Gone Fishin’


Jerri Tuck


This book is lovingly dedicated to the memory of

Margie "Nana" Krieger

(The Fisherman Who Reeled Me In!)



                                           Acknowledgments (see below)

   Chapter              (Just Click on the Live Chapter Link)

1                    To The Jew First 
2                    Chief Of Sinners
3                    Who Is The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven?
4                    To All The World
5                    Friend Of Sinners
6                    Divine Appointment
7                    Nothing Shall Separate Us
8                    Beauty For Ashes
9                    Preserved For The Kingdom
10                   Incorruptible Seed
11                  We Cry, Abba, Father
12                  Wings Of The Morning
13                 An Open Door
14                 A New Creation
15                 All In The Family
16                 Treasures In Heaven
17                 The Guiding Light
18                 Chuck The Drunk
19                 A Cloud of Witnesses
20                 Hell's Angel
21                 Go And Tell
22                  Invitation



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