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  June 5, 2010 Man vs. Boy?
  May 22, 2010 Obama Calls for Global Gov't: "A New 'International Order"

May 12, 2010

Failure of American Jews
  Aug 21,  2008 Rejection to Redemption - The Testimony of Paul
  July 5, 2008 At the Revelation of Jesus Christ: Latest Update on Christian Persecution
  May 20, 2008 A Day Out in Palestine
  April 3, 2008 Magdi Crisitano Allam - From Islam to Christ
  March 11, 2008 Choose Life “The Architecture of God”
  Feb 11, 2008 The Samson Complex
  Jan 31, 2008 “They overcame by the Blood of the Lamb  and the word of their Testimony”
  Nov 17, 2007 The Testimony of Corrie Ten Boom


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