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Calling Forth
       The Remnant
       By Way of the Cross

"Calling Forth the Remnant" by Stella Paterson is a must read for us smart, wealthy Laodicean, modern type Christians!  Stella calls us back to our roots to discover the mess we have gotten into.  If you were to ask any Biblically literate person, what is the main characteristic of the "last days" church, the academic answer is easy: "apostasy".  But when we consider the fact that we may be describing ourselves, we may reconsider.  Woops?  That just couldn't be.

Read this book and you will see how far we have fallen (and apostasy means 'falling away').  I quote Stella, "No minister makes the decision to be a false teacher.  But he is a false teacher if he relies on his own flesh and traditions handed down by others rather than seek the face of God."  This book helps us examine our false conceptions, traditions, the role of the clergy, our "sanctuaries", and programs.  God is calling forth a remnant and as Stella points out, a period of complacency and carelessness is historically followed by persecution.  The tribulation of the saints will sift out that remnant which will stand as a glorious testimony in spite of (and because of) the persecution.  Our choices will be limited: to be a part of the problem or the solution, the persecutors or the persecuted. 

Only the Holy Spirit can give us the spirit of revelation so our prayer is that God will use this book to open your spiritual eyes.

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