…by Doug Krieger

The Lord of the Harvest has commissioned us that he would “send forth” laborers into His harvest field – for that field is “ripe unto harvest!”  These little, but relevant, gospel tracts/broadsides are designed for the Church to distribute to anyone and anywhere – I only wish they could be translated into other languages and “personalized” – for in all areas of life believers have a testimony of the Grace of God as found in the Redeemer.  This is not optional – all of us are “sent forth” to preach the gospel to everyone!

So – we’ve taken tragedy, addiction and champions in PDF format to be placed on a “flash drive” or directly taken to the printer – “blank address box” is found at the end – you place your own info. there or use the Tribnet web site address – and distribute where you may!  God bless – Lord willing, we’ll have more – no author is found on it – why?  Because we felt it would honor the Lord if you could make it personal – Jesus is real – He alone is worthy – He’ll speak the message and draw all men to Himself if He is lifted up!  Just click on the blank or Tribnet link and what you see is what you’ll get …

Bro. Doug.



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The tragic story of the Costa Concordia with 4,200 aboard.  Testimonies of survivors and those who perished – similarities to the Titanic.  At the time 17 perished – 16 entombed…four more have been found.  Comparisons made to the 153 fish brought to shore – only Jesus as Captain can save us all – let Him give clear directions – He will rescue you – cry out to Jesus and be saved!




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Whitney Houston – Johnny Cash – Michael Jackson – Elvis Presley – all were super stars who struggled with addiction – their story is our story – ADDICT NATION now afflicts 50 million Americans – the whole world suffers – only the Lordship of Jesus can free us.  We love our super stars – we see in their very public lives, our own struggles – we root for their breakthroughs – in the end…only Jesus can free them from their addictions – it’s time to see addiction for what it is:  SIN!

And, it’s time to surrender to the Cross of Christ, Who alone can free us all!




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Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Bronco’s; Jeremy Lin, power guard for the New York Knicks; and two-time world heavyweight boxing champion, George Foreman – all have something in common:  Their outspoken, up front witness for Jesus…they’re champions not only in sport but in their love for the Savior and uncompromised faith in His mercy and grace in their lives – “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto Salvation!” – Run the race with Jesus – He’s their champion and He’s your champion – Join His team!






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