives of the Americas their full right of recovery - did so without knowing the original intentions of their inheritance were to the glory of God Himself!  This is a stupendous discovery of unparalleled magnificence - and although the Aztec murdered hundreds of thousands in sacrifice to their evil gods - yet did the Spaniards remove their dastardly deeds and by direct and indirect (disease) destruction terminate their civilization - yet, God in His great mercy did restore the ORIGINAL INTENT of these declarations by the descendants of the Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, Spaniards/Europeans to the glory of God Almighty!  WHAT GRACE IS THIS!!!

The true heritage of Teotihuacán is not that of “men becoming gods” but of the God-Man, Who in everlasting love, has sought to redeem man from “worshiping and serving the creature more than the Creator” Who is blessed forevermore! 

We know full-well that this discovery will be abhorrent to many - but it is the TRUTH - the bold declarative truth of Teotihuacán - and just as the Sun-Star of Peru and the Great Pyramid of Giza are shrouded in mystery - these sequestered gems are now being unveiled for all to see and to be admired, that we, poor puny man, can attest to the Divine Intent in such boldly-made structures which need little or no manipulation to understand their magnitude and original dimensions!  To God be the glory!

Now, if you would excuse me for this somewhat Pentecostal outburst of enthusiastic discovery – let us realize that the placement of these three to four peculiarities are designed to draw attention to their Divine Logistics upon the Earth during these latter days….

The Coordinates of the Sun-Star-Cross, Great Pyramid of Giza, the Jerusalem Temple Mount and the Teotihuacan Sacred District…

Palpa Lines – Sun-Star-Cross of Peru, near Nazca Lines, Peru

Great Pyramid of Giza – near Cairo, Egypt

Jerusalem Temple Mount – Jerusalem, Israel

Teotihuacan – Sacred District near Mexico City, Mexico

All distances together point to the following:

Jerusalem Temple to Teotihuacan:             7,770.267 Miles (Digit Sum: 36)

Jerusalem Temple to Palpa Lines:              7,933.589 Miles (Digit Sum: 44)

Palpa Lines to Teotihuacan:                       2,849.553 Miles (Digit Sum: 36)

TOTAL MILES (triangulation)                            18,553.409 Miles

In Feet:  18,553.409 Mi. * 5280                           97,961,999.52’ (Digit Total:  66)

In Inches:  97,961,999.52’ * 12”                1,175,543,994.24” (Digit:  54)

Great Pyramid of Giza to Teotihuacan:      7,669.135 Miles (Digit Sum:  36)

Great Pyramid of Giza to Palpa Lines:                 7,682.875 Miles (Digit Sum:  43)

Palpa Lines to Teotihuacan:                       2,849.553 Miles (Digit Sum:  36)

TOTAL MILES (triangulation)                            18,201.563 Miles

In Feet:  18,201.563 Mi. * 5280                           96,104.252.64’ (Digit Total: 39)

In Inches:  96,104,252.64’ * 12”                1,153,251,031.68” (Digits: 36)

66 + 54 = 120 (Temple Mount, Jerusalem)

36 + 39 = 75 (Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt)

66 * 54 = 3,564 = “18” New Jerusalem (Temple Mount, Jerusalem)

36 * 39 = 1,404 or “144” = Wall of the New Jerusalem (Great Pyramid of Giza)

Temple Mount, Jerusalem or Great Pyramid of Giza Distance Significance

66 = Fractal of the 660’ in one of the 12,000 Furlongs of the New Jerusalem

54 = Plato’s Optimal Number for Societal Bliss and 5 + 4 = 9 = Sun of Righteousness (or 5040) (Temple Mount, Jerusalem)

120 = “12” Insignia of the New Jerusalem (“7” other number)

75 = the 75 Days of Daniel 12:11-12 and 7 + 5 = “12

120 * 75 = 9,000 = “9” = Sun of Righteousness

120 – 75 = 45 = 4 + 5 = 9 = Sun of Righteousness = 45 Days of Blessing and the

          2nd Coming of Messiah (Daniel 12:12) – Sun of Righteousness ARISING

36 = 3 + 6 = 9 and 39 = 3 + 9 = 12 and 9 + 12 = 21 and “21” = the 21 x 21 Blocks of the Palpa Sun-Star and Cross and 9 * 12 = 108 = “18” = New Jerusalem

9,000 + 3,564 = 12,564 = 1 + 2 + 5 + 6 + 4 = “18” = New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.

In general, the distance between the Jerusalem Temple Mount and that of the Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross in the Palpa Mountains of Peru nigh equates to the edge of the New Jerusalem in that 7920 (NJ) and 7933 is within approximate range to be inconsequential (i.e., 13 miles).

Likewise, the distance between the Jerusalem Temple Mount and that of Teotihuacán’s Sacred District of 7770 vs. 7920 is a mere 150 or the very “15” edge of the New Jerusalem – quite an unusual difference.  Indeed, 13 * 150 = 1950 = “15.” 

Also, it is somewhat “suspect” in that 777 are equal to 7 + 7 + 7 = “21” and, again, we have the Divine Platform in view and a “triple magnification of completion” in the 777 (Distance between the Jerusalem Temple & Teotihuacán)

Additional Teotihuacán Considerations –

The distances between the Moon and Sun Pyramids and between the Sun and the Citadel (their top/midst) is as follows:

(1) Moon to the Sun = 2,640’

(2) Sun to the Citadel = 3,960’

These distances total 6,600 Linear Feet (2,640’ + 3,960’ = 6,600’ or 79,200 Linear Inches (i.e., 6,600’ * 12” = 79,200”)).  Immediately, it is overtly recognizable that we are witnessing both the fractal of the 660’ furlong of the New Jerusalem and its edge wherein 12,000 furlongs (660’ = 1 furlong) * 660’ = 7,920,000 Linear Feet or 792 as in the 792 (i.e., the 79,200 Linear Inches comprising the distance between the Pyramid of the Moon to the Pyramid of the Sun and from the Pyramid of the Sun to the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent).

What, again, is even more remarkable is the “cubing” of this 6,600’ – wherein if we were to take it as “one edge” of our cube we would have:  6,600’ * 4 (as in a four-square base) = 26,400 Linear Feet (6,600’ on each four-base edge).  We naturally view the “264” or width of the Sacred District’s 2,640’ – i.e., 264 = 264; furthermore, when this 26,400’ is fully cubed and made into 12 edges of a cube we arrive at:  26,400’ * 3 (to produce 12 edges) = 79,200 Linear Feet – which gives us the base edge of the New Jerusalem herself at 7,920,000 Linear Feet (i.e., the Moon-Sun-Citadel cube of 12 each, 6,600’ edges is 1% of the edge of the New Jerusalem or its very fractal – i.e., 792 = 792 = 18).  And, of some interest is the peculiar number set which occurs when you add these two sets of 792 + 792 = 1,584 (which of course is “18”) but look at this number set again VERY


closely…what do you see?  1584 – yes, I know I’m “parsing” numbers here but “18” and “54” are apparent in the 1584, they’re just “mingled together” in that the New Jerusalem IS a complete expression of absolute societal harmony!

Therefore, in inches – this 79,200 Linear Feet Moon-Sun-Citadel cube * 12” = 950,400 Linear Inches or a fractal of the 95,040,000 Linear Feet of the New Jerusalem – the 950,400” is .01% of the 95,040,000’ and a genuine fractal of the distance between the Earth and the Sun at apogee.

In this discovery we find that the linear measurement of the New Jerusalem in feet – i.e., 95,040,000’ (derived by multiplying her 12 edges by 7,920,000 Linear Feet which is her “base edge”) * 12” = 1,140,480,000 Linear Inches (the precise measurement in inches of the 12-edged New Jerusalem).  This number can be read as 114048 and is the Aggregate Number chosen by Michell for the Sum of the World Soul (See p. 139, Dimensions of Paradise).  This number, as Michell points out, is equal to 3,168 * 36 = 114,048.   Also, 11,404,800 feet is the number of feet in the Moon’s diameter @ 2,160 miles * 5,280’ = 11,404,800 feet. 

In our determination for the Aggregate Sum of the World Soul we have taken Michell’s predisposition of 114,048 less 9,504 (derived from subdividing the Sacred District into 22 squares, each with a measurement of 1,320’ x 720’ or 132 * 72 = 9,504) = 104,544 (which is our quest for the Aggregate Number of the World Soul)…a number set, which coincidentally can be viewed as 1…45 or 54…44 – i.e., as the 144 and both 45 and 54 – therefore, the Wall of the New Jerusalem is seen in the 144 and the Arising of the Sun of Righteousness to produce the New Jerusalem (45) bringing in the Age of Total Societal Harmony (54) which is the full manifestation of the New Jerusalem, the Bride of Messiah, the Holy City (18 – for 1 + 4 + 5 + 4 + 4 = 18).

We derived this 104,544 from the Sacred District of Teotihuacán split in two parts at its axis – therefore, 1,320’ * 7,920 (its full length) = 10,454,400 sq. ft. (i.e., 104,544 or 240 acres as an expression of Divine Governance (48)).  Thus, the quest for the Sum/Aggregate Number of the World Soul is generously conveyed through the Dimensions of Paradise wrapped around the Sacred District of Teotihuacán.

The Base Measurements of the Three Major Teotihuacán Structures

In Feet/Inches:

Pyramid of the Moon:

Base Edge:  500.5’ – four-square = 2,002 Ft. – Cubed – 6,006 Ft.

Base Edge:  6,006” – four-square = 24,024 In. – Cubed – 72,072 In.

Pyramid of the Sun:

Base Edge:  750.75’ – four-square = 3,003 Ft. – Cubed = 9,009 Ft.

Base Edge:  9,009” – four-square = 36,036 In. – Cubed = 108,108 In.


Base Edge:  1,320’ – four-square = 5,280 Ft. – Cubed = 15,840 Ft.

Base Edge:  15,840” – four-square = 63,360 In. – Cubed = 190,080 In.

These base, four-square and cubed perimeter measurements are utterly incredible – by now you know whereof we speak – but allow us to gather a summation of these incredible measurements:

Summation of Base Edge of Pyramids/Citadel:

Base Edge

Moon 500.5’ + Sun 750.75’ + Citadel 1,320’ = 2,571.25’ * 12” = 30,855” = “21


Moon 2,002’ + Sun 3,003’ + Citadel 5,280’ = 10,285’ * 12” = 123,420” = “12

Please Note:  “21” and “12” or the “2112” of the entire perimeter of the Sacred District’s boundaries as in 7,920’ + 2,640’ + 7,920’ + 2,640’ = 21,120 Ft.

Note:  21 + 12 = “33” and this “33” is the Manifestation of the Lamb of God upon the Throne of God and the Lamb Who at 33-years of age became our Superior Sacrifice for all – this is the platform – this is the fullness of the “2112” – how close are we to His Coming again in glory for the year approaches – even so – twenty-one twelve…is there a connection – I think so, for the entire “basis – the 2112” sets in motion our standing upon the Sun of Righteousness, not our own endeavors!

Cubed – 12 Edges:

Moon 6,006’ + Sun 9,009’ + Citadel 15,840’ = 30,855’ * 12” = 370,260” = “18

The Digit Sum in Feet equals to “21” and in Inches to “18” – therefore, the platform (21) or Divine Plan and Purpose of Teotihuacán’s three major structures demonstrates the totality of the New Jerusalem’s Standard of Measurement – 18.


The “Grand Summation” of each of these three aspects of the Three Major objects within the Sacred District of Teotihuacán is as follows:

Cubing of all Pyramids/Citadel:  30,855’ and 370,260”

Cubing of the 12-Moon 1,320’x1,320’x1,320’ “Block” – 190,080’ and 2,280,960”

Cubing of the 6,600’ Moon-Sun-Citadel Distances:  26,400’ and 316,800”

Total Cubed Feet:  247,335 Linear Feet = “24” = Expression of Divine Governance

Total Cubed Inches:  2,968,020 Linear Inches = “27” Messiah Revealed

24 + 27 = “51” = the Revelation of Messiah in Jewish (24) and Christian (27) Sacred Text and 24 * 27 = 648 = 6 + 4 + 8 = “18” = New Jerusalem Standard

The “flat” or “simple” uni-measurement of these major distances – i.e., the Sacred District’s 21,120’ + 6,600’ (Moon-Sun-Citadel) and the 10,285’ (base perimeters of the Moon and Sun Pyramids and that of the perimeter of the Citadel) or:

21,120’ = Perimeter of the Sacred District (rectangular) of Teotihuacán

  6,600’ = Distance (one way) from Moon to Sun and from Sun to Citadel

10,285’ = Total Base Perimeters of Pyramids of Moon/Sun and the Citadel

 38,005’* 12” = 456,060 Linear Inches = Digit Sum of “21” – and 38005 = “16” and 16 * 21 = 336 wherein the Lamb of God (33) gave Himself for man (6) or the very Son (33) of Man (6) can be viewed in these most poignant distances within the Sacred District of Teotihuacán.

Glastonbury vs. Teotihuacán


As soon as one mentions Glastonbury one immediately thinks of the headquarters in Southwestern part of the UK, and the world center for the New Age Movement - the revival of the occult in full bloom. 

I despair of those with simple brains who connect such dots without any search for the truth of the matter – i.e., could it be that these two objects so adored by members of the Sacred Geometry community have naught but devious interpretations and deprecations of the One True God or is there possibly some form of distortion which may have befallen them as with Teotihuacán and that if the truth be known, they are far more sacrosanct than most believers could have imagined? 

Dare we probe their environs to find in them reflections of the New Jerusalem wherein the “worship of the Creator” – rather than that of the creature – was once practiced? 

And, if so – where, pray tell, will it lead?  Forbid that we suffer another brain transplant and recognize that what may appear as the shrine of devils could possibly reflect the dimensions of Paradise?  Nonsense! 

But, wait a minute…isn’t the search for the truth of any matter deserving of honorable inquiry and that such “objects” in and of themselves are neutral in that they cannot speak, feel, taste, touch or hear as we mortals?

Yet we allow Druids, black and white witches and warlocks, to wave their wands over them as if they somehow deem them as their very own – while we sit back and curse these innate objects as if their message boards broadcast hell’s unmitigated frivolities – to this very day in the form of the Harry Potter Series!

So, let us adjudge these possibilities in light of other Sacred objects once thought to be the den of demons, only to find that such awful conjecture was in time past until the present an expression of our own prejudice, stepped in ignorance – hard to admit but it appears that is the truth of the matter.

We may think in terms of Glastonbury – site of the oldest known “Church structure” in all of the British Isles…today’s New Age center

In so doing we may take its chapel and consider its width to equate to the width of Teotihuacán and the length to be truncated at the point where we reach 7,920’ - the diameter of the Earth - so that the CIRCLE formed – known as the New Jerusalem Circle – with the 12 surrounding circles all of whom have as their diameters that of the Moon’s 2,160 miles. 


For as Michell conjectures:  “Glastonbury has been described as Britain’s only true national shrine, the omphalos or Temple of Britain and the English Jerusalem.” (Dimensions of Paradise, Michell, p. 27).

The Glastonbury diagram held next to that of the New Jerusalem Diagram in Sacred Geometry is viewed thusly (and I know that I shall be blamed for a Masonic conspiratorial plot at this time by certain well-meaning, but wholly deceived souls – sorry, I take no prisoners!).

Dr. John Michell was correct in this sense that all ancient units of measure relate to each other and to dimensions of the earth, and that the figure above is the scheme which lies at the foundation of temples and sacred cities of the ancient world, being the Geometer’s Image of the “ideal cosmology.” 

He suggests that the image above is the plan used for St. Mary's chapel in Glastonbury, as well as at Stonehenge (see below). While Michell never uses the term Metatron's Cube (unfortunately hijacked by Masons), you can see that is the figure that he is using, a hexagonal fractal.  Note the concentric circles in the Stonehenge plan below. 

Incidentally, the “Canon Sacred Text” of the Hebrews and of the Christians do not mention the word Metatron specifically; yet the ancient Jewish sages conceive of such an important being, who some say has the active aspects of God. As noted in the previous references, they acknowledge Metatron’s presence and actions at strategic times in Israel’s history and his ability to resurrect the bodies from the graves.  (See:  Who is Metatron?  Hebrew Witness, Rev. Samuel Stern)


The point being:  Teotihuacán has an extraordinary dimensional configuration which fits into the Sacred Geometry not only nicely but purposefully – therefore, it remonstrates the dimensions of the New Jerusalem and is compelled to acquiesce to her Diagram, which Diagram is a stunning illustration to the Dimensions of Paradise and comports to a number of these remarkable artifacts of antiquity – leading us to affirm that the Almighty’s original intention was embedded in the hearts and minds of humans both then and especially now at the close of this age in final preparation for the ultimate manifestation of His Eternal Purpose;  The New Jerusalem.  


The original depiction of Glastonbury’s St. Mary’s Chapel projects “12 hides” which are reduced a hundredfold “so that its side measures 0.12 furlong, or 79.2 feet (i.e., 12% of 660’ = 79.2’).  Moreover, each “hide” was equal to 120 acres (i.e., 120 acres * 43,560 sq. ft. = 5,227,200 sq. feet (also “18” as a digit sum) and, 12 “hides are therefore equal to 1,440 acres, the same as the area of the 12 x 12 furlong square in the New Jerusalem diagram” (Ibid. p. 27).  Again, the above red/blue square seen above is amplified below:

The effort to incorporate the Sacred District of Teotihuacán into the dimensions accorded Glastonbury are really not all that difficult in that the classic square achieved by Michell surrounding the chapel is 7,920’ or 79.2’ – whereas the length of the Sacred District of Teotihuacán is 7,920’ or 79.2’ to fit the diagram (having been reduced 100-fold. 

Although Glastonbury’s original width (the Abbey) is that of 39.6’ – its length is 68.6 feet – whereas that of the Sacred District is 26.4’ (width) and its length is 79.2 feet (however, we have extended its measurement in the red rectangle to approximate 73.9…coming closer to the very edge but keeping the rectangle within the “circle within the square” – the desire was to extend the rectangle to embrace the circumference of the circle as does the Glastonbury rectangle. 


The diameter of the Glastonbury Circle is 39.6’ (her width – as duly noted that this is a fractal of the 3,960’ or 396 or .75 of a mile between the Pyramid of the Sun and the Temple/Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl/the Citadel at Teotihuacán) and ours is 26.4’ for a difference of 13.2’ (likewise, duly noted is the 26.4’ is a fractal of the 2,640’ width of the Sacred District and of the distance between the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun and that the 13.2’ is also a fractal of one-half the width of the Sacred District in feet at 1,320’ and of the base edge of the Citadel)…likewise, and not to confuse the issue, however, our 26.4’ (miniature) is duly noted as a replica of the 26.4’ x 26.4’ (21 by 21 squares and the 12 by 12 squares) of the Peruvian-Palpa Mountains Sun-Star and Cross.

In miles/feet this would mean that the all-inclusive square is 7,920’ x 7,920’ to match that of the New Jerusalem’s edge and the 39.6’ diameter circle of Glastonbury is one-half of that dimension; whereas, the Teotihuacán Sacred District “circle” is 26.4’ (diameter) or in “feet” as 2,640’.   But please note – THREE such circles can be “inputted” into the full length of the 7,920’ Sacred District!


The proportions are fascinating within this context.  The Glastonbury circle circumference is, using “feet” – 3,960’ * 3.1418181818 = 12,441.6’ and that of the Teotihuacán Circle is 2,640’ * 3.141818181818 = 8,294.4’.

The circumference difference in feet is 12,441.6’ – 8,294.4’ = 4,147.2’ which has a digit sum of “18” as in 4 + 1 + 4 + 7 + 2 = 18 and in and of itself reflects the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement; whereas, in inches that difference is 4,147.2’ * 12” = 49,766.4” = a digit sum of “36” expressing the Eternal One as in 360° in a circle without beginning or ending.

In AREA the Glastonbury Circle is calculated in “feet” as Pi*r2 or 3.14181818 * 3,920,400’ (Note:  3,960’ / 2 = 1,980’ * 1,980’ = 3,920,400’) = 12,317,183.992872 sq. ft. / 43,560 sq. ft. (1 acre) = 282.7636362 acres.

In AREA the Teotihuacán Circle is calculated in “feet” as Pi*r2 or 3.14181818 * 1,742,400’ (Note:  2,640’ / 2 = 1,320’ * 1,320’ = 1,742,400’) = 5,474,304 sq. ft. / 43,560 sq. ft. (1 acre) = 125.67272727∞ with a difference between the Glastonbury Circle and the Sacred District of 282.7636362 acs. – 125.6727272 acs. = 157.090909 acres or rounding up to the nearest whole number we have 283 – 126 = 157.

Now – at first this appears as “so what.”  However, upon closer examination this 157 is of some notoriety in that the Great Pyramid of Giza reflects a persistent ratio of 11/7 or 1.57 (elevation to base as in 756/480.69 = 1.57)…could there be some connection?  I think so.

The “remaining area” of Glastonbury (eliminating the area of the Glastonbury Circle) is as follows:  68.6’ * 39.6’ = 2,716.56 sq. feet less 1,231.7184 sq. ft. (the literal area of the Glastonbury Circle) = 1,484.8416 sq. ft. and that of the Teotihuacán Sacred District 79.2’ * 26.4’ = 2,090.88 sq. feet less 547.4304 sq. ft. (the reduced area of the Sacred District to comport with that of Glastonbury) = 1,543.4496 sq. ft.

The differences in both these AREAS is of some interest in that the total sq. areas in the “miniature Glastonbury” is 2,716.56 sq. feet – 2,090.88 sq. feet (area of the Sacred District of Teotihuacán) = 625.68 sq. feet or a digit sum of “27” reflecting the revelation of Messiah. 

Whereas, when the “leftovers” concern (i.e., taking out the circles to determine what is the area left over:  1,484.8416 sq. ft. (Glastonbury) vs. 1,543.4496 sq. ft. (area left over from the Sacred District after the circle’s area is removed) – therefore, instead of the larger area being Glastonbury that is left over after deducting the area of the Glastonbury circle – we find that that the area left over from the Sacred District of Teotihuacán is larger.

Therefore:  1,543.4496 sq. ft. (Teotihuacán’s Sacred District “left over”) less 1,484.8416 sq. ft. (Glastonbury’s) = 58.608 sq. ft. whose digit sum is, interestingly enough, “27” which is precisely the digit sum of the differences of the circles of Glastonbury and the Sacred District; therefore, “27” and “27” or “54” or 27 * 27 = 729 = 7 + 2 + 9 = “18” the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement or “72” = the Name of God and “9” = the Sun of Righteousness.


The diameters of the Three Circles found in the Teotihuacán Sacred District – each with a diameter of 2,640’ or 26.4’ (as per Glastonbury’s imagery) would equal the diameter of the square (i.e., 2,640’ * 3 = 7,920’ and, therefore, be a reflection of the New Jerusalem – immediately).  Their united circumferences would be 2,640’ * 3.14181818 = 8,294.4’ * 3 = 24,883.2’ which 24,883.2 is a fractal of the polar meridian Earth at 24,883.2 miles. 

Furthermore, when the area of the Three Circles (which some liken to the Trinity or the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit) would be subtracted from the entire Sacred District of Teotihuacán of 2,640’ * 7,920’ = 20,908,800 sq. ft. – therefore, each of the Three Circles has an area of 5,474,304 sq. ft. * 3 = 16,422,911.990496 sq. ft. or 377.0181816 acres; therefore, 20,908,800 sq. ft. less 16,422,911.990496 sq. ft. (being precise here) = 4,485,88.009504 sq. ft. (a rather shocking figure)…why?  Because 448588 = “45” (digit sum) and 9504 is the distance from the Earth to the Sun at apogee and a major configuration of the New Jerusalem in that 792 * 12 edges = 9,504 – therefore, the “45” is akin to the 45 days or the Arising of the Sun of Righteousness on the Great Day of God (Daniel 12:12 and Malachi 4:1-2) and the 9504 is the distance between the Sun and the Earth at their apogee of 95,040,000 miles which is the perimeter in feet of the New Jerusalem in that 7,920,000’ * 12 = 95,040,000 Linear Feet.

Indeed “45” + “18” = 63 = 6 * 3 = “18” = the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement and 6 + 3 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness…and in case we are not certain:  45 * 18 = 810 = “81” as in the “81 Dots” of the Sun-Star of Peru and 9 * 9 = 81 and 8 + 1 = 9 – for the 8 Planets of the Solar System await the arising of the Sun of Righteousness – the One or the 8 + 1 = the Ninth Ray!

These comparisons are fairly remarkable – and, when the New Jerusalem Teotihuacán Diagram is inserted into the mix – well, it is somewhat overwhelming! 

What were attempting to here is simply to demonstrate how compatible Teotihuacán’s measurements are to the dimensions of Glastonbury IF – and that’s a huge IF – the Teotihuacán’s dimensions reflect those of the New Jerusalem – and they most certainly do.

I find it somewhat fascinating that pop culture inhabits the environs of Glastonbury as if it were a perfect venue for a rock-n-roll concert – along with a veritable circus of New Age paraphernalia in abundance with all sorts of “inner healing” and the like taking place by every witch this side of glory (or hell – take your pick)…now, to superimpose the real reason for Glastonbury sort of ruins that fabrication – why we abandoned her is a testament to our stupidity but to have this the sole possession of the New Age is a bit of an overreach on their part…move over, this is telling us something for eternity! 

I suggest what’s left of Christianity to unite in a glorious concert at Glastonbury in celebration of the New Jerusalem!


A new view over Glastonbury is sorely needed.  Within her ruins, her Abbey and her ancient digs are the inestimable treasures of the New Jerusalem.  Teotihuacán attests to this unveiling of her elegance and eternal beauty – the two are inseparably linked in testimony to the glorious truth:  Messiah – the Sun of Righteousness – is coming again in full glory for His Beloved Bride, the Holy City, New Jerusalem bringing peace and harmony for all eternity.

He has clothed her by the Sun of His Righteousness – He has utterly perfected her – “prepared as a Bride – adorned for her husband” – this is what it’s all about…this is the meaning of Teotihuacán – the meaning of Glastonbury – and, as you will see in our next part of this immediate series – the real meaning behind the marvel which is Stonehenge!

Doug Krieger



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